Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2022, Vol. 55 ›› Issue (21): 4237-4251.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2022.21.011


The Characteristics of Soil Nutrients and Soil Enzyme Activities During Wheat Growth Stage Under Different Tillage Patterns

ZHU ChangWei(),MENG WeiWei(),SHI Ke,NIU RunZhi,JIANG GuiYing(),SHEN FengMin,LIU Fang,LIU ShiLiang()   

  1. College of Resource and Environment, Henan Agricultural University, Zhengzhou 450002
  • Received:2021-09-02 Accepted:2021-12-29 Online:2022-11-01 Published:2022-11-09
  • Contact: GuiYing JIANG,ShiLiang LIU;;;


【Objective】This study was aimed to select the optimum tillage pattern by investigating the dynamic changes of different tillage patterns on soil nutrients, microbial biomass, and enzyme activities during different wheat growth stages in fluvo-aquic soil in Huang-Huai Plain.【Method】The field experiment was carried out from 2016 to 2019. Five rotation tillage modes were set as: (1) Continuous Rotary Tillage (RT-RT-RT); (2) Deep tillage-Rotary tillage-Rotary tillage (DT-RT-RT); (3) Deep tillage-Rotary tillage-Shallow rotary tillage (DT-RT-SRT); (4) Deep tillage-Shallow rotary tillage-Shallow rotary tillage (DT-SRT-SRT); (5) Deep tillage-Shallow rotary tillage-Rotating tillage (DT-SRT-RT). Three years is a cycle. In the third year of the 3-year cycle, i.e. 2019, 0-40 cm soil layer samples were taken at the wheat greening stage (GS), jointing stage (JS), filling stage (FS), and maturity stage (MS). The contents of alkali hydrolyzed nitrogen (AN), available phosphorus (AP), available potassium (AK), soil microbial biomass carbon (SMBC), soil microbial biomass nitrogen (SMBN), and the activities of urease, invertase, and neutral phosphatase in different soil layers were measured and analyzed.【Result】All soil indicators were decreased with the soil depths during the whole wheat growth stage. Compared with RT-RT-RT, the increment of available nutrients contents at 20-40 cm soil layer were significantly higher than those at 0-20 cm soil layer under the treatments with deep tillage combined with rotary tillage or shallow rotary tillage, but which presented few effects on soil microbial biomass and enzyme activities under soil layers compared with the effects on soil available nutrients. The dynamic changes of each soil indicators under different treatments during the wheat main growth stages were consistent with the growth and fertilizer requirements of crops. The AP, AK, SMBC, SMBN, urease, neutral phosphatase activities were showed an “N” type trend and reached to peak at the jointing stage. The sucrase activity was gradually increased with the growth stage. In 0-20 cm soil layer, the contents of AN, AP and AK under DT-SRT-RT treatment at the jointing stage were significantly higher than that under other treatments, and the highest value were 91.74 mg·kg-1, 27.17 mg·kg-1 and 139.81 mg·kg-1, respectively. The AN and AP were significantly affected by rotation tillage patterns and soil depths. While the AK was affected by wheat growth stages, soil layers, and rotation tillage patterns, but the interaction among them was not obvious. During the whole growth period, compared with RT-RT-RT, in 0-40 cm soil layer, the SMBC and SMBN content under DT-RT-RT and DT-SRT-RT treatments were higher. The DT-SRT-RT treatment could significantly increase the activities of soil urease, invertase and neutral phosphatase, and their growth rates were between 3.79%-27.69%, 12.29%-36.10% and 8.61%-35.91%, respectively. In the whole wheat growth period, the soil microbial biomass and enzyme activities were significantly affected by different soil depth and rotation tillage mode, but the interaction between them on SMBN content, invertase, and neutral phosphatase activity was not significant. The wheat yield under the other treatments in 2019 was higher than that under RT-RT-RT, and the highest one was 6 557 kg·hm-2 under DT-SRT-RT.【Conclusion】During this experimental period, in Fluvo-aquic soil in Huang-Huai Plain, the DT-SRT-RT treatment had the best effect on improving available nutrients contents, SMBC, SMBN, and soil enzyme activity, thereby further ensuring the high yield of wheat.

Key words: rotation tillage pattern, soil nutrient, microbial biomass, enzyme activity, wheat growth period

Fig. 1

The soil alkali-hydrolyzable nitrogen content during different wheat growth periods under different treatments Different small letters showed significant differences among treatments (P≤0.05). TGS: Turning-green stage; JS: Jointing stage; FS: Filling stage; MS: Mature stage. The same as below"

Fig. 2

The soil available phosphorus content during different wheat growth periods under different treatments"

Fig. 3

The soil available potassium content during different wheat growth periods under different treatments"

Table 1

Three-factor variance analysis of changes in soil available nutrients under wheat growth periods, rotation tillage patterns and soil depths"

变异来源 Source of variation df 碱解氮 AN 有效磷 AP 速效钾 AK
土层深度 Soil depth (D) 1 53135.20** 8456.23** 11229.42**
小麦生育时期 Wheat growth period (P) 3 116.53** 503.05** 13.13**
轮耕模式 Rotation tillage patterns (T) 4 1141.98** 69.88** 44.06**
D × P 3 1114.94** 27.94** 163.30**
D × T 4 217.48** 9.95** 8.03**
P × T 12 66.16** 4.78** 6.14**
D × P × T 12 254.99** 2.20* 1.79 NS
Error mean squares 80 0.91 0.50 6.49

Fig. 4

The soil microbial biomass carbon during different wheat growth periods under different treatments"

Fig. 5

The soil microbial biomass nitrogen during different wheat growth periods under different treatments"

Table 2

Three-factor variance analysis of changes in soil microbial biomass under wheat growth periods, rotation tillage patterns and soil depths"

变异来源 Source of variation df 微生物量碳 SMBC 微生物量氮 SMBN
土层深度 Soil depth (D) 1 189847.54** 4882.24**
小麦生育时期 Wheat growth period (P) 3 15469.50** 1169.51**
轮耕模式 Rotation tillage patterns (T) 4 469.73** 36.39**
D × P 3 2449.91** 197.51**
D × T 4 9.54 NS 5.06**
P × T 12 8.99 NS 3.28**
D × P × T 12 28.64** 1.78 NS
Error mean squares 80 7.47 5.41

Fig. 6

The activity of soil urease enzyme during different wheat growth periods under different treatments"

Fig. 7

The activity of soil invertase enzyme during different wheat growth periods under different treatments"

Fig. 8

The activity of soil neutral phosphatase enzyme during different wheat growth periods under different treatments"

Table 3

Three-factor variance analysis of changes in soil enzyme activity under wheat growth periods, rotation tillage patterns and soil depths"

变异来源 Source of variation df 脲酶 Urease 蔗糖酶 Invertase 中性磷酸酶 Neutral phosphatase
土层深度 Soil depth (D) 1 14422.44** 10822.89** 3251.25**
小麦生育时期 Wheat growth period (P) 3 1206.67** 1152.78** 221.67**
轮耕模式 Rotation tillage patterns (T) 4 49.38** 31.50** 10.66**
D × P 3 87.99** 55.49** 32.67**
D × T 4 6.94** 10.14** 1.04 NS
P × T 12 5.42** 1.02 NS 0.67 NS
D × P × T 12 5.96** 0.43 NS 0.70 NS
Error mean squares 80 0 1.29 0.06

Table 4

Wheat yield, yield components and fertilizer partial productivity"

Spike number
Kernels per
spike (No.)
Thousand kernel weight (g)
N partial productivity
P/K partial productivity
RT-RT-RT 38.27±0.85d 28.43±0.98b 41.89±1.03c 5719±153d 26.12±0.7d 47.66±1.28d
DT-RT-RT 42.4±0.59b 28.93±1.00ab 43.36±1.9bc 6300±53b 28.77±0.24b 52.5±0.44b
DT-RT-SRT 40.29±0.41c 26.20±1.80c 48.57±1.54a 6003±95c 27.41±0.44c 50.02±0.79c
DT-SRT-SRT 43.22±0.82ab 30.80±1.00a 44.13±1.2bc 6477±36ab 29.58±0.16ab 53.98±0.3ab
DT-SRT-RT 44.47±0.54a 31.00±0.59a 46.22±0.95ab 6557±67a 29.94±0.31a 54.64±0.56a

Fig. 9

The heat map of correlation analysis between the various indices and wheat yield under 0-40 cm soil layer"

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