Editor-in-Chief: (2022-)

       Wang Han-zhong

       Vice President of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)

       Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) 

    Prof. Wang, a rapeseed geneticist, currently serves as the Vice President of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), chief scientist of the National Rapeseed Industry Technology Innovation System of China, chief leader of the Expert Steering Group for Oil Crops of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, and chief scientist of the Innovation Team of Rapeseed Genetics and Breeding of CAAS.  Prof. Wang has presided over 20 national key projects including the "973 Program" in China and won two national-level awards (the Second Prize of National Technology Invention and National Scientific and Technological Progress) and seven 7 provincial and ministerial achievement awards.  Prof. Wang has bred 27 new rapeseed varieties, successively achieving three breakthroughs of multi-resistances, high-oil content and high yield, which has been cultivated accumulatively more than 13 million hectares.  Prof. Wang has published over 120 articles in the important journals such as Nature Genetics, PNAS, Molecular Plant, and Plant Biotechnology Journal, being widely cited.


      Former Editor-in-Chief: (2017-2021)

    WAN Jian-min

    former Vice President of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)

    Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) 

    Prof. Wan got his PhD in Genetics and Breeding at Kyoto University. His fundamental research is on rice functional genomics and molecular breeding, including mapping, discovery and cloning of agronomical important genes/QTLs involved rice grain quality, hybrid sterility, yield, rice blight and abiotic stress. Current research is also focusing on the establishment of high-efficient rice Agrobacteium-mediated transformation system. The research will provide some theoretical basis and new technologies for the development of rice genetic engineering and obtain new rice varieties by pyramiding the important genes.  Prof. Wan Jianmin has made significant contributions to understanding of molecular mechanisms regulating plant architecture, meiosis, photoperiodic flowering, nitrogen utilization and hybrid sterility. So far he has published over 150 papers in international journals, including the world-leading journals Nature, Nature Biotech., Nature Commun., Developmental Cell, Plant Cell, PNAS, and has patents issued for 28 inventions. In addition, by using molecular markers and the pyramiding technology he has developed various genetic materials and 10 other new rice varieties.


    Former Editor-in-Chief: (2012-2016)
       LIU Xu
       former Vice President of Chinese  Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) 
       Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) 


    Prof. Liu Xu, Ph.D., was born in 1953 in Hebei Province. He is a senior scientist in the conservation and utilization of plant germplasm resources. Currently, he serves as Vice President and Professor of CAAS, Chairman of the Genetic Resources Branch of the Chinese Society of Agronomy, and Vice President of the China Wildlife Conservation Association. He was selected as Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in December, 2009.  Prof. Liu Xu has long been working on crop germplasm resources. He has engaged in or presided over a series of research projects on the collection, conservation, evaluation and utilization of crop germplasm resources in China, which has formulated a profound foundation of germplasm dissemination and utilization as well as relevant technology, and improved China's research system on conservation and utilization of crop germplasm. He has also presided over research on the basic and principal diversity and technical indexes of China's crop germplasm resources, conducted comprehensive investigations on the origins of China's crop resources, established technical criterions for crop germplasm resources and perfected the related information system, which has significantly improved the efficiency and efficacy of germplasm utilization.

           Former Editor-in-Chief: (2002-2011)

           ZHAI Hu-qu

           former President of Chinese  Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)

           Foreign Academician of Indian National Academy of Agricultural Sciences

           Foreign Academician of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

           Foreign Academician of Romanian Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences


    Prof. Zhai was graduated from Jiangsu Agricultural College in 1977, got Master degree in Agronomy from Nanjing Agricultural University in 1981 and PhD in genetics from University of Birmingham in 1987. Prof. Zhai has been working on Quantities Inheritance and Plant Genetics and Breeding and has made notable achievements in rice genetics and tobacco research. He initiated the National Agricultural Science And Technology Collaboration, and proposed the “National Agricultural Science And Technology Innovation System Construction Strategy”, the core content of which was selected into the 2015-2016 “Central First Document” and other central documents. He actively promoted the establishment and implementation of Major Project on New Genetically Modified Varieties and engaged in the establishment and governance of the national major scientific project on agricultural gene resources and gene improvement, which obtained remarkable achievements.  Prof. Zhai has published more than 200 papers and many works such as Application Quantities Inheritance, Introduction to Agriculture, Scientific And Technological Innovation and Modern Agriculture, China National Strategy Research on Food Security and so on.

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