Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2023, Vol. 56 ›› Issue (11): 2035-2046.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2023.11.001


Analysis and Comprehensive Evaluation of Phenotype Genetic Diversity in Kam Sweet Rice Germplasm Resources in Guizhou

LI Huan(), YAN XiaoQing, YANG ZhanLie, TAN JinYu, LI XiaoBing, CHEN NengGang, WU RongJu, CHEN HuiCha(), RUAN RenChao()   

  1. Institute of Crop Germplasm Resources, Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guiyang 550006
  • Received:2023-02-14 Accepted:2023-04-14 Online:2023-06-01 Published:2023-06-19


【Objective】To analyze the phenotypic genetic diversity of traditional characteristic landraces of Kam Sweet Rice (KSR) in Guizhou, this study screened the comprehensive evaluation indicators for phenotype, and constructed a reliable mathematical model for comprehensive evaluation on phenotypes. This study provides valuable theoretical support for the discovery and breeding of exceptional KSR germplasm resources. 【Method】13 phenotypic traits from a total of 286 KSR accessions collected from the Southeast Guizhou were measured. A variety of multiple statistical methods, including Shannon-Wiener genetic diversity index, principal component analysis, subordinate function value analysis, and stepwise regression analysis, were used to analyze the phenotypic genetic diversity and comprehensively evaluate on KSR germplasm resources. 【Result】Firstly, the KSR germplasm showed high phenotypic genetic diversity, with the variation coefficients of the 13 phenotypic traits ranging from 6.79% (Grain width) to 30.73% (Panicle number per plant), and the diversity index (H') ranging from 2.484 (Ratio of length to width for grain) to 2.996 (Flag leaf width). Correlation analysis showed significant or highly significant correlations among the different traits. Principal component analysis showed that the 13 traits were integrated into 7 principal components, with contribution rates ranging from 8.44% to 23.14%, and the additive contributing rate came up to 90.29%. The phenotypic comprehensive evaluation D value calculated by subordinate function values analysis showed that the top 5 varieties had the best characteristics, and 11 phenotypic traits were significantly correlated with the D value. The stepwise regression analysis established a mathematical model for phenotypic evaluation of KSR, Y=-0.249+0.119X5+0.395X13+0.071X6-0.161X3+0.108X10+0.170X2+0.110X9 (F=2800.200, R2=0.986). Based on the model, 7 comprehensive evaluation indicators were screened out. At last, the 286 germplasm resources were systematically clustered into four categories based on the D value, displaying significant differences among the groups and outstanding characteristics. The group I, including 38 accessions, showed the best comprehensive traits and high yield potential; the group Ⅱ, including 103 accessions, showed general comprehensive traits and high seed setting rate; the group Ⅲ, including 94 accessions, showed poor comprehensive traits and long growth period; the group Ⅳ, including 51 accessions, had the worst comprehensive traits. 【Conclusion】The KSR germplasm resources in Guizhou have abundant phenotypic genetic diversity. It is feasible to use multiple statistical analysis methods for comprehensive evaluation on KSR germplasm diversity. The regression equation constructed under the same conditions can quantitatively evaluate the comprehensive performance of KSR germplasm resources. The filled grains per panicle, grain width, seed setting rate, panicle number per plant, flag leaf length, plant height and grain yield per plant can be used for identifying KSR germplasm resources. The outstanding germplasm resources with coordinated comprehensive traits such as Zaohe, Nuohe-12, 90 Tianhe, Goudong-1 and Nuohe-11 were screened out, which can be ultilized for genetic improvement of KSR and for rice breeding.

Key words: Kam Sweet Rice, rice germplasm resources, phenotypic traits, genetic diversity, comprehensive evaluation

Table 1

Genetic variation and genetic diversity index of 13 phenotypic traits of KSR germplasm resources in Guizhou"

表型性状Phenotypic traits 平均值Mean 标准差SD 变异系数CV (%) 多样性指数H'
播始历期DSH (d) 132.6 15.29 11.52 2.812
株高PH (cm) 150.4 17.40 11.57 2.762
单株有效穗PNP 7.7 2.37 30.73 2.658
穗长PL (cm) 26.4 2.10 7.96 2.996
穗实粒数FGPP 236.5 51.39 21.73 2.988
结实率SSR (%) 78.9 8.73 11.06 2.762
千粒重TGW (g) 26.0 2.34 9.01 2.754
谷粒长宽比RLWG 2.1 0.30 13.89 2.484
单株产量GYP (g) 35.8 9.18 25.66 2.920
剑叶长FLL (cm) 35.9 5.74 16.01 2.956
剑叶宽FLW (cm) 1.8 0.22 12.09 2.996
谷粒长GL (mm) 7.4 0.54 7.33 2.684
谷粒宽GW (mm) 3.5 0.24 6.79 2.825

Table 2

Correlation analysis of 13 phenotypic traits of KSR germplasm resources in Guizhou"

表型性状Phenotypic traits 播始历期
株高PH 0.46**
单株有效穗PNP -0.41** -0.42**
穗长PL -0.03 0.38** -0.21**
穗实粒数FGPP 0.22** 0.41** -0.48** 0.52**
结实率SSR -0.28** 0.00 0.01 -0.09 -0.15**
千粒重TGW -0.12* -0.11* -0.08* -0.04 -0.21** 0.08
谷粒长宽比RLWG -0.47** -0.60** 0.47** -0.13* -0.42** -0.05 0.08
单株产量GYP -0.34** -0.11* 0.58** 0.19** 0.23** 0.31** 0.10 0.12*
剑叶长FLL -0.34** 0.09 -0.03 0.40** 0.30** 0.08 -0.11* -0.01 0.20**
剑叶宽FLW 0.58** 0.32* -0.43** -0.04 0.31** -0.12* 0.10 -0.39** -0.15** -0.09*
谷粒长GL -0.41** -0.53** 0.32** -0.06 -0.39** -0.05 0.42** 0.89** 0.11* -0.04 -0.29**
谷粒宽GW 0.41** 0.50** -0.53** 0.16** 0.38** 0.04 0.31** -0.86** -0.09 -0.03 0.42** -0.56**

Table 3

Eigen values, contribution rate, cumulative contribution rate, and eigen vector of first 7 principal components based on 13 phenotypic traits"

Principle factor
Phenotypic traits
特征值Eigen value 3.009 1.745 1.615 1.578 1.379 1.315 1.098
贡献率Contribution ratio (%) 23.14 13.42 12.42 12.14 10.61 10.12 8.44
Cumulative contribution ratio (%)
23.14 36.57 48.99 61.13 71.73 81.85 90.29
特征向量Eigen vector 播始历期DSH 0.197 0.106 0.425 -0.187 -0.123 -0.461 -0.207
株高PH 0.302 0.461 0.122 -0.132 -0.099 -0.179 0.103
单株有效穗PNP -0.169 -0.223 -0.315 0.592 -0.111 -0.098 -0.096
穗长PL 0.015 0.679 -0.061 0.034 0.033 0.208 -0.080
穗实粒数FGPP 0.172 0.437 0.364 0.076 -0.121 0.313 -0.123
结实率SSR 0.034 -0.048 -0.063 0.094 0.036 0.053 0.932
千粒重TGW -0.035 -0.034 0.023 0.014 0.829 -0.051 0.045
谷粒长宽比RLWG -0.557 -0.089 -0.141 0.083 0.012 0.004 -0.019
单株产量GYP -0.028 0.124 0.012 0.745 0.072 0.147 0.201
剑叶长FLL 0.008 0.178 -0.037 0.029 -0.073 0.756 0.035
剑叶宽FLW 0.128 -0.016 0.708 -0.088 0.071 -0.074 -0.039
谷粒长GL -0.506 -0.030 -0.098 0.041 0.341 -0.009 -0.037
谷粒宽GW 0.475 0.123 0.180 -0.098 0.354 -0.014 0.004

Table 4

Correlation coefficients between 13 phenotypic traits and comprehensive evaluation value (D value)"

表型性状Phenotypic traits 相关系数Correlation coefficients
穗实粒数FGPP 0.803**
谷粒宽GW 0.716**
单株有效穗PNP -0.700**
谷粒长宽比RLWG -0.695**
株高PH 0.646**
谷粒长GL -0.534**
穗长PL 0.498**
剑叶宽FLW 0.486**
剑叶长FLL 0.346**
播始历期DSH 0.315**
结实率SSR 0.150*
千粒重TGW 0.067
单株产量GYP 0.069

Table 5

Mean values of 13 phenotypic traits in different group of KSR germplasm resources in Guizhou"

Phenotypic traits
类群 Group
播始历期DSH 130.39 136.26 138.83 115.63
株高PH 161.58 157.43 150.49 127.80
单株有效穗PNP 6.36 6.69 7.54 11.05
穗长PL 28.38 26.85 26.06 24.60
穗实粒数FGPP 312.37 255.62 217.98 175.75
结实率SSR 80.73 80.77 75.58 79.90
千粒重TGW 26.20 26.11 25.84 25.73
谷粒长宽比RLWG 1.96 2.00 2.10 2.55
单株产量GYP 41.78 35.80 31.78 38.68
剑叶长FLL 41.75 36.48 33.53 34.55
剑叶宽FLW 1.93 1.91 1.83 1.63
谷粒长GL 7.17 7.27 7.35 8.03
谷粒宽GW 3.67 3.65 3.52 3.18
DD value 0.70 0.62 0.53 0.40

Fig. 1

Clusters of 286 KSR germplasm resources in Guizhou based on comprehensive evaluation value (D value)"

Fig. 2

Some phenotypic traits of KSR germplasm resources in Guizhou"

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