Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2023, Vol. 56 ›› Issue (24): 4826-4841.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2023.24.003


Response and Drip Irrigation Re-Watering Compensation Effect of Spring Wheat Roots to Drought Stress with Different Drought Tolerance Varieties

WANG RongRong(), CHEN TianPeng, YIN HaoJie, JIANG GuiYing()   

  1. College of Agronomy, Shihezi University, Shihezi 832000, Xinjiang
  • Received:2023-04-12 Accepted:2023-05-21 Online:2023-12-16 Published:2023-12-21
  • Contact: JIANG GuiYing


【Objective】The objective of this study is to investigate the differences in morphological and physiological responses of root growth of drip irrigated spring wheat with different drought sensitivity to stage drought stress, to further elaborate the physiological mechanisms of drought resistance and water conservation in drip irrigated spring wheat in Xinjiang, and to provide a theoretical basis for further water-saving and high-yield in Xinjiang wheat region. 【Method】 From 2021-2022, the strong drought resistance variety Xinchun 6 and the weak drought resistance variety Xinchun 22 were used as the test materials by using the soil column cultivation method. Mild (T1 and T3, 60%-65% FC, FC is the field capacity) and moderate (T2 and T4, 45%-50% FC) drought stress treatments were conducted during the tillering and jointing stages, with conventional irrigation as the control (CK, 75%-80% FC), the effects of pre-reproductive drought stress on root morphological characteristics (root length density (RLD), root volume density (RVD)), antioxidant system (malondialdehyde (MDA), superoxide dismutase (SOD), peroxidase (POD)), osmoregulation substance (proline (Pro), soluble sugars (SS)) and spatial and temporal characteristics of root activity were studied. The compensatory effect of drip irrigated spring wheat root growth on drought-rehydration was analyzed.【Result】RLD and RVD showed a trend of increasing and then decreasing with increasing drought stress, and under mild drought (T1 and T3) conditions, RLD and RVD in the 20-60 cm soil layer were significantly increased. The MDA content in the root of each soil layer showed an upward trend with the intensification of stress, while SOD, POD, Pro, and SS all increased first and then decreased with the intensification of drought, and gradually increased with the deepening of the soil layer. After rehydration of T1 treatment, root morphological characteristics, antioxidant enzyme activity, osmotic substances and root activity all reached the maximum value, which in turn increased the yield by 2.77% to 19.58% compared to the rest of the treatments. Stepwise regression analysis showed that RVD and SS were important determinants of yield, RLD, SOD and SS were the most significant indicators of Xinchun 6 drought resistance; RLD, MDA and POD were the most significant indicators of Xinchun 22 drought resistance.【Conclusion】Spring wheat maintains 60%-65% FC during the tillering and jointing stages, after drip irrigation and rehydration, it increases the distribution proportion of roots in the 20-60 cm soil layer, enhances the root system’s ability to remove reactive oxygen species and osmotic adjustment, delays root senescence and improves root physiological characteristics, thus increasing yield.

Key words: spring wheat, drought stress, tillering and jointing stages, root growth, compensation effect

Table 1

Physical and chemical properties of 0-60 cm soil in the experimental site"

Total N (g·kg-1)
Available N (mg·kg-1)
Available P (mg·kg-1)
Available K (mg·kg-1)
Organic (g·kg-1)
2021 1.37 58.71 16.96 139.02 17.84 7.6
2022 1.35 61.30 16.07 143.66 18.31 7.7

Fig. 1

Daily average temperature and rainfall during wheat growth period"

Table 2

Water treatment at different growth stages"

Tillering stage
Jointing stage
T1 60%—65% FC 75%—80% FC
T2 45%—50% FC 75%—80% FC
T3 75%—80% FC 60%—65% FC
T4 75%—80% FC 45%—50% FC
CK 75%—80% FC 75%—80% FC

Fig. 2

Schematic diagram of field planting"

Table 3

Effect of drought stress on root morphological characteristics of spring wheat varieties with different drought resistance"

Soil depth (cm)
Root length density (RLD) (cm·cm-3)
Root volume density (RVD) (cm3·cm-3)
Tillering stage
Jointing stage
Flowering stage
Tillering stage
Jointing stage
Flowering stage
Xinchun 6
CK 0-20 0.67±0.01a 1.96±0.06a 2.80±0.01a 0.26±0.05a 0.38±0.01a 0.65±0.01a
20-40 0.21±0.02c 1.09±0.08e 1.86±0.04e 0.14±0.04c 0.23±0.01d 0.47±0.01c
40-60 - 0.58±0.07e 1.42±0.05e - 0.12±0.02e 0.30±0.01c
T1 0-20 0.61±0.02b 1.82±0.06b 2.65±0.09b 0.24±0.03b 0.33±0.04b 0.61±0.01b
20-40 0.28±0.08a 1.70±0.03a 2.47±0.08a 0.17±0.01a 0.30±0.02a 0.54±0.02a
40-60 - 1.14±0.07a 1.80±0.01a - 0.19±0.02a 0.34±0.01a
T2 0-20 0.52±0.03c 1.60±0.02d 2.39±0.03d 0.21±0.01c 0.29±0.01d 0.56±0.01c
20-40 0.26±0.05b 1.43±0.04c 2.22±0.06c 0.15±0.05b 0.29±0.01d 0.52±0.02ab
40-60 - 0.82±0.04c 1.58±0.04c - 0.27±0.01b 0.33±0.02ab
T3 0-20 - 1.64±0.04c 2.55±0.05c - 0.31±0.01c 0.59±0.01b
20-40 - 1.57±0.05b 2.34±0.05b - 0.28±0.04b 0.53±0.01a
40-60 - 1.04±0.10b 1.71±0.02b - 0.17±0.03b 0.33±0.02ab
T4 0-20 - 1.53±0.07e 2.27±0.02e - 0.28±0.04e 0.54±0.01c
20-40 - 1.33±0.04d 2.03±0.01d - 0.25±0.01c 0.50±0.01b
40-60 - 0.60±0.05d 1.52±0.01d - 0.14±0.04d 0.31±0.02bc
Xinchun 22
CK 0-20 0.55±0.01a 1.65±0.09a 2.50±0.08a 0.24±0.02a 0.32±0.01a 0.57±0.01a
20-40 0.17±0.03c 1.03±0.01e 1.71±0.06e 0.11±0.01c 0.21±0.01c 0.42±0.01b
40-60 - 0.52±0.06e 1.11±0.02e - 0.12±0.01d 0.27±0.01b
T1 0-20 0.49±0.01b 1.46±0.07b 2.42±0.07b 0.21±0.01b 0.30±0.01b 0.56±0.02ab
20-40 0.22±0.05a 1.43±0.04a 2.29±0.05a 0.14±0.01a 0.28±0.01a 0.47±0.02a
40-60 - 1.09±0.03a 1.35±0.02a - 0.17±0.01a 0.32±0.01a
T2 0-20 0.45±0.05c 1.22±0.07d 2.13±0.08d 0.18±0.01c 0.26±0.05cd 0.51±0.01c
20-40 0.20±0.03b 1.15±0.08c 1.92±0.06c 0.13±0.02b 0.22±0.03b 0.42±0.01b
40-60 - 0.75±0.03c 1.21±0.03c - 0.15±0.03b 0.31±0.01a
T3 0-20 - 1.35±0.02c 2.29±0.08c - 0.26±0.01c 0.54±0.01b
20-40 - 1.32±0.10b 2.04±0.09b - 0.23±0.01b 0.47±0.01a
40-60 - 0.94±0.09b 1.26±0.06b - 0.15±0.04b 0.31±0.01a
T4 0-20 - 1.17±0.05e 1.98±0.08e - 0.25±0.01d 0.49±0.01d
20-40 - 1.13±0.07d 1.74±0.04d - 0.21±0.03c 0.43±0.01b
40-60 - 0.54±0.03d 1.14±0.04d - 0.13±0.01c 0.29±0.01b
品种Variety (V) ** ** ** ** ** **
处理Treatment (T) ** ** ** ** ** **
V×T ** ** ** ** ns ns

Fig. 3

Effect of drought stress on malondialdehyde content in roots of spring wheat varieties with different drought resistance"

Table 4

Effect of drought stress on superoxide dismutase activity in roots of spring wheat varieties with different drought resistance (μmol·g-1 protein·min-1)"

Soil depth (cm)
分蘖期Tillering stage 拔节期Jointing stage 开花期Flowering stage
Xinchun 6 Xinchun 22 Xinchun 6 Xinchun 22 Xinchun 6 Xinchun 22
CK 0-20 13.85±1.06b 12.06±1.06b 19.44±1.02c 19.11±1.01bc 30.88±1.76b 28.47±1.92bc
20-40 18.14±0.83b 16.10±0.49b 23.56±1.23c 23.77±1.53b 34.47±0.49c 30.58±2.22bc
40-60 - - 26.91±1.20c 26.75±1.19b 38.92±0.68c 32.75±0.82c
T1 0-20 17.37±0.93a 15.43±1.24a 22.62±0.99b 21.77±1.14ab 35.96±1.46a 36.00±2.91a
20-40 21.65±0.97a 21.01±0.30a 27.09±1.26ab 27.85±1.87a 39.41±2.80a 37.55±2.60a
40-60 - - 30.36±1.13ab 30.58±2.20a 43.78±0.76a 40.64±2.59a
T2 0-20 15.21±1.16b 10.07±1.13b 20.57±1.01c 17.38±1.81c 33.81±1.58ab 27.59±2.45bc
20-40 19.18±1.12b 13.81±2.28b 24.74±1.32c 21.18±0.49c 36.79±1.09abc 29.65±2.56bc
40-60 - - 28.07±1.13bc 23.25±1.42c 41.50±1.42b 32.30±1.75c
T3 0-20 - - 24.60±1.12a 22.75±1.40a 35.46±1.80a 32.07±2.47ab
20-40 - - 28.87±0.56a 28.42±0.47a 38.77±0.71ab 33.72±2.49ab
40-60 - - 32.31±1.40a 31.57±2.19a 43.45±1.05a 36.88±2.10b
T4 0-20 - - 21.31±1.07bc 18.58±1.84c 32.79±1.68ab 26.38±2.34c
20-40 - - 25.76±1.45bc 22.36±0.44bc 36.32±0.92bc 28.55±2.41c
40-60 - - 29.03±1.45bc 26.24±1.61bc 40.86±1.07b 31.28±2.17c
品种Variety (V) ** * **
处理Treatment (T) ** ** **
V×T ** * *

Table 5

Effect of drought stress on peroxidase activity in roots of spring wheat varieties with different drought resistance (μmol·g-1 protein·min-1)"

Soil depth (cm)
分蘖期Tillering stage 拔节期Jointing stage 开花期Flowering stage
Xinchun 6 Xinchun 22 Xinchun 6 Xinchun 22 Xinchun 6 Xinchun 22
CK 0-20 39.52±2.41c 35.53±0.96b 72.88±3.55e 69.28±3.79c 186.59±7.62d 181.34±5.25bc
20-40 47.83±2.47b 44.59±1.55b 81.56±4.31d 78.38±3.20c 216.54±12.35c 193.76±6.43b
40-60 - - 86.83±3.67d 85.67±3.37c 225.25±8.86c 213.73±7.18b
T1 0-20 74.23±2.45a 57.20±1.22a 107.71±4.72b 87.36±4.75b 243.97±9.46a 219.32±10.56a
20-40 78.21±3.42a 61.51±1.56a 111.37±4.73b 91.17±3.23b 263.93±8.83a 227.55±9.98a
40-60 - - 119.05±5.81b 98.70±5.56b 270.08±8.49a 246.92±10.01a
T2 0-20 47.41±1.90b 31.94±0.51c 82.83±4.24d 60.65±3.61d 207.63±7.77c 176.99±6.19bc
20-40 51.99±1.99b 40.63±1.87c 85.64±4.35d 65.07±2.77d 231.64±8.32bc 190.59±6.30bc
40-60 - - 90.49±4.63d 70.15±2.58d 238.32±9.26c 210.14±7.77b
T3 0-20 - - 121.16±4.82a 100.64±4.81a 225.87±8.13b 191.86±10.43b
20-40 - - 129.17±6.29a 108.82±5.19a 246.01±9.58b 202.61±9.89b
40-60 - - 135.90±5.43a 113.75±3.83a 252.99±6.76b 224.20±10.04b
T4 0-20 - - 94.60±4.52c 62.56±2.84cd 196.06±7.09cd 167.18±7.10c
20-40 - - 99.65±3.77c 71.22±3.59d 222.49±8.60c 177.99±6.34c
40-60 - - 104.86±5.27c 76.35±2.99d 228.76±6.42c 193.87±2.32c
品种Variety (V) ** ** **
处理Treatment (T) ** ** **
V×T ** ** ns

Table 6

Effect of drought stress on proline content in roots of spring wheat varieties with different drought resistance (μg·g-1)"

Soil depth (cm)
分蘖期Tillering stage 拔节期Jointing stage 开花期Flowering stage
Xinchun 6 Xinchun 22 Xinchun 6 Xinchun 22 Xinchun 6 Xinchun 22
CK 0-20 45.22±1.65c 43.28±2.13b 104.98±1.06e 96.51±0.22c 188.77±3.32d 184.07±5.43c
20-40 46.70±2.32c 44.44±1.62b 110.19±3.37e 98.82±1.84c 194.66±5.03d 187.82±5.10b
40-60 - - 114.53±1.10d 102.43±1.82c 198.94±6.44d 190.09±5.87b
T1 0-20 73.24±1.91a 61.88±1.71a 161.98±2.31b 148.29±1.00b 253.04±2.98a 232.88±3.49a
20-40 76.20±1.46a 64.90±1.62a 168.65±1.73b 153.18±3.79b 258.01±12.53a 235.90±6.01a
40-60 - - 174.53±1.13a 153.85±1.29b 262.84±4.73a 236.84±1.50a
T2 0-20 65.48±1.01b 41.06±0.86b 133.31±0.78d 88.96±3.19d 231.09±9.32b 171.03±1.31d
20-40 68.50±1.54b 43.41±2.30b 135.69±2.66d 89.70±2.42d 235.69±8.49b 175.99±4.68c
40-60 - - 138.99±2.10c 92.58±3.28d 238.68±7.78b 178.87±5.14c
T3 0-20 - - 173.37±2.13a 157.17±1.08a 246.34±3.19a 226.36±1.89b
20-40 - - 176.62±3.63a 159.17±2.73a 252.69±5.95a 230.88±3.02a
40-60 - - 177.74±2.57a 162.44±1.38a 257.28±7.36a 235.68±5.31a
T4 0-20 - - 149.60±1.86c 90.50±1.15d 205.79±2.89c 169.18±2.47d
20-40 - - 151.19±4.34c 91.66±1.07d 212.51±2.66c 173.80±3.83c
40-60 - - 154.26±3.32b 95.72±2.19d 216.18±1.62c 176.35±5.20c
品种Variety (V) ** ** **
处理Treatment (T) ** ** **
V×T ** ** **

Table 7

Effect of drought stress on soluble sugar content in roots of spring wheat varieties with different drought resistance (mg·g-1)"

Soil depth (cm)
分蘖期Tillering stage 拔节期Jointing stage 开花期Flowering stage
Xinchun 6 Xinchun 22 Xinchun 6 Xinchun 22 Xinchun 6 Xinchun 22
CK 0-20 1.70±0.10c 1.62±0.05b 2.44±0.09c 2.38±0.09bc 3.54±0.14d 3.49±0.18b
20-40 1.82±0.02b 1.70±0.03b 2.52±0.16c 2.47±0.18bc 3.76±0.21d 3.54±0.15b
40-60 - - 2.67±0.10c 2.64±0.22bc 4.06±0.21d 3.66±0.12b
T1 0-20 2.10±0.08a 1.81±0.13a 2.82±0.06b 2.59±0.18b 4.55±0.20a 4.15±0.18a
20-40 2.25±0.15a 2.05±0.15a 2.95±0.12ab 2.66±0.14b 5.00±0.18a 4.29±0.22a
40-60 - - 3.11±0.10b 2.73±0.11b 5.30±0.14a 4.53±0.21a
T2 0-20 1.93±0.05b 1.48±0.02b 2.47±0.09c 1.96±0.16d 3.99±0.21bc 3.14±0.09c
20-40 2.07±0.16a 1.56±0.14b 2.66±0.08bc 2.04±0.14d 4.30±0.17c 3.33±0.20bc
40-60 - - 2.75±0.10c 2.10±0.15d 4.38±0.12c 3.46±0.15bc
T3 0-20 - - 2.98±0.10a 2.85±0.11a 4.19±0.20b 4.02±0.10a
20-40 - - 3.13±0.26a 2.99±0.13a 4.63±0.17b 4.27±0.23a
40-60 - - 3.39±0.17a 3.18±0.14a 4.74±0.11b 4.43±0.15a
T4 0-20 - - 2.67±0.06b 2.24±0.05c 3.70±0.16cd 3.05±0.06c
20-40 - - 2.73±0.14bc 2.30±0.09c 3.89±0.15d 3.14±0.14c
40-60 - - 2.81±0.09c 2.38±0.12c 4.20±0.10cd 3.25±0.16c
品种Variety (V) ** ** **
处理Treatment (T) ** ** **
V×T ** ** **

Fig. 4

Effect of drought stress on root activity of spring wheat varieties with different drought resistance"

Table 8

Effect of drought stress on yield of spring wheat varieties with different drought resistance"

产量Yield (g/plot)
CK T1 T2 T3 T4
2021 新春6号 Xinchun 6 33.47±0.64c 38.80±0.79a 35.86±0.95b 37.87±0.83a 33.85±1.35c
新春22号 Xinchun 22 32.09±1.02b 35.76±0.48a 31.07±0.96bc 34.39±0.93a 29.85±0.60c
2022 新春6号 Xinchun 6 32.61±0.52c 38.03±0.84a 34.81±1.27b 36.89±0.43a 33.01±1.13c
新春22号 Xinchun 22 30.73±1.53b 34.34±0.73a 29.40±0.87bc 32.99±0.56a 28.77±0.78c
F value 品种Variety (V): ** 处理Treatment (T): ** V×T: **

Table 9

The stepwise regression analysis on the root morphological and physiological indexes of different drought-resistant spring wheat varieties and different degrees of stress"

胁迫程度The degree of stress 品种Variety 最优线性回归方程The best multiple linear regression equation (Y’=)
Mild drought stress
新春6号Xinchun 6 13.755-1.048X5+0.428X7 (R2=0.823, F=20.921**)
新春22号Xinchun 22 42.261-1.867X1-1.195X6 +0.193X8 (R2=0.993, F=381.527**)
Moderate drought stress
新春6号Xinchun 6 17.483-0.614X1-0.397X4 (R2=0.881, F=33.161**)
新春22号Xinchun 22 51.975-2.022X1-1.445X6 (R2=0.866, F=29.172**)

Table 10

Compensation index changes of physiological indexes of spring wheat varieties with different drought resistance under drought stress"

年份Year 品种Variety 处理Treatment RA Pro SS SOD POD
2021 新春6号
Xinchun 6
T1 0.08 0.66 0.16 0.14 0.42
T2 0.02 0.33 0.04 0.05 0.09
T3 0.13 0.32 0.19 0.12 0.16
T4 0.07 0.09 0.04 0.05 0.03
Xinchun 22
T1 0.01 0.54 0.06 0.15 0.18
T2 -0.10 -0.08 -0.08 -0.07 -0.18
T3 0.08 0.17 0.19 0.11 0.02
T4 -0.05 -0.07 -0.11 -0.06 -0.14
2022 新春6号
Xinchun 6
T1 0.05 0.67 0.17 0.15 0.42
T2 0.03 0.37 0.03 0.05 0.09
T3 0.13 0.28 0.20 0.14 0.16
T4 0.03 0.09 0.04 0.06 0.03
Xinchun 22
T1 0.02 0.52 0.07 0.18 0.18
T2 -0.08 -0.09 -0.30 -0.11 -0.18
T3 0.02 0.30 0.19 0.12 0.02
T4 -0.08 -0.08 -0.12 -0.07 -0.14
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