Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2022, Vol. 55 ›› Issue (2): 233-247.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2022.02.001


Phenotypic Characteristics and Related Gene Analysis of Ningmai Series Wheat Varieties

JIANG Peng1(),ZHANG Peng1(),YAO JinBao1,WU Lei1,HE Yi1,LI Chang1,MA HongXiang2(),ZHANG Xu1()   

  1. 1Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences/Collaborative Innovation Center for Modern Crop Production co-sponsored by Province and Ministry/CIMMYT-JAAS Joint Center for Wheat Diseases, Nanjing 210014
    2College of Agriculture, Yangzhou University/Co-Innovation Center for Modern Production Technology of Grain Crops of Jiangsu Province/Jiangsu Key Lab of Crop Genomics and Molecular Breeding/Key Lab of Plant Functional Genomics of the Ministry of Education, Yangzhou 225009, Jiangsu
  • Received:2021-07-04 Accepted:2021-08-20 Online:2022-01-16 Published:2022-01-26
  • Contact: HongXiang MA,Xu ZHANG;;;


【Objective】The phenotypic characteristics, genetic diversity and distribution of the loci controlling important traits in Ningmai series varieties (lines) were clarified by analyzing the main traits of Ningmai series varieties and the genotype of the varieties and lines in order to provide a basis for genetic improvement and utilization in breeding and production. 【Method】The main traits including yield, quality and disease resistance of the twenty-three approved varieties were analyzed, and all the approved varieties and lines were genotyped with Affymetrix 50K array, and some other functional genes were identified additionally. 【Result】Ningmai series wheat varieties had good performance in yield, medium and weak gluten quality, and resistance to Fusarium head blight (FHB), and poor performance in resistance to powdery mildew and rust. After quality control, 28 253 high-quality SNPs were obtained. The genetic similarity coefficients among the 23 approved varieties ranged from 0.407 to 0.964, with an average of 0.600, and ranged from 0.456 to 0.985 for those among 51 high-generation lines, with an average of 0.684. The spring habit of Ningmai series varieties (lines) was mainly caused by the variation of Vrn-D1, and Ppd-D1 made all materials photoperiod insensitive. Rht-B1b was mostly present in Ningmai series varieties (lines) to reduce the plant height, and there were lots of favorable alleles on thousand grain weight and pre-harvest sprouting. 48.6% of Ningmai series varieties (lines) had the major resistance gene Fhb1 to FHB, and nearly 30% carried the major resistance gene Pm21 to powdery mildew. 【Conclusion】The genetic diversity of Ningmai series varieties (lines) showed a decreasing trend, and it was necessary to strengthen germplasm innovation and broaden genetic background. Ningmai series varieties (lines) carried many favorable genes on thousand grain weight, pre-harvest sprouting and resistance to FHB, and could be used as excellent parents for genetic improvement of wheat varieties. Ningmai series varieties were mainly medium and weak gluten quality type, and the selection of medium-strong gluten and strong gluten varieties needed to be taken into account, as well as the resistance to powdery mildew and rust.

Key words: Ningmai, pedigree, genetic diversity, molecular breeding

Fig. 1

Pedigrees of Ningmai series wheat cultivars"

Table 1

The performance of main traits in Ningmai series wheat cultivars"

Plant height
Spike number (×104·hm-2)
Kernel number per spike
1000-kernel weight (g)
Increase rate (%)
Grain protein content (%)
Stability time (min)
Fusarium head blight
Powdery mildew
Sharp eyespot
Yellow mosaic disease
Yellow rust
Ningmai 7
85.0 - 39.20 34.10 5849.40 扬麦5号
Yangmai 5
6.85 11.23 4.65 MR/MS MS MS R S S
Ningmai 8
80.0—85.0 424.5 40.30 37.40 6322.80 扬麦158
Yangmai 158
2.42 11.30 2.50 MR MR MS MS S S
Ningmai 9
85.0 465.0 44.30 35.60 6828.75 扬麦158
Yangmai 158
5.38 12.20 2.30 MR MS MR R MR MR
Ningmai 10
95.0 - 36.00 40.00 5973.60 扬麦158
Yangmai 158
3.56 13.50 3.30 MR MS MR MS S S
Ningmai 11
85.0 495.0 33.00 40.00 6735.00 豫麦18
Yumai 18
8.57 14.90 6.60 MS MS MS S S S
Ningmai 12
90.0 375.0 38.00 39.00 6002.70 扬麦158
Yangmai 158
9.15 15.94 18.54 MR MS MS S S S
Ningmai 13
85.0 480.0 37.00 36.00 6350.55 扬麦158
Yangmai 158
9.14 10.90 2.10 MR S MS R MS S
Ningmai 14
85.0 495.00 38.00 41.00 6802.50 扬麦11
Yangmai 11
2.17 14.30 2.60 MR MS S MS MS S
Ningmai 15
95.0 435.00-450.00 >40.00 >40.00 6373.20 扬麦158
Yangmai 158
7.10 13.48 4.80 MR S MR R S S
Ningmai 16
86.0 300.00—480.00 41.00—45.00 39.00—41.00 6920.85 扬麦11
Yangmai 11
4.47 13.20 8.30 R/MR MS MR/MS R S S
Ningmai 17
92.5 420.00 41.85 45.76 7102.50 扬麦11
Yangmai 11
7.10 13.30 3.20 MR MS MS R S S
Ningmai 18
92.2 500.00 43.20 36.30 6768.45 扬麦11
Yangmai 11
4.63 12.43 2.15 R/MR R/MR MS/S R S S
Ningmai 19
86.9 430.00 40.00 39.70 6159.15 扬麦11
Yangmai 11
8.43 13.10 4.70 MR/MS S MS R S S
Ningmai 20
85.0 468.00 39.10 39.00 5782.20 扬麦11
Yangmai 11
1.79 14.70 8.80 R MS MS R S S
Ningmai 21
86.6 450.0 38.00—40.00 45.00 6511.65 扬麦11
Yangmai 11
5.56 13.94 4.67 MR S MS S S S
Ningmai 22
85.0 460.0 42.07 43.70 5940.00 扬麦158
Yangmai 158
7.60 12.57 6.10 MR/MS MS/S MS/S R S S
Ningmai 23
95.0 496.5 45.35 42.43 6013.95 扬麦158
Yangmai 158
9.51 13.23 3.60 MR S MR/MS R S S
Ningmai 24
80.0 532.5 40.10 39.90 6439.95 扬麦158
Yangmai 158
9.36 12.59 5.00 MR MR/MS S R S S
Ningmai 26
79.0 496.4 34.61 43.21 6793.20 扬麦11
Yangmai 11
6.72 14.80 10.30 MR S MR R S S
Ningmai 27
84.5 465.2 41.80 39.70 6342.75 扬麦20
Yangmai 20
6.00 11.40 3.00 MR S MS R S S
Ningmai 28
85.3 481.5 39.10 41.20 6789.75 扬麦20
Yangmai 20
4.32 14.00 4.30 MR S S MR S S

Table 2

Distribution of the loci related to important traits in Ningmai series varieties (lines)"

性状 Traits 基因 Gene 标记 Marker 来源 Source 基因型A Genotype A (%) 表型A Phenotype A 基因型B Genotype B (%) 表型B Phenotype B
Vrn-A1 AX-86162267 SNP芯片SNP array vrn-A1 (100) 冬性Winter Vrn-A1 (0) 春性Spring
AX-176643931 SNP芯片SNP array Vrn-A1b (100) 冬性Winter Vrn-A1a (0) 春性Spring
AX-86170790 SNP芯片SNP array Jagger type (16.7) 春化时间短
Short time of vernalization
2147 type (83.3) 春化时间长
Long time of vernalization
AX-86170797 SNP芯片SNP array Calire-type (16.2) 早花Early flower Hereward-type (81.1) 晚花Late flower
Vrn-B1 AX-179476571 SNP芯片SNP array vrn-B1/Vrn-B1c (100) 冬性Winter Vrn-B1a,b (0) 春性Spring
AX-176643317 SNP芯片SNP array Null (100) 冬性Winter Vrn-B1b (0) 春性Spring
Vrn-D1 AX-89774282 SNP芯片SNP array Null (5.4) 冬性Winter Vrn-D1a (93.2) 春性Spring
Photoperiod sensitivity
Ppd-A1 AX-179399168 SNP芯片SNP array Wildtype (100) 敏感Sensitive GS-100 type (0) 迟钝Insensitive
AX-179399166 SNP芯片SNP array Wildtype (100) 敏感Sensitive GS-105 type (0) 迟钝Insensitive
Ppd-B1 AX-179477452 SNP芯片SNP array Non-truncated (100) 敏感Sensitive truncated copy (0) 迟钝Insensitive
Ppd-D1 AX-179399165 SNP芯片SNP array Wildtype (0) 敏感Sensitive Deletion (100) 迟钝Insensitive
AX-179477451 SNP芯片SNP array Insertion (0) 敏感Sensitive Wildtype (100) 迟钝Insensitive
AX-179476570 SNP芯片SNP array Wildtype (100) 敏感Sensitive Deletion (0) 迟钝Insensitive
Plant height
Rht-B1 AX-86170699 SNP芯片SNP array Rht-B1a (0) 野生型Wild type Rht-B1b (100) 矮秆Dwarf
Rht-D1 AX-86170702 SNP芯片SNP array Rht-D1a (100) 野生型Wild type Rht-D1b (0) 矮秆Dwarf
Thousand grain weight
TaSus2-A1 AX-176643663 SNP芯片SNP array Hap-G (0) 低千粒重Lower TGW Hap-A (100) 高千粒重Higher TGW
TaCwi AX-86170752 SNP芯片SNP array TaCwi-A1b (100) 低千粒重Low TGW TaCwi-A1a (0) 高千粒重High TGW
TaGS2-A1 AX-179477467 SNP芯片SNP array TaGS2-A1b (87.3) 高千粒重High TGW TaGS2-A1a (12.7) 低千粒重Low TGW
TaSus2-B1 AX-94980963 SNP芯片SNP array Hap-L (23.6) 低千粒重Low TGW Hap-H (76.4) 高千粒重High TGW
TaGS5 AX-86167422 SNP芯片SNP array TaGS5-A1a (5.4) 低千粒重Low TGW TaGS5-A1b (94.6) 高千粒重High TGW
TaCKX-D1 AX-179477458 SNP芯片SNP array TaCKX-D1b (0) 低千粒重Low TGW TaCKX-D1a (100) 高千粒重High TGW
TGW6-4A AX-176638862 SNP芯片SNP array TaTGW6-a (100) 低千粒重Low TGW TaTGW6-b (0) 高千粒重High TGW
TaGASR AX-181481120 SNP芯片SNP array H1g (0) 低千粒重Low TGW H1c (100) 高千粒重High TGW
TaGW7 AX-110471140 SNP芯片SNP array TaTGW-7Aa (95.9) 高千粒重High TGW TaTGW-7Ab (4.1) 低千粒重Low TGW
TaSus1 AX-179477464 SNP芯片SNP array Hap-T (100) 高千粒重Higher TGW Hap-C (0) 低千粒重Lower TGW
TaGS-D1 AX-176640664 SNP芯片SNP array TaGS-D1a (95.9) 高千粒重High TGW TaGS-D1b (4.1) 低千粒重Low TGW
Grain number
TaMoc AX-176643151 SNP芯片SNP array HapH (5.4) 穗粒数多
High grain number
HapL (94.6) 穗粒数低
Low grain number
性状 Traits 基因 Gene 标记 Marker 来源 Source 基因型A Genotype A (%) 表型A Phenotype A 基因型B Genotype B (%) 表型B Phenotype B
Pre-harvest sprouting
TaSdr-A1 AX-176644572 SNP芯片SNP array TaSdr-A1a (100) 低穗发芽抗性Low PHS TaSdr-A1b (0) 高抗穗发芽High PHS
TaSdr-B1 AX-176639367 SNP芯片SNP array TaSdr-B1a (100) 低穗发芽率Low germination TaSdr-B1b (0) 高穗发芽率High germination
TaVp-1B AX-179477457 SNP芯片SNP array Vp1Ba,b (100) 穗发芽
PHS susceptible
Vp1B1c (0) 轻度抗穗发芽
Slightly PHS resistance
AX-179477456 SNP芯片SNP array Vp1Bb (0) 抗穗发芽PHS resistance Vp1Ba,c (100) 穗发芽PHS susceptible
TaPHS1 (-222) AX-176641372 SNP芯片SNP array RioBlanceo type (100) 低穗发芽抗性Low PHS NW97S186 type (0) 高抗穗发芽High PHS
TaPHS1 (+646) KASP标记KASP marker RioBlanceo type (59.5) 低穗发芽抗性Low PHS NW97S186 type (40.5) 高抗穗发芽High PHS
TaPHS1 (+666) KASP标记KASP marker RioBlanceo type (59.5) 低穗发芽抗性Low PHS NW97S186 type (40.5) 高抗穗发芽High PHS
Grain hardness
Pina-D1 AX-179477449 SNP芯片SNP array Pina-D1a (100) 软质Soft Pina-D1b (0) 硬质Hard
Pinb-D1 KASP标记KASP marker Pinb-D1a (64.9) 软质Soft Pinb-D1b (35.1) 硬质Hard
Grain protein content
Gpc-B1 AX-179477448 SNP芯片SNP array Gpc-B1 (100) 正常籽粒蛋白含量
Normal GPC
Gpc-B1 (0) 高籽粒蛋白含量
Increased GPC
Glu-A1 AX-179477455 SNP芯片SNP array 2*, 1 (100) 强筋Strong gluten Null (0) 弱筋Weak gluten
AX-86170659 SNP芯片SNP array 2*, Null (28.4) 强筋Strong gluten 1 (71.6) 弱筋Weak gluten
Glu-B1 AX-176641422 SNP芯片SNP array Bx13 (0) 强筋Strong gluten Non Bx13 (100) 弱筋Weak gluten
Glu-D1 KASP标记KASP marker 2+12 or other (52.7) 弱筋Weak gluten 5+10 (47.3) 强筋Strong gluten
Phytoene synthase
Psy-A1 AX-179477462 SNP芯片SNP array Psy-A1b (100) 低黄色素含量Low YPC Psy-A1a (0) 高黄色素含量High YPC
Psy-B1 AX-86170621 SNP芯片SNP array Psy-B1c (0) 高黄色素含量High YPC Psy-B1a or Psy-B1b (100) 低黄色素含量Low YPC
Psy-D1 AX-95219842 SNP芯片SNP array Psy-D1g (0) 高黄色素含量High YPC Psy-D1a (100) 低黄色素含量Low YPC
Phytoene desaturase
Pds-B1 AX-176640790 SNP芯片SNP array TaPds-B1b (56.8) 低黄色素含量Low YPC TaPds-B1a (43.2) 高黄色素含量High YPC
Polyphenol oxidase
PPO-A1 AX-86166813 SNP芯片SNP array Ppo-A1a (12.3) 高多酚氧化酶活性High PPO Ppo-A1b (87.7) 低多酚氧化酶活性Low PPO
PPO-D1 AX-176642150 SNP芯片SNP array Ppo-D1b (48.6) 高多酚氧化酶活性High PPO Ppo-D1a (51.4) 低多酚氧化酶活性Low PPO
脂氧合酶 Lipoxygenase Lox-B1 AX-176640873 SNP芯片SNP array Lox-B1b (100) 低脂氧合酶活性Low LOX Lox-B1a (0) 高脂氧合酶活性High LOX
Stem rust
Sr2 AX-176639455 SNP芯片SNP array Sr2- (100) 感病Susceptible Sr2 (Hope) (0) 抗病Resistant
Sr36 AX-176641832 SNP芯片SNP array Sr36- (100) 感病Susceptible Sr36+ (0) 抗病Resistant
Leaf rust
Lr34 AX-179477447 SNP芯片SNP array Tsn1+ (0) 不敏感Insensitive Tsn1- (100) 敏感Sensitive
Lr67 AX-176644084 SNP芯片SNP array Lr34- (100) 感病Susceptible Lr34+ (0) 抗病Resistant
褐斑病 Tan spot Tsn1 AX-181481160 SNP芯片SNP array Lr67+ (0) 抗病Resistant Lr67- (100) 感病Susceptible
Fusarium head blight
Fhb1 JAASM395 电泳标记
Electrophoresis marker
Fhb1+ (48.6) 抗病Resistant Fhb1- (51.4) 感病Susceptible
Powdery mildew
Pm21 MBH1 电泳标记
Electrophoresis marker
Pm21+ (20.3) 抗病Resistant Pm21- (79.7) 感病Susceptible

Fig. 2

SNP distribution and the polymorphism information content on the chromosomes Darker gray is associated with higher PIC values, lighter gray with lower PIC values"

Fig. 3

Genetic similarity coefficients among the Ningmai varieties (lines) The released varieties are in the black box at top left; Darker gray is associated with higher PIC genetic similarity coefficients, lighter gray with lower genetic similarity coefficients"

Fig. 4

Neighbor Joining cluster analysis in the Ningmai varieties (lines) A: Released varieties; B: All the varieties (lines); NM3: Ningmai 3; NM6: Ningmai 6; NM7: Ningmai 7; NM8: Ningmai 8; NM9: Ningmai 9; NM10: Ningmai 10; NM11: Ningmai 11; NM12: Ningmai 12; NM13: Ningmai 13; NM14: Ningmai 14; NM15: Ningmai 15; NM16: Ningmai 16; NM17: Ningmai 17; NM18: Ningmai 18; NM19: Ningmai 19; NM20: Ningmai 20; NM21: Ningmai 21; NM22: Ningmai 22; NM23: Ningmai 23; NM24: Ningmai 24; NM26: Ningmai 26; NM27: Ningmai 27; NM28: Ningmai 28"

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