Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2023, Vol. 56 ›› Issue (15): 2929-2940.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2023.15.008


Effects of Diversified Cropping on the Soil Aggregate Composition and Organic Carbon and Total Nitrogen Content

SUN Tao1,3(), FENG XiaoMin2,3, GAO XinHao1, DENG AiXing3, ZHENG ChengYan3, SONG ZhenWei3(), ZHANG WeiJian3   

  1. 1 State Key Laboratory of Nutrient Use and Management/Key Laboratory of Wastes Matrix Utilization, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs/Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Ji'nan 250100
    2 Institute of Sorghum Research, Shanxi Agricultural University, Jinzhong 030600, Shanxi
    3 Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences/Key Laboratory of Crop Physiology and Ecology, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Beijing 100081
  • Received:2022-08-13 Accepted:2022-12-06 Online:2023-08-01 Published:2023-08-05


【Objective】 In this study, the composition as well as carbon and nitrogen distribution characteristics of soil aggregates under diversified cropping system of poaceae and legumes in the black soil region of Northeast China were elucidated, which could provide the theoretical basis and technical guidance for promoting the optimization of cropping system of combined use and cultivation in black soil. 【Method】 Field experiment was conducted from 2016 to 2020 in Gongzhuling Experimental Station, Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Four diversified cropping systems were considered, including maize-soybean intercropping (M/S), maize-soybean rotation (M-S), maize-peanut intercropping (M/P), and maize-peanut rotation (M-P), while the maize continuous cropping (CM) system was used as control. Soil samples of 0-20 cm and 20-40 cm layers were collected after harvesting in October 2020. Then, soil aggregates and their soil organic carbon (SOC) and total nitrogen (TN) content under diversified cropping system were analyzed. 【Result】 Diversified cropping was beneficial to increase the content of water-stable macro-aggregates in 0-20 cm and 20-40 cm soil (>0.25 mm), and to reduce the content of silt and clay (<0.053 mm), the mean weight diameter (MWD) and geometric mean diameter (GMD) of soil aggregates under four diversified cropping systems were significantly higher than those of maize continuous cropping system (P<0.05). Soil aggregates ratios of >0.25 mm under M/S and M-S treatments were 17.5% and 13.4% higher than that under CM treatment in 0-20 cm soil layer, respectively. Soil aggregates ratios of >0.25 mm under M/S, M-S and M-P treatments was 10.4%, 8.3% and 10.5% higher than that under CM treatment in the 20-40 cm soil layer, respectively. Diversified cropping increased the SOC and TN content of soil aggregates. In 0-20 cm soil layer, the SOC of >2 mm soil aggregate under M/S, M-S, M/P and M-P treatments was 20.7%, 24.3%, 18.8% and 17.8% higher than that under CM treatment, respectively; the TN of >2 mm soil aggregate under M-S, M/P and M-P treatments was 13.0%, 16.8% and 14.8% higher than that under CM treatment, respectively. When compared with CM treatment, the contribution rates of >2 mm soil aggregate to SOC and TN under M-S and M/P treatments were higher in 0-20 cm soil layer, while the contribution rate of <0.053 mm soil aggregate to SOC and TN under M/S and M-S treatments were lower in 0-20 cm soil layer. 【Conclusion】 Diversified cropping increased the content of soil macroaggregates, decreased the content of clay particles, improved the soil aggregate stability, SOC and TN of soil aggregates, which was conducive to promoting the SOC and TN sequestration in black soil region of Northeast China.

Key words: black soil region of Northeast China, rotation, intercropping, maize, soybean, peanut, soil aggregate, soil organic carbon, soil total nitrogen

Fig. 1

Proportion of water-stable aggregates with different particle sizes CM: Continuous maize; M/S: Maize-soybean intercropping; M-S: Maize-soybean rotation; M/P: Maize-peanut intercropping; M-P: Maize-peanut rotation. Different lowercase letters indicate significant differences at the P<0.05 level. The same as below"

Fig. 2

Mean soil aggregate weight diameter and geometric mean diameter"

Fig. 3

Soil aggregates ratios of >0.25 mm"

Fig. 4

The organic carbon content of soil aggregates in different particle sizes"

Fig. 5

The total nitrogen content of soil aggregates in different particle sizes"

Table 1

Contribution rate of organic carbon in soil aggregates of different particle sizes"

Soil layer (cm)
贡献率 Contribution rate (%)
>2 mm 0.25-2 mm 0.053-0.25 mm <0.053 mm
0-20 CM 3.22±0.43b 52.46±2.78b 18.33±2.44a 25.98±4.76a
M/S 6.70±0.99b 67.90±3.28a 15.57±2.44a 9.83±1.10b
M-S 13.19±1.43a 59.68±4.80ab 18.95±4.36a 8.19±1.39b
M/P 14.37±2.22a 57.02±1.61ab 13.35±2.02a 15.26±1.69ab
M-P 7.08±0.41b 60.18±1.05ab 16.16±2.37a 16.58±2.30ab
20-40 CM 2.93±0.37b 67.46±0.76b 12.08±0.79a 17.53±0.55a
M/S 8.31±1.79ab 71.82±2.10ab 8.19±0.24b 11.67±1.26a
M-S 11.18±1.79a 67.27±1.13b 8.70±1.30ab 12.86±1.56a
M/P 8.14±1.43ab 68.31±1.53ab 7.91±0.66b 15.64±0.86a
M-P 5.33±0.51ab 75.08±1.50a 6.48±0.75b 13.11±2.49a

Table 2

Contribution rate of total nitrogen in soil aggregates of different particle sizes"

Soil layer (cm)
贡献率 Contribution rate (%)
>2 mm 0.25-2 mm 0.053-0.25 mm <0.053 mm
0-20 CM 3.40±0.47b 54.35±2.86b 16.68±2.39a 25.57±4.43a
M/S 5.55±0.46b 70.80±2.20a 14.13±1.59a 9.51±1.19b
M-S 12.59±1.20a 59.45±4.90ab 19.47±4.16a 8.49±1.57b
M/P 15.77±1.89a 54.27±1.28b 12.69±1.10a 17.27±1.84ab
M-P 7.09±0.38b 56.98±1.11b 18.48±2.36a 17.45±2.30ab
20-40 CM 2.57±0.41b 65.64±1.06c 14.48±0.54a 17.32±0.92a
M/S 7.36±1.32ab 72.69±1.72ab 8.29±0.14b 11.66±1.14a
M-S 9.69±1.66a 68.32±1.29bc 10.09±0.93b 11.90±1.95a
M/P 7.35±1.10ab 68.04±1.03bc 8.61±0.52b 16.00±1.19a
M-P 4.86±0.40ab 74.54±0.81a 7.80±0.90b 12.79±1.61a
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