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    Online first
    Special Focus: Water Versus Energy
    Special Focus: Meat Quality and Meat Products Characteristics
    Special Focus:Cereal Rusts and Powdery Mildews
    Special Issue: Systematic Synthesis of Impacts of Climate Change on China’s Crop Production System
    Special Focus:Climate Change and Agriculture
    Special Focus: Development and Application of Plant Transformation Techniques
    Special Focus: Direct-Fed Microbial - Animal Nutrition and Reproduction Responses
    Special Focus: Insect heat shock proteins and their underlying functions
    Special Focus: Integrated Pest Management and Plant Health
    Special Focus: Germplasm and Molecular Breeding in Horticultural Crops
    Special Focus: Accelerating Rural Transformation in Asian Developing Countries
    Special Focus: Transforming agri-food systems for multiple wins in nutrition, inclusion and environ
    Section 2: Sustainability
    Section 3: Inclusion
    Section 4: Efffciency
    Crop Science
    Section 1: Animal Welfare and Meat Quality
    Special Focus: Best Soil Management from Long-Term Field Experiments for Sustainable Agriculture
    Section 1: Biochar Characters and Impacts
    Section 2: Crop Improvement by iochar Soil Amendment
    Advanced Online Publication
    Section 2: Meat Products
    Section 2: Fungi, enzymes and new developments in direct-fed microbials
    Special Focus: Discussions on Artificial Meat
    Plant Protection
    Section 3: Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics in
    Crop Genetics & Germpoasm Resources
    Crop Genetics · Breeding · Germplasm Resources
    Section 4: Soil Organic Carbon and Green-
    Agro-ecosystem & Environment
    Section 1: Technical aspects of artificial meat
    Section 2: The potential of artificial meat to solve
    Genetics& Breeding· Germplasm Resources · Molecular Genetics
    Section 3: Societal perceptions of artificial meat
    Soil & Fertilization﹒Irrigation﹒Plant Nutrition﹒ Agro-Ecology & Environment
    Special Focus: Systems Research Helping toMeet the Needs and Managing the Trade-offs of a Changing W
    Section 1: Policy and regulations
    Animal Science · Veterinary Medicine
    Plant Protection
    Section 2: Detection methods and technologies
    Soil & Fertilizer · Agri-Ecology & Environment
    Section 3: Risk management and standards
    Meat consumption in China and its impact on international food security
    Special Focus: Meat Consumption in China and Its Impact on International Food Security
    Section 2: Production
    Section 3 : Trade
    Section 1: Consumption
    Section 4: Price Dynamics
    Section 5: Food Safety and International Experiences
    Environment, Ecology and Energy
    Food Science
    Short Communication
    Special Focus: Agricultural products processing characteristics and quality evaluation
    Special Issue: the Whirefly Bemisia Tabaci Species Complex and Begomovirus
    Section 1: The Bemisia Tabaci Cryptic Species Complex
    Section 2: Bemisia And Begomovirus Transmission
    Section 3: Molecular Characterization Of Bemisia Tabaci
    Section 4: Control Of Whitefly And Whitefly Transmitted Virus Diseases
    Agricultural Economics and Management
    Section 1: Review
    Section 2: Theory, Technology and Method
    Section 3: Application
    Special Focus: Remote Sensing for Agricultural Applications
    Section 1: Perspective and review
    Section 2: Agricultural quantitative remote sensing
    Section 3: Cropland cover mapping and change
    Section 4: Agricultural disaster monitoring
    Special Focus: Viral pathogens and plant parasitic nematode
    Special Focus: Developing sustainable bioenergy in Northwest China
    Section 1: Modeling of cellulosic bioenergy development
    Section 2: Switchgrass in the Loess Plateau
    Section 4: Analysis of cellulosic ciomass
    Section 3: Improvement of energy crops for arid and semi-lands
    Section 5: Bioconversion and bioprocess
    Section 1: Perspective and review
    Section 2: Efficient utilization of resources
    Section 3: Quality improvement of super rice
    Special Focus: 20 years development of super rice in China
    Special Focus: Hot spots in bovine mastitis research
    Special Focus: Regularity of population occurrence and migration in the oriental armyworm, Mythimna separata (Walker)
    Special Focus: Beneficial roles silicon plays in agriculture
    Special Focus: Response and resistance of cereal crops to pathogens
    Special focus: Digital mapping in agriculture and environment
    Special Issue: Plant protection: Current status, progress and challenges in China
    Research Article
    Special Focus: Molecular tools and mechanisms of rice-Xanthomonas oryzae interactions
    Animal influenza virus
    Special Focus: Animal influenza virus
    Special Focus: Ecological functions of biochar
    Special Focus: Food economics and policies
    Special Focus: Science and Technology Backyard
    Special focus: Potato insect pest management
    Section 1 Decoding potato insect pests
    Section 2 Invasive insect pests of potato: global perspectives
    Section 3 The interaction between potato aphids and virus
    Section 4 Integrative management strategies for potato insect pests
    Special Focus: Bleeding canker of pear-An emerging devastating disease
    Special Focus: Physiology and interaction of insects with environmental factors
    Special Focus: the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
    Special Focus: Impacts of COVID-19 on agriculture and rural poverty in China
    Section 1: Crop production and marketing
    Section 2: Livestock production and marketing
    Section 3: Food purchasing behavior and agricultural export
    Section 4: Rural poverty and policy responses
    Section 1: Using modeling method to evaluate yield and efficiency gaps
    Special Issue: Closing Crop Yield and Efficiency Gaps for Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture
    Section 2: The main factors determining yield and efficiency gaps at different levels
    Section 3: Physiological mechanisms for closing yield and efficiency gaps
    Section 4: Effective management strategies for closing yield and efficiency gaps
    Special Issue: Research on the invasive pest of fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) in China
    Section 1: Review of current research on fall armyworm
    Section 2: Invasion and migration
    Section 3: Biological and ecological characteristics
    Section 4: Integrated pest management
    Special Issue: Paths out of Poverty
    Section 1: Poverty governance and international experience
    Section 2: Poverty alleviation through industrial development
    Section 3: Innovation and inclusive development for poverty alleviation
    Section 4: Poverty alleviation through social safety net programs
    Special Focus: Resource utilization of agricultural solid waste
    Special Focus: High quality and high efficiency fertilization of rice
    Section 1: Nutrition