Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2020, Vol. 53 ›› Issue (12): 2423-2434.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2020.12.010


Effects of Different Nitrogen Application Rates on Soil Organic Nitrogen Components and Enzyme Activities in Farmland

JIAO YaPeng1,QI Peng1,2,3(),WANG XiaoJiao1,4,WU Jun1,2,3,YAO YiMing1,CAI LiQun1,2,3,ZHANG RenZhi1,2,3   

  1. 1 College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Gansu Agricultural University, Lanzhou 730070;
    2 Gansu Provincial Key Laboratory of Arid Land Crop Science, Gansu Agricultural University, Lanzhou 730070;
    3 Gansu Engineering Research Center for Agriculture Water-Saving, Lanzhou 730070;
    4 College of Management, Gansu Agricultural University, Lanzhou 730070
  • Received:2019-09-01 Online:2020-06-16 Published:2020-06-25
  • Contact: Peng QI


【Objective】 The changes in enzyme activity conversion and soil organic nitrogen components in different nitrogen application rates were studied, and the relationship between enzyme activity and organic nitrogen component was analyzed. It provided a reference for rationally formulating fertilization amount and fertilization plan in the dry farming area of the Loess Plateau. 【Method】 Based on the different nitrogen (N) application rates (0 (CK), 52.5 (N1), 105 (N2), 157.5 (N3), and 210 (N4) kg N·hm-2) in Mazichuan village, Lijiabao town, Dingxi city, Loess Plateau, a long-term positioning test was set up on a spring wheat field. Bremner’s method was used to determine the content of organic nitrogen in the 0-40 cm soil layer after harvest, and the activities of four nitrogen-related enzymes were also measured. 【Result】 The order of distribution of soil organic nitrogen components was: amino acid nitrogen>acidolyzable ammonia nitrogen>unknown-acidolyzable nitrogen>amino sugar nitrogen. With the increase of N application rate, soil organic carbon, total nitrogen, total acid nitrogen, amino acid nitrogen, acidolyzable ammonium, urease activity and protease activity increased first and then decreased. Except for total nitrogen, all other components reached the maximum value under N2, and the total nitrogen content reached the maximum value under N3. Different soil layers in the same treatment decreased with the increasing soil depths. The results of redundancy analysis indicated that total nitrogen content and protease activity were the key factors affecting the distribution and transformation of organic nitrogen components in the Loess Plateau of Longzhong. C:N ratio was negatively correlated with all organic nitrogen components, while protease, organic carbon and urease were positively correlated with amino acid nitrogen. 【Conclusion】 In general, N2 treatment had the highest nitrogen supply potential, and the total nitrogen was the key factor affecting the transformation of organic nitrogen components in spring wheat in this area. The changes of soil organic nitrogen composition under different nitrogen application rates were obvious, which changed nitrogen in the conversion enzyme activity.

Key words: nitrogen application rate, spring wheat, organic nitrogen component, enzyme activity, redundancy analysis, Loess Plateau

Fig. 1

Influence of soil organic N forms content under different nitrogen rates Different lower case letters with the same soil layer indicate significant difference among different treatment at the 0.05 level. The same as below"

Fig. 2

Influence of soil organic N forms under different nitrogen rates"

Table 1

Influence of soil physical-chemical proprieties under different nitrogen level"

Soil layers (cm)
pH 有机碳
Soil organic C (g·kg-1)
Total nitrogen (g·kg-1)
Total phosphorus (g·kg-1)
CK 0-10 8.24 ± 0.03a 8.31 ± 0.19c 0.84 ± 0.02c 0.93 ± 0.02a 9.63 ± 0.49ab
10-20 8.37 ± 0.02a 8.02 ± 0.06b 0.79 ± 0.04c 0.79 ± 0.01a 10.11 ± 0.27a
20-40 8.41 ± 0.03a 7.36 ± 0.25b 0.71 ± 0.01c 0.63 ± 0.00a 10.20 ± 0.38a
N1 0-10 8.18 ± 0.02b 9.38 ± 0.12b 0.92 ± 0.03b 0.92 ± 0.00ab 9.72 ± 0.28a
10-20 8.27 ± 0.03b 8.67 ± 0.20ab 0.87 ± 0.05bc 0.79 ± 0.01ab 10.23 ± 0.2ab
20-40 8.35 ± 0.02ab 7.99 ± 0.08ab 0.79 ± 0.01b 0.61 ± 0.00b 9.95 ± 0.13ab
N2 0-10 8.18 ± 0.01b 9.45 ± 0.14a 1.06 ± 0.01a 0.88 ± 0.01bc 8.73 ± 0.27bc
10-20 8.23 ± 0.04b 8.74 ± 0.30a 1.00 ± 0.04ab 0.79 ± 0.03bc 9.05 ± 0.25bc
20-40 8.31 ± 0.04bc 8.66 ± 0.14a 0.90 ± 0.02a 0.61 ± 0.01bc 9.23 ± 0.29bc
N3 0-10 8.11 ± 0.01c 9.40 ± 0.06ab 1.09 ± 0.01a 0.85 ± 0.02c 8.71 ± 0.12c
10-20 8.20 ± 0.01b 8.87 ± 0.07a 1.04 ± 0.02a 0.72 ± 0.01c 8.98 ± 0.17c
20-40 8.26 ± 0.04bc 8.03 ± 0.21ab 0.91 ± 0.02a 0.58 ± 0.00c 8.91 ± 0.38c
N4 0-10 8.11 ± 0.00c 9.13 ± 0.14ab 1.04 ± 0.01a 0.96 ± 0.02ab 8.77 ± 0.13c
10-20 8.11 ± 0.02c 9.01 ± 0.17a 0.95 ± 0.05ab 0.81 ± 0.00a 10.22 ± 0.26b
20-40 8.22 ± 0.01c 7.93 ± 0.01b 0.88 ± 0.01a 0.63 ± 0.01a 9.20 ± 0.12c

Fig. 3

Influence of soil enzyme activities under different nitrogen rates"

Fig. 4

Redundancy analysis of soil chemical properties, enzyme activities and soil organic nitrogen forms"

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