Aims And Scopes


    Scientia Agricultura Sinica seeks to publish those papers that are influential and will significantly advance scientific understanding in agriculture fields worldwide. Scientia Agricultura Sinica publishes manuscripts in the categories focusing on the core subjects listed below.
    Review describes new development and highlight future directions of a specialized or interdisciplinary significance in agricultural sciences. They should be focused on providing insights and summary/context on the published findings and introducing new concepts or viewpoints for solving the important unresolved questions by presenting the research background, approach, and outlook of the field. Most Reviews are solicited by the editors, but unsolicited submissions may also be considered.
    Research Article presents important new research results through reproducible experimental design, using genetic, biochemical, cell and molecular biological methods, statistical analyses, and other scientific methods.
    Research Notes is for a concise, but independent report representing a significant contribution to agricultural sciences. It is intended to publish these results that are exceptional interest and particularly topical and relevant, but the preliminary results. 
    Core Subjects
    Crop Genetics & Breeding·GermplasmResources·Molecular Genetics
    Tillage & Cultivation·Physiology & Biochemistry
    Plant Protection 
    Soil & Fertilizer·Water-Saving Irrigation·Agro-Ecology & Environment
    Animal Science·Veterinary Science
    Agricultural Ecology
    Research Notes
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