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Note: The papers published below will continue to be available from this page until they are assigned to an issue. To see an article, click its [PDF] link. To review many abstracts, check the boxes to the left of the titles you want, and click the 'Selected articles' button. To see one abstract at a time, click its [Abstract] link.
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REN Ai-xia, SUN Min, WANG Pei-ru, XUE Ling-zhu, LEI Miao-miao, XUE Jian-fu, GAO Zhi-qiang, YANG Zhen-ping
(JIA-2017-1479)   Optimization of sowing date and seeding rate for high winter wheat yield based on pre-winter plant development and soil water usage in the Loess Plateau, China
[Abstract] ( 7 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 503 KB] (4)
CUI Li, GUO Feng, ZHANG Jia-lei, YANG Sha, MENG Jing-jing, GENG Yun, WANG Quan, LI Xin-guo, WAN Shu-bo
(JIA-2017-1613)   Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi combined with exogenous calcium improves the growth of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) seedlings under continuous cropping
[Abstract] ( 6 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 571 KB] (7)
WANG Zhi-qin, ZHANG Wei-yang, YANG Jian-chang
(JIA-2018-0142)  Physiological mechanism underlying spikelet degeneration in rice
[Abstract] ( 11 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 257 KB] (42)
FU Lu-ping, XIAO Yong-gui, YAN Jun, LIU Jin-dong, WEN Wei-e, ZHANG Yong, XIA Xian-chun, HE Zhong-hu
Characterization of TaCOMT genes associated with stem lignin content in common wheat and development of a gene-specific marker
[Abstract] ( 11 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 474 KB] (8)
YAN Shu-feng, Sher Muhammad, LIU Hai-fang, TIE Shuang-gui, SUN Shu-ku
(JIA-2017-1635)  Identifying glyphosate-tolerant maize by soaking seeds in glyphosate solution
[Abstract] ( 15 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1927 KB] (21)
QIU You-wen, FENG Zhe, FU Ming-ming, YUAN Xiao-han, LUO Chao-chao, YU Yan-bo, FENG Yan-zhong, WEI Qi, LI Feng-lan
(JIA-2017-1602)  GsMAPK4, a positive regulator of soybean tolerance to salinity stress
[Abstract] ( 24 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1927 KB] (9)
ZHOU Yu-qian, WANG Qin-yang, ZHAO Hai-liang, GONG Dian-ming, SUN Chuan-long, REN Xuemei, LIU Zhong-xiang, HE Hai-jun, QIU Fa-zhan
(JIA-2017-1595) Unravelling transcriptome changes between two distinct maize inbred lines using RNA-seq
[Abstract] ( 16 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 851 KB] (11)
HE Dao-fang, ZHAO Xiang, LIANG Cheng-zhen, ZHU Tao, Muhammad Ali Abid, CAI Yong-ping, HE Jin-ling, ZHANG Rui
Genetic variation in LBL1 contributes to depth of leaf blades lobes between cotton subspecies, Gossypium barbadense and Gossypium hirsutum
[Abstract] ( 13 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1008 KB] (14)
ZONG Na, LI Xing-juan, WANG Lei, WANG Ying, WEN Hong-tao, LI Ling, ZHANG Xia, FAN Yun-liu, ZHAO Jun
Maize ABP2 enhances tolerance to drought and salt stress in transgenic Arabidopsis
[Abstract] ( 26 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1155 KB] (41)
CHENG Wei, ZHU A Xing, QIN Cheng-Zhi, QI Feng
(JIA-2017-1652) Updating conventional soil maps by mining soil–environment relationships from individual soil polygons
[Abstract] ( 50 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 9754 KB] (22)
HAN Rui-cai, Adnan Rasheed, WANG Yu-peng, WU Zhi-feng, TANG Shuang-qin, PAN xiao-hua, SHI Qing-hua, WU Zi-ming
(JIA-2017-1194) Silencing of OsXDH reveals the role of purine metabolism in dark tolerance in rice seedlings
[Abstract] ( 18 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 627 KB] (37)
PANG Yun-wei, JIANG Xiao-long, ZHAO Shan-jiang, HUANG Zi-qiang, ZHU Hua-bin
(JIA-2017-1351) Beneficial role of melatonin in protecting mammalian gametes and embryos from oxidative damage
[Abstract] ( 25 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 417 KB] (50)
BAI Sarvvl, CAO Zhi-jun, JIN Xin, WANG Ya-jing, YANG Hong-jian, LI Sheng-li
(JIA-2017-0720) The effects of step-wise improvement of forage combination in total mixed rations on fatty acid profile in the rumen and milk of Holstein cows
[Abstract] ( 17 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 430 KB] (17)
Gerald Zvobgo, Jonas Lwalaba Wa Lwalaba, Tichaona Sagonda, James Mutemachani Mapodzeke, Noor Muhammad, Imran Haider Shamsi, ZHANG Guo-ping
(JIA-2017-1520)  Alleviation of arsenic toxicity by phosphate is associated with its regulation of detoxification, defense, and transport gene expression in barley
[Abstract] ( 21 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 647 KB] (11)
WANG Yu-jiao, NIE Ji-yun, YAN Zhen, LI Zhi-xia, CHENG Yang, Saqib Farooq
Multi-mycotoxin exposure assessment for Chinese consumption of nuts and dried fruits
[Abstract] ( 26 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 388 KB] (9)
LIU Wen-wen, XIN Min, CAO Meng-ji, QIN Meng, LIU Hui, ZHAO Shou-qi, WANG Xi-feng
Identification, characterization and full-length sequence analysis of a novel endornavirus in common sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)
[Abstract] ( 17 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1983 KB] (24)
ZHEN Hao-yang, PENG Huan, ZHAO Hong-hai, QI Yong-hong, HUANG Wen-kun, KONG Ling-an, LIANG Chen, WEN Yan-hua, PENG De-liang
First report of cereal cyst nematode (Heterodera filipjevi) on winter wheat in Shandong Province, China
[Abstract] ( 35 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 238 KB] (226)
Sarah P F Bonny, Rachel A O’Reilly, David W Pethick, Graham E Gardner, Jean-Fran?ois Hocquette, Liselotte Pannier
(JIA-2017-0799)  Update of Meat Standards Australia and the cuts based grading scheme for beef and sheepmeat
[Abstract] ( 11 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 477 KB] (21)
SONG Hui, LIU Jing, CHEN Tao, NAN Zhi-biao
(JIA-2017-1061)  Synonymous codon usage pattern in model legume Medicago truncatula
[Abstract] ( 19 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 429 KB] (27)
ZHANG Jian-hua, KONG Fan-tao, WU Jian-zhai, HAN Shu-qing, ZHAI Zhi-fen
(JIA-2017-0833)  Automatic image segmentation method for cotton leaves with disease under natural environment
[Abstract] ( 26 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 886 KB] (22)
LI Xin*, XIA An-qi*, CHEN Li-juan, DU Man-ting, CHEN Li, KANG Ning, ZHANG De-quan
(JIA-2017-1261) Effects of lairage after transport on post mortem muscle glycolysis, protein phosphorylation and lamb meat quality
[Abstract] ( 22 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 886 KB] (28)
RONG Qin-lei, LI Ruo-nan, HUANG Shao-wen, TANG Ji-wei, ZHANG Yan-cai, WANG Li-ying
(JIA-2017-1622)  Soil microbial characteristics and yield response to partial substitution of chemical fertilizer with organic amendments in greenhouse vegetable production
[Abstract] ( 32 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 720 KB] (45)
YANG Chang-hong, ZHANG Yang, HUANG Chao-feng
(JIA-2018-0015) Reduction in cadmium accumulation in japonica rice grains by CRISPR/Cas9-mediated editing of OsNRAMP5
[Abstract] ( 53 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2630 KB] (43)
WANG Qian-feng,TANG Jia, ZENG Jing-yu, QU Yan-ping, ZHANG Qing, SHUI Wei, WANG Wulin, YI Lin, LENG Song
(JIA-2017-1302) Spatial-temporal evolution of vegetation evapotranspiration in Hebei Province, China
[Abstract] ( 31 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 4077 KB] (38)
DU Qi, ZHAO Xin-hua, XIA Le, JIANG Chun-ji, WANG Xiao-guang, HAN Yi, WANG Jing, YU Hai-qiu
(JIA-2017-1519)  Effects of potassium deficiency on photosynthesis, chloroplast ultrastructure, ROS, and antioxidant activities in maize (Zea mays L.)
[Abstract] ( 33 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 924 KB] (54)
ZHANG Bai-zhong, LIU Jun-jie, YUAN Guo-hui, CHEN Xi-ling, GAO Xi-wu
(JIA-2017-1144)  Selection and evaluation of potential reference genes for gene expression analysis in greenbug (Schizaphis graminum Rondani)
[Abstract] ( 37 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 704 KB] (50)
GAO Song-juan, GAO Ju-sheng, CAO Wei-dong, ZOU Chun-qin, HUANG Jing, BAI Jin-shun, DOU Fu-gen?
(JIA-2017-1304)  Effects of long-term green manure application on the content and structure of dissolved organic matter in red paddy soil
[Abstract] ( 33 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1091 KB] (38)
ZHU Hong, ZHOU Yuan-yuan, ZHAI Hong, HE Shao-zhen, ZHAO Ning, LIU Qing-chang
(JIA-2017-1496)  Transcriptome profiling reveals insights into the molecular mechanism of drought tolerance in sweetpotato
[Abstract] ( 46 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1318 KB] (42)
ZHU Xin-xin, NI Yong-jing, HE Rui-shi, JIANG Yu-mei, LI Qiao-yun, NIU Ji-shan
(JIA-2018-0013)  Genetic mapping and expressivity of a wheat multi-pistil gene in mutant 12TP
[Abstract] ( 39 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 621 KB] (41)
GONG A-na, SHI Ai-min, LIU Hong-zhi, YU Hong-wei, LIU Li, LIN Wei-jing, WANG Qiang
(JIA-2017-0925) Relationship of chemical properties of different peanut varieties to peanut butter storage stability
[Abstract] ( 81 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 481 KB] (81)
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