Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2021, Vol. 54 ›› Issue (15): 3355-3368.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2021.15.018

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Fluorescence Characteristics Study of Nitrogen in Alleviating Premature Senescence of Spring Wheat at High Temperature After Anthesis

JIAN TianCai(),WU HongLiang(),KANG JianHong(),LI Xin,LIU GenHong,CHEN Zhuo,GAO Di   

  1. School of Agriculture, Ningxia University, Yinchuan 750021
  • Received:2020-09-25 Accepted:2021-02-01 Online:2021-08-01 Published:2021-08-10
  • Contact: HongLiang WU,JianHong KANG;;


【Objective】 The aim of this study was to investigate the influence mechanism of nitrogen on the fluorescence characteristics of spring wheat under high temperature, and to clarify the internal mechanism of nitrogen regulation of light reaction center, so as to formulate the nitrogen fertilizer operation measures to alleviate the harm of high temperature.【Method】 The experiment was carried out in 2019 and 2020, using the split-plot trial design. The main zones were 5 nitrogen application, including 0 (N0), 75 kg·hm-2(N1), 150 kg·hm-2(N2), 225 kg·hm-2 (N3), and 300 kg·hm-2(N4), and the sub-zones were temperatures of 25℃±2℃ (CK) and 35℃±2℃(HT). The interrelationships between nitrogen application and leaf nitrogen content, chlorophyll, PSⅡreaction center activity parameters, PSⅡJ phase variable fluorescence (VJ), PSⅡenergy allocation rate, PI, Fv/F0, and Fv/Fm at high post-flower temperatures were analyzed. 【Result】 The results showed that the effects of nitrogen application and temperature on leaf nitrogen, chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, ABS/RC, DI0/RC, VJ, φE0 and φD0 and yield were significant. With the increase of nitrogen application, the yield increased first and then decreased, and reached at the highest yield under N3 with normal and high temperature treatments, which was 9.03 t·hm-2(CK) and 8.37 t·hm-2(HT). The difference between high temperature and normal temperature was obvious under different temperature treatment with the same nitrogen application, and the chlorophyll a, ABS/RC, ET0/RC, TR0/RC, PI, Fv/F0, Fv/Fm and yield decreased after high temperature treatment, which indicated that the effects of high temperature on fluorescence parameters and PSⅡactivity had negative effect. Under the treatments of different nitrogen application at the same temperature, the chlorophyll content and ABS/RC, ET0/RC, PI, Fv/F0, Fv/Fm of spring wheat increased first and then decreased, while the DI0/RC and VJ decreased first and then increased, and reached the peak at N3(225 kg·hm-2), indicating that the effects of nitrogen application on chlorophyll fluorescence parameters and PSⅡactivity had compensatory effect, and the appropriate nitrogen application amount could effectively enhance its activity. The effects of temperature on ABS/RC, TR0/RC, ET0/RC, Fv/F0 and Fv/Fm was not significant, but the interaction between nitrogen application and temperature reached significant level (P<0.05) and extremely significant level (P<0.01). 【Conclusion】 To sum up, the effects of nitrogen application and temperature on the fluorescence characteristics and yield of spring wheat was interactive, in which the dominant factor was temperature, while the amount of nitrogen application had a compensatory effect on it. A reasonable amount of nitrogen application could effectively increase the nitrogen content, chlorophyll content and PSⅡreaction center activity of wheat flag leaves, increase the capture, absorption, transformation and maximum photochemical efficiency of light energy by plants, and reduce the energy dissipation rate, so as to resist the damage caused by high temperature stress to the photosynthetic system of spring wheat. According to this test condition, the nitrogen application amount of N3 could effectively resist high temperature stress and increase the yield of spring wheat. The yield of high spring wheat could provide theoretical basis and technical support for high and stable yield of local spring wheat.

Key words: spring wheat, nitrogen application, post-flower high temperature, fluorescence characteristics, yield

Table 1

Variation of daily average temperature and light intensity during temperature treatment period"

Indicator for determination
处理时间段内各指标的平均值 Average of indicators in the processing period
1 d 2 d 3 d
2019 气温 Temperature (℃) CK 26.63 27.17 25.29
HT 35.13 35.28 35.03
光照强度 Light intensity (LX) CK 73487.5 73970.8 72680.2
HT 69309.5 69154.2 68734.4
2020 气温 Temperature (℃) CK 25.32 25.59 26.33
HT 36.15 35.92 35.83
光照强度 Light intensity (LX) CK 75164.3 79542.4 70158.0
HT 70535.9 70135.2 67384.3

Table 2

Calculation formulate and implications of the indicators"

参数Indicator 说明Illustration
F0 初始荧光产量Initial fluorescence yield
Fm 最大荧光产量Maximum fluorescence yield
PI 所有荧光参数的综合指标 Synthesis of all fluorescence parameters
Fv/Fm 最大光化学效率Maximum photochemical efficiency
Fv/F0 捕获光能与热耗散能量的比值 Ratio of captured light energy to heat dissipated energy
VJ 电子经过质体醌A(Q)时的能量耗散比率Energy dissipation ratio of electrons passing through plastid quinone A (Q)
ψ0=ET0 /TR0= 1-VJ 反应中心捕获的激子中用来推动电子传递到电子传递链中超过QA的其他电子受体的激子占用来推动QA还原激子的比率
Rate of excitonic occupancy in excitons captured by reaction centers that push electrons to transfer to electron transport chains that exceed QA of other electron acceptors
φE0=[1-(F0/Fm)]×ψ0 吸收的能量用于电子传递的量子产额Quantum yield of absorbed energy for electron transfer
φD0=1-φP0=F0/Fm 用于热耗散的量子比率 Quantum ratios for heat dissipation
ABS/RC=M0×(1/VJ) ×(1 /φP0) 单位反应中心吸收的光能 Light energy absorbed by the unit reaction center
TR0/RC=M0×(1/VJ) 单位反应中心捕获的用于还原QA的能量 Energy captured by the unit reaction center for reducing QA
ET0 /RC=M0×(1/Vj) ×ψ0 单位反应中心捕获的用于电子传递的能量 Energy captured by a unit reaction center for electron transfer
DI0 /RC=(ABS/RC)–( TR0 / RC) 单位反应中心耗散掉的能量 Energy dissipated in the unit reaction center

Fig. 1

The nitrogen content and Rubisco activity in flag leaf of spring wheat treated by different nitrogen fertilizers and temperatures Different lowercase letters of the same temperature treatment indicate significant differences between different nitrogen treatments at P<0.05, the different capital letters indicate that the same time after flower HT compared with CK is significant at P<0.05. The same as below"

Fig. 2

Effects of different nitrogen and temperature treatments on chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b in spring wheat"

Fig. 3

Effects of different nitrogen fertilizer and temperature treatment on PSⅡ activity parameters of spring wheat"

Table 3

Effects of different nitrogen fertilizer and temperature treatments on VJ,ψ0,φE0 and φD0 of spring wheat"

年份 温度
花后不同时间的荧光参数 Fluorescence parameters at different time after flowering
VJ ψ0 φE0 φD0
25 d 30 d 25 d 30 d 25 d 30 d 25 d 30 d
2019 CK N0 0.69ab 0.79ab 0.22b 0.10c 0.20b 0.11d 0.33b 0.55a
N1 0.74ab 0.78ab 0.26b 0.22b 0.24b 0.12d 0.32b 0.43b
N2 0.79a 0.72bc 0.31ab 0.28ab 0.27ab 0.20b 0.34b 0.30c
N3 0.63b 0.67c 0.37a 0.33a 0.30a 0.25a 0.20d 0.24d
N4 0.67b 0.72bc 0.33ab 0.28ab 0.24b 0.19b 0.26c 0.30c
HT N0 0.82a 0.87a 0.18b 0.23b 0.09d 0.15c 0.39a 0.37bc
N1 0.79a 0.85a 0.20b 0.15bc 0.13c 0.17bc 0.37a 0.57a
N2 0.69ab 0.81a 0.30ab 0.19bc 0.22b 0.13cd 0.26c 0.35bc
N3 0.67b 0.69bc 0.33ab 0.30a 0.26ab 0.22b 0.22d 0.28cd
N4 0.68b 0.82a 0.32ab 0.18bc 0.26ab 0.11d 0.26c 0.39bc
2020 CK N0 0.58bc 0.60d 0.22c 0.20d 0.24c 0.20b 0.20e 0.25d
N1 0.70a 0.68bc 0.30c 0.32b 0.16e 0.23ab 0.28c 0.29b
N2 0.58bc 0.64c 0.40ab 0.36a 0.30ab 0.27a 0.32b 0.30c
N3 0.48c 0.54d 0.42a 0.30b 0.32a 0.25a 0.25d 0.20e
N4 0.57bc 0.65c 0.43a 0.31b 0.27b 0.26a 0.16f 0.24d
HT N0 0.61b 0.84a 0.29c 0.18d 0.28b 0.12c 0.27d 0.28b
N1 0.68b 0.73b 0.38b 0.21cd 0.19d 0.19b 0.29c 0.30c
N2 0.62b 0.70b 0.38b 0.30b 0.27b 0.21ab 0.21e 0.35a
N3 0.48c 0.64c 0.42a 0.36a 0.34a 0.27a 0.39a 0.25d
N4 0.62b 0.68bc 0.38b 0.26c 0.21c 0.20b 0.26d 0.32a
2019 方差分析
Variance analysis
温度 Temperature (T) ** ** ** **
施氮量 Nitrogenous (N) NS NS NS **
温度×施氮量 T×N * ** ** **
2020 方差分析
Variance analysis
温度 Temperature (T) ** ** ** **
施氮量 Nitrogenous (N) NS * NS **
温度×施氮量 T×N * ** ** **

Table 4

Effects of different nitrogen fertilizer and temperature treatments on PI, Fv/F0, Fv/Fm and Rubisco in spring wheat banner leaf"

年份 温度
花后不同时间的荧光参数 Fluorescence parameters at different time after flowering
PI Fv/F0 Fv/Fm Rubisco
(mmol CO2·min-1·mL-1)
25 d 30 d 25 d 30 d 25 d 30 d 25 d 30 d
2019 CK N0 1.54d 0.44cd 1.98de 0.92d 0.53b 0.44bc 0.33e 0.23d
N1 1.92cd 0.62bc 2.18d 1.30cd 0.58b 0.54b 0.51d 0.38c
N2 2.03cd 0.78bc 2.46cd 2.37b 0.63ab 0.66ab 0.62c 0.49b
N3 4.91a 1.53a 4.02a 3.10a 0.75a 0.76a 0.87a 0.62a
N4 3.06b 1.03b 2.78c 2.44b 0.73a 0.68ab 0.79b 0.42c
HT N0 0.26f 0.23d 0.98f 0.66e 0.44c 0.31c 0.11f 0.06e
N1 0.32f 0.18e 1.24e 0.74e 0.74a 0.44bc 0.35e 0.22d
N2 1.01e 0.21d 2.86c 1.95c 0.78a 0.65ab 0.52d 0.41c
N3 2.96b 0.96b 3.52b 2.58b 0.79a 0.71a 0.58c 0.50b
N4 1.86cd 0.28d 3.60b 1.45cd 0.67ab 0.48bc 0.51d 0.33cd
2020 CK N0 2.15c 0.84d 2.51d 1.51c 0.48c 0.40c 0.39e 0.28e
N1 2.31b 0.97d 2.80c 1.94b 0.50c 0.46b 0.66c 0.44c
N2 3.44b 1.21cd 3.03b 1.85b 0.61a 0.54ab 0.68c 0.42c
N3 5.83a 2.39a 3.50a 2.36a 0.62a 0.58a 1.02a 0.69a
N4 3.41b 1.50c 3.40a 1.98b 0.56bc 0.59a 0.82b 0.40cd
HT N0 0.83e 0.45f 1.59f 0.54f 0.32d 0.15d 0.19f 0.10f
N1 1.21d 0.88d 2.04e 1.06e 0.46c 0.39c 0.14f 0.09f
N2 2.06cd 1.33cd 2.53d 1.31d 0.55bc 0.40c 0.43e 0.31e
N3 3.20bc 1.92b 3.05b 1.83b 0.58a 0.49b 0.50d 0.38d
N4 2.16c 0.67e 2.63cd 1.59c 0.50b 0.47b 0.62c 0.51b
2019 方差分析
Variance analysis
温度 Temperature (T) * NS NS **
施氮量 Nitrogenous (N) ** ** ** *
温度×施氮量 T×N * * * *
2020 方差分析
Variance analysis
温度 Temperature (T) NS NS NS **
施氮量 Nitrogenous (N) ** * ** *
温度×施氮量 T×N * * * *

Fig. 4

Effects of different nitrogen and temperature treatments on yield of spring wheat"

Table 5

Correlation between yield and chlorophyll, leaf nitrogen and fluorescence indexes"

Leaf nitrogen
Chlorophyll a
Chlorophyll b
2019 产量
0.683* 0.453* 0.529* 0.836** 0.857** 0.728** -0.883** 0.608** 0.825** 0.749**
2020 0.468** 0.552** 0.324* 0.633* 0.415** 0.941* -0.682** 0.711** 0.693** 0.675**

Table 6

Variance analysis of yield, chlorophyll, leaf nitrogen and fluorescence indexes under different treatments"

年份Year 变异来源
Source of variance
叶片含氮量Leaf nitrogen 叶绿素a
Chlorophyll a
Chlorophyll b
2019 温度Temperature (T) ** NS ** ** NS NS NS **
施氮量Nitrogen application rate (N) ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
氮肥×温度(N×T) ** * ** ** * * ** **
2020 温度Temperature (T) ** * ** ** NS NS NS *
施氮量Nitrogen rate (N) ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
氮肥×温度(N×T) ** * ** ** * NS * *
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