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Correlation Analysis of Volatile Flavor Components and Metabolites Among Potato Varieties

LI KaiFeng1(),YIN YuHe2,WANG Qiong1(),LIN TuanRong2,GUO HuaChun1()   

  1. 1College of Agronomy and Biotechnology, Yunnan Agricultural University, Kunming 650201
    2Ulanqab Academy of Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Sciences, Ulanqab 012000, Inner Mongolia
  • Received:2020-04-15 Accepted:2020-09-23 Online:2021-02-16 Published:2021-02-16
  • Contact: Qiong WANG,HuaChun GUO;;


【Objective】 This paper was aimed to investigate the metabolic compounds related to the change rules of volatile flavour components and to find out the potential metabolic precursor of the volatile flavour components in potato, so as to providing references to the flavour and quality improvement of potatoes. 【Method】 The gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) was used for the non-target detection of the tuber metabolome and post-curing volatile flavour components in the potato varieties (lines), including as Qingshu No.9, Huasong No. 7, Xisen No. 6, Houqihong and Jizhangshu No.12, D545, and D7277.【Result】 There were 22 significantly different volatile flavour compounds between the varieties among 7 main cultivation varieties of potatoes, most of which were found with high content in Jizhangshu No.12, and relatively low content in Huasong No.7. The clustering analysis with the compounds detected could classify the 7 varieties into 2 groups with distinct intensity of typical flavour; in group 1, the fragrance of Huasong No.7 after the curing method of Hot-air fry might be denser; in group 2, the baking flavour of potatoes of the variety of Jizhangshu No.12 was the most obvious. 69 metabolic compoundswere detected through the non-target metabolism detection of the 7 varieties of tubers, including 19 compounds differing significantly between the 2 variety groups. The main metabolite was related to the volatile flavour compounds to a certain extent. Methionine, alanine, threonine and sucrose were significantly and positively correlated with the methional and 2-methylfuran; while the proline and isoserine were significantly and negatively correlated with the E, Z-2, 6-nonadienaldehyde and E, E-2, 4-decadienal. 【Conclusion】 The content change of volatile flavour compounds was affected by the varieties, and methionine, alanine, threonine and sucrose were the metabolic compounds that were most likely to influence the constitution of the typical flavour of potatoes. The correlation analysis results could provide references for seeking the potential metabolic pathways.

Key words: potato, hot-air frying, volatile flavor compounds, metabolic compounds, cluster analysis, correlation analysis

Table 1

Different volatile compounds in seven potato varieties"

品种 Variety
D727 青薯9号
反-2-癸烯醛(E)-2-Decenal 0.01±0.01A 0.08±0.02C 0.01±0.01A 0.03±0.01AB 0.04±0.02B 0.03±0.02AB
反-十二烯醛(E)-2-Dodecenal 0.03±0.01a 0.67±0.38b 0.27±0.14a 0.03±0.03a 0.13±0.01a 0.24±0.37a 0.09±0.02a
2-庚酮 2-Heptanone 0.06±0.02D 0.01±0.01A 0.01±0.01A 0.03±0.01C 0.01±0.01A 0.02±0.01AB
反-2-庚烯醛(E)-2-Heptenal 0.02±0.02A 2.03±1.07B 0.36±0.48A 0.04±0.03A 0.26±0.38A 0.25±0.27A 0.06±0.02A
反-2-辛烯醛(E)-2-Octenal 0.22±0.04a 0.75±0.36b 0.4±0.11ab 0.21±0.06a 0.41±0.09ab 0.55±0.29ab 0.19±0.16a
2-十一烯醛 2-Undecenal 0.03±0.01A 0.26±0.15B 0.07±0.03A 0.03±0.01A 0.08±0.03A 0.11±0.08A 0.06±0.01A
2.12±0.49bc 1.08±1.28ab 2.95±0.16c 2.21±1.01bc 1.85±0.61abc 0.56±0.48a 2.54±0.28c
0.38±0.07AB 0.87±0.21CD 0.28±0.1A 0.32±0.07A 1.17±0.32D 0.78±0.29BCD 0.67±0.28ABC
0.06±0.02A 2.26±0.88B 0.16±0.1A 0.03±0.1A 0.72±0.65A 0.74±0.21A 0.08±0.03A
3-辛烯-2-酮 3-Octen-2-one 0.01±0.01a 0.03±0.01b 0.01±0.01a 0.02±0.01ab 0.01±0.01a 0.03±0.02b
0.02±0.01A 0.22±0.15B 0.07±0.04A 0.01±0.01A 0.13±0.05AB 0.11±0.01A 0.04±0.02A
1-辛醇 1-Octanol 0.04±0.04A 0.33±0.17B 0.04±0.04A 0.09±0.02A 0.14±0.06A 0.16±0.04A 0.09±0.04A
苯乙醛Benzeneacetaldehyde 31.4±9.36a 66.11±19.06b 51.71±17.02ab 33.13±1.43a 66.54±19.91b 51.7±13.9ab 54.4±2ab
异戊醛3-Methylbutanal 7.26±4.18A 31.7±5.41B 12.48±3.32A 7.07±0.1A 10.54±3.42A 15.17±7.2A 9.81±0.22A
2-甲基呋喃2-Methylfuran 0.28±0.2A 7.41±5.09B 0.6±0.21A 0.12±0.04A 1.43±0.99A 2.18±1.4A 0.09±0.06A
2-甲基丙醛2-Methylpropanal 9.39±3.79A 148.69±77.63B 41.5±16.95A 14.52±2.22A 33.49±36.19A 52.79±21.74A 15.13±7.3A
0.34±0.09a 2.25±1.84b 0.42±0.06a 0.24±0.01a 0.41±0.06a 0.54±0.1a 0.22±0.15a
34.77±9.95c 21.08±13.76abc 28.52±4.03bc 27.26±7.55abc 16.69±4.49ab 12.77±7.07a 30.74±5.07bc
103.87±33.75C 12.16±9.72A 28.64±49.61AB 74.26±13.02BC 5.27±4.32A 8.27±10.04A 43.43±43.43AB
甲硫基丙醛Methional 6.76±1.19AB 16.68±4.22D 8.5±0.8ABC 6.05±0.53A 12.71±5.92BCD 13.83±3.74CD 11.74±1.56ABCD
2-甲氧基苯酚 2-Methoxyphenol 0.52±0.19BC 0.25±0.1AB 0.73±0.38C 1.23±0.06D 0.14±0.05A 0.44±0.19ABC 2.25±0.17E
0.03±0.02b 0.01±0.01a 0.01±0.01a 0.01±0.01a 0.01±0.01a 0.01±0.01a

Fig. 1

Cluster diagram of seven potato varieties XS6:希森6号 Xisen No. 6;HQH:后旗红 Houqihong;HS7:华颂7号 Huasong No. 7;JZS12:冀张薯12号 Jizhangshu No. 12,QS9:青薯9号 Qingshu No. 9。下同 The same as below"

Fig. 2

PDLS-DA scores of seven potato varieties under two cluster groups"

Fig. 3

Total ion current map of metabolites detected in tubers of seven potato cultivars (lines)"

Fig. 4

P-value diagram of Fisher test for major metabolites"

Fig. 5

Distribution of metabolites with significant difference"

Fig. 6

Correlation network of volatile flavor components and metabolic compounds in potato"

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