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QU Yun-feng, WU Pei-pei, HU Jing-huang, CHEN Yong-xing, SHI Zhan-liang, QIU Dan, LI Ya-hui, ZHANG Hong-jun, ZHOU Yang, YANG Li, LIU Hong-wei, ZHU Tong-quan, LIU Zhi-yong, ZHANG Yan-ming, LI Hong-jie
(JIA-2018-1614)  Molecular detection of the powdery mildew resistance genes in winter wheats DH51302 and Shimai 26#br#
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 438 KB] (0)
(JIA-2018-0498)T  he impacts of climate change on wheat yield in the Huang-HuaiHai Plain using DSSAT-CERES-Wheat model under different climate scenarios
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2009 KB] (0)
WANG Shi-qiang, ZHAO Hai-hong, ZHAO Li-ming, GU Chun-mei, NA Yong-guang, XIE Bao-sheng, CHENG Shi-hua, PAN Guo-jun
(JIA-2018-1542)  Application of brassinolide alleviates cold stress at the booting stage of rice
[Abstract] ( 1 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 537 KB] (2)
HUANG Yin-hua, FENG Hua-peng, HUANG Li-ren, YI Kang, RONG En-guang, CHEN Xiao-yun, LI Jian-wen, WANG Zeng, ZHU Peng-yang, LIU Xiao-juan, WANG Xiao-xue, HU Jia-xiang, LIU Xin, CHEN Hua-lan, WANG Jun, L
(JIA-2019-0075)  Transcriptomic analyses reveal new genes and networks response to H5N1 influenza viruses in duck (Anas platyrhynchos)
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 6374 KB] (1)
Maryam Kolahi, Elham Faghani, Andrea Goldson-Barnaby, Borhan Sohrabi
(JIA-2018-1127)  Physiological traits and anatomic structures of the seed for two short cotton season genotypes (Gossypium hirsutum L.) under water stress
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1362 KB] (2)
YANG Fang-yuan, GUO Jian-jun, LIU Ning, ZHANG Run-zhi
(JIA-2018-1167) Genetic structure of the invasive Colorado potato beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata populations in China
[Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 562 KB] (10)
CUI Dong-nan, TU Xiong-bing, HAO Kun, Aftab Raza, CHEN Jun, Mark McNeill, ZHANG Ze-hua
(JIA-2018-1270)  Identification of diapause-associated proteins in migratory locust, Locusta migratoria L. (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) by label-free quantification analysis
[Abstract] ( 1 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 594 KB] (4)
LUO Jiang-tao, ZHENG Jian-min, WAN Hong-shen, YANG Wu-yun, LI Shi-zhao, PU Zong-jun
(JIA-2018-1536) Identification of QTL for adult-plant resistance to stripe rust in bread wheat line C33
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 400 KB] (4)
ZHANG Hong-jun, LI Teng, LIU Hong-wei, MAI Chun-yan, YU Guang-jun, LI Hui-li, YU Li-qiang, MENG Ling-zhi, JIAN Da-wei, YANG Li, LI Hong-jie, ZHOU Yang
(JIA-2018-1316)  Genetic progress in stem lodging resistance of the dominant wheat cultivars adapted to Yellow-Huai River Valleys Winter Wheat Zone in China since 1965
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 440 KB] (0)
WANG Hai-xia, WANG Ming-lun, WANG Xiu-zhong, DING Yu-long
(JIA-2018-1562) Detection of seven phytohormones in peanut tissues by ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography-triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometry
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 645 KB] (2)
LI Liu,ZHENG Meng-meng, MA Xiao-fang, LI Yuan-jun, LI Qing-yu, WANG Guo-ping, HONG Ni
(JIA-2018-1277)  Molecular, serological and biological characterization of a novel Apple stem pitting virus strain from a local pear variety grown in China#br#
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1734 KB] (4)
WU Hui-jie, LI Meng, HONG Ni, PENG Bin, GU Qin-sheng
(JIA-2018-1575) Molecular and biological characterization of melon-infecting Squash leaf curl China virus in China
[Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2051 KB] (13)
CAO Hong-zhu, LI Ya-nan, CHEN Guang-feng, CHEN Dong-dong, QU Hong-rui, MA Wen-qi
(JIA-2018-0844)  Identifying the limiting factors driving the winter wheat yield gap on smallholder farms by agronomic diagnosis in North China Plain
[Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 807 KB] (0)
SHAO Yuan-zhi, ZENG Jiao-ke, TANG Hong, ZHOU Yi, LI Wen
(JIA-2018-0364) The chemical treatments combined with antagonistic yeast control anthracnose and maintain the quality of postharvest mango fruit
[Abstract] ( 1 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 4735 KB] (1)
Jagesh K. Tiwari, Sapna Devi, Tanuja Buckseth, Nilofer Ali, Rajesh K. Singh, Rasna Zinta, Vijay K. Dua, Swarup K. Chakrabarti
(JIA-2018-1267)  Precision phenotyping of contrasting potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) varieties in a novel aeroponics system for improving nitrogen use efficiency: in search of key traits and genes
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 695 KB] (7)
ZHAO Chen-chen, YUE Lei, WANG Yao, GUO Jian-ying, ZHOU Zhong-shi, WAN Fang-hao
(JIA-2018-0891)  Relationship between copulation and cold hardiness in Ophraella communa (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 468 KB] (8)
TAO Jian-bin, LIU Wen-bin, TAN Wen-xia, KONG Xiang-bing, XU Meng
(JIA-2018-0973)  Fusing multi-source data to map spatio-temporal dynamics of winter rape on the Jianghan and Dongting Lake Plain
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 18617 KB] (0)
HAO Peng-yu, TANG Hua-jun, CHEN Zhong-xin, YU Le, WU Ming-quan
(JIA-2018-1120) High resolution crop intensity mapping using harmonized Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 data
[Abstract] ( 1 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 28067 KB] (1)
Irshad Ahmad, MENG Xiang-ping, Muhammad Kamran, Shahzad Ali, Shakeel Ahmad, LIU Tie-ning, CAI Tie, HAN Qing-fang
(JIA-2018-1151)  Effects of uniconazole with or without micronutrient on the lignin biosynthesis, lodging resistance, and winter wheat production in semiarid regions
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (0)
CHEN Li-li, ZHANG Kai, GONG Xiao-chen, WANG Hao-ying, GAO You-hui, WANG Xi-quan, ZENG Zhao-hai, HU Yue-gao
(JIA-2018-1174) Effects of different LEDs light spectrum on the growth, leaf anatomy and chloroplast ultrastructure of potato plantlets in vitro and minituber production after transplanting in the greenhouse
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 804 KB] (4)
CHEN Meng-yao, YE Wan-yi, XIAO Hua-mei, LI Mei-zhen, CAO Zheng-hong, YE Xin-hai, ZHAO Xian-xin, HE Kang, LI Fei
(JIA-2018-1377) LncRNAs are potentially involved in the immune interaction between small brown planthopper and rice stripe virus
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 549 KB] (4)
HUO Dong-ao, ZHU Bin, TIAN Gui-fu, DU Xu-ye, GUO Juan, CAI Meng-xian
(JIA-2018-1269) Assignment of unanchored scaffolds in genome of Brassica napus by RNA-seq analysis in a complete set of Brassica rapa-Brassica oleracea monosomic addition lines
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 355 KB] (15)
JIAO Xiao-qiang, ZHANG Hong-yan, MA Wen-qi, WANG Chong, LI Xiao-lin, ZHANG Fu-suo
(JIA-2018-0911)  Science and technology backyards: a novel approach to empower smallholder farmers for sustainable intensification of agriculture in China
[Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 998 KB] (11)
LI Xiang-ling, GUO Li-guo, ZHOU Bao-yuan, TANG Xiang-ming, CHEN Cong-cong, ZHANG Lei, ZHANG Shao-yun, LI Chong-feng, XIAO Kai, DONG Wei-xin, YIN Bao-zhong, ZHANG Yue-chen
(JIA-2018-1064) Characterization of low-N responses in maize (Zea mays L.) cultivars with contrasting nitrogen use efficiency in the North China Plain
[Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 582 KB] (1)
Slaven Jurić, EdytaĐermić, Snježana Topolovec-Pintarić, Marta Bedek, Marko Vinceković
(JIA-2018-1266) Physicochemical properties and release characteristics of calcium alginate microspheres loaded with Trichoderma viride spores
[Abstract] ( 10 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 3902 KB] (5)
LIU Ying, DING Zhong, PENG De-liang, LIU Shi-ming, KONG Ling-an, PENG Huan, XIANG Chao, LI Zhong-cai, HUANG Wen-kun
(JIA-2018-1410)  Evaluation of the biocontrol potential of Aspergillus welwitschiae against the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne graminicola in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
[Abstract] ( 2 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2503 KB] (1)
CHEN Xue-jiao, LIN Qi-mei, Muhammad Rizwan, ZHAO Xiao-rong, LI Gui-tong
(JIA-2018-0765)  Steam explosion of crop straws improves the characteristics of biochar as a soil amendment
[Abstract] ( 3 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 622 KB] (3)
Alefsi David Sánchez-Reinoso, Gustavo Adolfo Ligarreto-Moreno, Hermann Restrepo-Díaz
(JIA-2018-1149) Evaluation of drought indices to identify tolerant genotypes in common bean bush (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
[Abstract] ( 6 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 714 KB] (3)
CHEN Bing-ru, WANG Chun-yu, WANG Ping, ZHU Zhen-xing, XU Ning, SHI Gui-shan, YU Miao, WANG Nai, LI Ji-hong, HOU Jia-ming, LI Shu-jie, ZHOU Yu-fei, GAO Shi-jie, LU Xiao-chun, HUANG Rui-dong?
(JIA-2018-0848)  Genome-wide association study for starch content and constitution in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench)
[Abstract] ( 4 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 766 KB] (1)
ZHANG Zheng, GAO Ping-lei, DAI Wei-min, SONG Xiao-ling, HU Feng, QIANG Sheng
(JIA-2018-0405)  Effect of tillage and burial depth and density of seed on viability and seedling emergence of weedy rice
[Abstract] ( 27 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 517 KB] (7)
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