Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2019, Vol. 52 ›› Issue (8): 1449-1457.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2019.08.014


Polymorphism of Rs319699771 Locus of Anti-Diarrhea MUC13 Gene in Suhuai Pig Population and Their Association with Economic Traits

LIU ChenXi1,2,WANG BinBin1,2,PU Guang1,2,ZHANG Qian1,2,CAO Yang1,2,WANG Huan1,2,GAO Chen1,2,NIU PeiPei2,3,LI PingHua1,2,3(),HUANG RuiHua1,2,3()   

  1. 1 Institute of Swine Science, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095
    2 Huaian Academy of Nanjing Agricultural University, Huaian Jiangsu 223005
    3 Huaian New Rural Development Co. LTD of Nanjing Agricultural University, Huaian Jiangsu 223005
  • Received:2018-09-20 Accepted:2019-01-21 Online:2019-04-16 Published:2019-04-26
  • Contact: PingHua LI,RuiHua HUANG;


【Background】 MUC13 gene is one of the main genes, which can regulate the infection of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli F4ac, and cause diarrhea in piglets before weaning. The rs319699771 locus of the gene (G/A mutation) can accurately identify susceptible and resistant individuals, among which GG type is an anti-diarrhea genotype. The anti-diarrhea molecular breeding of Suhuai pig has been implemented by selecting GG genotype individuals, but whether the selection of GG genotype individuals will have adverse effects on other important economic traits, such as growth, carcass and meat quality, which is not yet clear. 【Objective】 The purpose of this study was to analyze the association between the locus and other economic traits to determine whether the molecular selection based on the rs319699771 locus of anti-diarrhea MUC13 gene would have adverse effects on other economic traits of Suhuai pig. 【Method】 In this experiment, 313 Suhuai fattening pigs weighting 87.61±0.54 kg were tested as experimental animals, and their carcass and meat quality traits were determined through slaughter. 261 Suhuai gilt pigs aging for 161.1±0.5 d were tested as experimental animals, and their growth and body size phenotype were also determined. At the same time, the corresponding ear tissue samples of Suhuai fattening pigs and gilt pigs were collected to extract tissue DNA. After Multiplex-PCR reactions, the polymorphism of the rs319699771 locus of MUC13 gene was detected in each pig. The association analysis between the polymorphism genotype of the rs319699771 locus of MUC13 gene and meat quality, carcass and growth traits were conducted by using the general linear model in SAS software. 【Result】 The results of polymorphism of rs319699771 locus of MUC13 gene showed that among the frequency of anti-diarrhea G allele of rs319699771 locus of MUC13 gene, the male and female pigs of the fattening pigs reached 0.695 and 0.634, respectively, and the anti-diarrhea GG genotype frequency was 0.467 and 0.373, respectively, in the male and female fattening pigs. While the locus G allele among the male and female pigs of the gilt reached 0.690 and 0.705, respectively, and the anti-diarrhea GG genotype frequency was 0.508 and 0.480, respectively, in the male and female gilt pigs. This indicated that the frequency of anti-diarrhea gene in Suhuai pig belonged to a higher level, and it could be feasible for the further improvement of anti-diarrhea GG frequency in the Suhuai pig through molecular breeding. The association analysis between polymorphism of rs319699771 locus of MUC13 gene and economic traits of Suhuai pig showed that there was no significant association between the locus’s polymorphism and carcass, meat quality traits in the fattening pigs (P>0.05), and it could be seen that increasing the breeding of the rs319699771 locus of MUC13 gene in Suhuai fattening pigs would not affect the carcass and meat quality traits. The locus’s polymorphism in the gilt extremely associated with the ham circumference index (P<0.01), and on average, the ham circumference of GG type individuals at this locus was about 1.46 cm longer than that of AG type individuals, and about 3 cm longer than that of AA type individuals. Also, the locus tended to associate with daily gain and terminal measurement weight (P<0.10), GG type individuals showed an upward trend compared with AA and AG type individuals. All of the three traits, GG genotype was a favorable genotype. The results showed that the breeding of the anti-diarrhea GG genotype of this locus could improve the growth traits of Suhuai gilt pigs. 【Conclusion】 Based on these results, the anti-diarrhea allele frequency of the rs319699771 locus of MUC13 gene in Suhuai pig was high, and the anti-diarrhea breeding was feasible, and the anti-diarrhea ability of Suhuai pig could be improved by selecting and remaining resistant homozygous GG genotype of rs319699771 locus of MUC13 gene and raising the frequency of the resistant homozygous genotype. At the same time, it could also realize the improvements of ham circumference and daily gain of Suhuai pig.

Key words: Suhuai pig, MUC13 gene, anti-diarrhea, economic traits, association analysis

Table 1

MUC13 gene primer sequence"

MUC13基因 MUC13 gene 引物序列 Primer sequence
PCR primer sequence
Multiplex-PCR binding primer sequence

Table 2

The polymorphism analysis of rs319699771 locus of MUC13 gene in fattening and gilt pigs"

Gender (n)
基因型频率Genotype frequency 基因频率Gene frequency
AA (n) AG (n) GG (n) A G
Fattening pigs
母猪Sow (67) 0.104 (7) 0.522 (35) 0.373 (25) 0.366 0.634
阉公猪Barrow (246) 0.077 (19) 0.455 (112) 0.467 (115) 0.305 0.695
合计Total (313) 0.083 (26) 0.470 (147) 0.447 (140) 0.318 0.682
母猪Sow (198) 0.071 (14) 0.449 (89) 0.480 (95) 0.295 0.705
公猪Boar (63) 0.127 (8) 0.365 (23) 0.508 (32) 0.310 0.690
合计Total (261) 0.084 (22) 0.429 (112) 0.487 (127) 0.299 0.701

Table 3

Association analysis between polymorphism of rs319699771 locus of MUC13 gene and carcass performances of fattening pigs"

胴体性状Carcass performances
Weight of carcass
Number of ribs
Straight length
of carcass
Oblique length
of carcass
Backfat thickness at 6-7 ribs
Backfat thickness at the thickest part of the shoulder (mm)
Backfat thickness
at the last
rib (mm)
Backfat thickness at the lumbosacral junction (mm)
Average backfat thickness
AA 26 55.89±1.45 30.33±0.75 88.14±0.75 73.97±0.69 29.17±1.26 34.11±1.28 20.06±1.08 22.48±1.40 25.56±1.11
AG 147 57.51±0.70 29.66±0.36 88.69±0.36 74.00±0.33 28.46±0.61 34.15±0.62 21.12±0.52 23.74±0.67 26.37±0.54
GG 140 57.35±0.71 29.82±0.37 88.60±0.37 73.96±0.34 28.87±0.61 34.45±0.63 21.93±0.53 23.59±0.68 26.67±0.54
P-value 0.5470 0.6778 0.7754 0.9955 0.7797 0.9064 0.1684 0.6795 0.6106

Table 4

Association analysis between polymorphism of rs319699771 locus of MUC13 gene and meat quality performances of fattening pigs"

肉质性状Meat quality performances
L2h lightness
a2h redness
b2h yellowness
L24h lightness
a24h redness
b24h yellowness
pH45min pH24h 滴水损失
Drip loss (%)
Water holding capacity (%)
IMF (%)
AA 26 39.71±0.69 5.10±0.30 11.50±1.67 44.31±0.77 5.76±0.30 12.36±0.26 6.43±0.06 5.65±0.04 2.41±0.24 24.83±1.09 2.07±0.15
AG 147 41.18±0.33 4.66±0.15 11.51±0.81 46.00±0.37 5.51±0.14 12.35±0.13 6.37±0.03 5.67±0.02 2.27±0.12 25.47±0.53 1.98±0.07
GG 140 41.16±0.34 4.44±0.15 12.46±0.81 46.03±0.37 5.48±0.14 12.51±0.13 6.43±0.03 5.70±0.02 2.54±0.12 24.84±0.53 1.99±0.07
P-value 0.1034 0.0843 0.5849 0.0800 0.6711 0.5332 0.2726 0.4739 0.1345 0.5645 0.8144

Table 5

Association analysis between polymorphism of rs319699771 locus of MUC13 gene and growth performances of gilt"

生长性状Growth performances
gain (g·d-1)
Terminal measurement weight (kg)
Body length (cm)
Body height (cm)
circumference (cm)
Abdominal circumference (cm)
Cannon bone circumference (cm)
Ham circumference (cm)
Live backfat
Live loin eye area (cm2)
AA 22 347.87±9.09 56.50±1.47 97.65±1.29 53.06±0.97 91.31±1.12 102.54±1.91 15.13±0.24 72.78±0.99b 11.79±0.66 17.18±4.76
AG 112 362.89±4.33 58.43±0.07 98.30±0.61 53.53±0.46 92.05±0.54 103.83±0.91 15.31±0.11 74.32±0.47ab 11.78±0.31 20.84±2.27
GG 127 370.48±4.12 59.62±0.67 99.20±0.58 54.44±0.44 91.14±0.52 102.33±0.87 15.22±0.11 75.78±0.45a 11.73±0.03 22.03±2.16
P-value 0.0514 0.0601 0.1784 0.1942 0.4347 0.4209 0.7086 0.0045 0.9917 0.6279
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