Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2023, Vol. 56 ›› Issue (9): 1708-1717.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2023.09.008


Effects of Long-Term Film Mulching and Application of Organic Fertilizer on Yield and Quality of Spring Maize on the Loess Plateau

WEI YaNan1(), BO QiFei1, TANG An1, GAO JiaRui1, MA Tian1, WEI XiongXiong1, ZHANG FangFang1, ZHOU XiangLi3, YUE ShanChao1,2(), LI ShiQing1,2()   

  1. 1 College of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University, Yangling 712100, Shaanxi
    2 State Key Laboratory of Soil Erosion and Dryland Farming on the Loess Plateau, Northwest A&F University, Yangling 712100, Shaanxi
    3 College of Life Sciences, Northwest A&F University, Yangling 712100, Shaanxi
  • Received:2022-03-31 Accepted:2022-06-24 Online:2023-05-01 Published:2023-05-10


【Objective】The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of long-term film mulching and application of organic fertilizer on yield, quality, dry matter accumulation and nitrogen uptake of spring maize through long-term localized field experiments. 【Method】 The long-term experiment began in 2009 at the Changwu Agri-Ecological Station, and the samples were collected in 2020 and 2021. The field experiments were conducted with four treatments: mulching, no N (F), no mulching, N 225 kg·hm-2 (N), mulching, N 225 kg·hm-2 (FN), and mulching, N 225 kg·hm-2 and apply organic fertilizer (FSN). Plant samples for measuring total biomass were collected at silking stage (R1) and harvest stage (R6). The samples were divided into different parts as required, and the total N content was determined. Crude protein, crude fat and crude amylum concentrations of maize grain were determined at harvest. 【Result】(1) Mulching under nitrogen application significantly increased the yield of spring maize, while additional application of organic fertilizer under mulching further increased the yield. Compared with the control, the N treatment increased the yield by 106%-176%. The FN treatment increased the yield by 21%-75% on this basis, and the FSN treatment was further increased by 5.6%-8.4%. (2) Mulching under nitrogen application significantly increased the dry matter accumulation and N uptake of spring maize, and the two indicators were further improved after the application of organic fertilizer. (3) The crude protein content under N treatment was 8.67%-8.94%, while the crude protein content under FN treatment increased to 8.99%-9.34%. The crude protein content of the FSN treatment was not further improved. There were no significant differences in crude fat and crude amylum content between the treatments. 【Conclusion】FN treatment significantly increased the yield and crude protein content of spring maize. The application of organic fertilizer under FSN further increased the yield on the basis of maintaining the crude protein content of the grain, and realized the high yield and high quality of spring maize.

Key words: spring maize, plastic mulching, organic fertilizer, yield, crude protein, crude fat, crude amylum

Table 1

Basic soil physiochemical properties"

SOM (g·kg-1
Total N (g·kg-1)
Mineral N (mg·kg-1)
Available P (mg·kg-1)
Available K (mg·kg-1)
11.8 0.87 3.15 14.4 144.6

Fig. 1

Precipitation and air temperature in the experimental site in 2020 and 2021"

Table 2

Grain yield and crude protein, crude fat and crude amylum yield of spring maize"

Grain yield (t·hm-2)
Crude protein yield (kg·hm-2)
Crude fat yield (kg·hm-2)
Crude amylum yield (kg·hm-2)
2020 F 4.24±0.12c 288.03±4.01c 176.97±9.50c 3225.54±83.98c
N 11.74±0.46b 1049.63±56.59b 416.14±71.59b 8936.72±247.03b
FN 14.19±0.85a 1324.72±73.28a 525.79±41.35a 10724.82±672.24a
FSN 15.04±0.62a 1381.88±67.18a 568.47±22.15a 11413.28±453.80a
2021 F 4.94±0.31d 304.45±31.53d 249.34±17.81d 3777.38±227.24d
N 10.24±0.43c 887.67±37.97c 486.72±39.63c 7822.29±339.45c
FN 17.84±0.33b 1603.88±45.30b 781.28±50.38b 13613.83±123.91b
FSN 19.34±0.17a 1791.63±76.01a 917.89±64.56a 14688.10±264.55a

Fig. 2

Biomass (pre-silking and post-silking) and harvest index of spring maize for each treatment in 2020 and 2021 Different letters above columns indicate significant difference at the 0.05 level among treatments. In Figures a and b, different capital letters indicate significant difference at the 0.05 level of the total biomass accumulation; different lowercase letters indicate significant difference at the 0.05 level of pre-silking and post-silking biomass accumulation. The same as below"

Fig. 3

N uptake (pre-silking and post-silking) and nitrogen harvest index of spring maize for each treatment in 2020-2021"

Fig. 4

Crude protein, crude fat and crude amylum content of spring maize for each treatment in 2020 and 2021"

Table 3

Correlation analysis between grain quality and N uptake of spring maize"

Pre-silking N uptake
Post-silking N uptake
Total N uptake
Crude protein content
Crude fat content
Crude amylum content
吐丝前吸氮量Pre-silking N uptake 1
吐丝后吸氮量Post-silking N uptake 0.489 1
总吸氮量Total N uptake 0.866** 0.860** 1
粗蛋白含量Crude protein content 0.807* 0.736* 0.894** 1
粗脂肪含量Crude fat content -0.511 0.082 -0.252 -0.480 1
粗淀粉含量Crude amylum content -0.632 -0.236 -0.505 -0.575 0.626 1
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