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The Effects of Different Oxygen Concentration on Postharvest Physiology and Storage Quality of Yali Pear

DU YanMin(),WANG WenHui(),JIA XiaoHui,TONG Wei,WANG Yang,ZHANG XinNan   

  1. Institute of Pomology, Chinese Academy of Agricultureal Sciences/Key Laboratory of Fruit Storage and Processing of Liaoning Province, Xingcheng 125100, Liaoning
  • Received:2020-03-30 Accepted:2020-06-09 Online:2020-12-01 Published:2020-12-09
  • Contact: WenHui WANG;


【Objective】The aim of this study was to clarify the effects of environment oxygen concentration on postharvest physiology and storage quality, affording the theory basis to prevent the postharvest disorders and prolong the storage period of Yali fruit. 【Method】Pear samples were harvested from the commercial orchard in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province. The fruits of uniform size and ripeness without insect pests or mechanical injury were selected as research materials. The selected fruits were put into controlled atmosphere chambers, and precooling at 8℃ for 48 h, and then declined by 1℃ for every 2 days, and finally storage at (0±0.5)℃ (RH>95%). Then the controlled atmosphere (CA) was established under different O2 concentrations (1.0%, 2.0%, 3.0%, 5.0% and 10.0%) plus 0.5% CO2, and taking air as control. Fruit firmness (FF), soluble solids content (SSC), titratable acidity (TA), ascorbic acid (AA), ethanol, respiration rate, ethylene production and the relative expression of ethylene biosynthesis genes PbACS and PbACO were determined after the fruits storage for 150 d, 210 d and 270 d, respectively. 【Result】The heart browning incidence and superficial scald incidence were both declined significantly under CA treatments during long period storage. More specifically, after storage for 270 d and shelf-life for 7 d, the disorder prevention efficiency were followed by the order of CK>10.0% O2>5.0% O2>1.0% O2>3.0% O2>2.0% O2. Besides that, the lower O2 treatments maintained TA and AA contents at a higher level in the early storage period, and delayed the yellow-turning of peel; ethanol was accumulated much more under the lower O2 concentration, which ranged from 150.89 mg?L -1 to 806.12 mg·L -1 after storage for 150 d; while with the increasing senescence browning of fruit in air, the ethanol content peaking at 1 500 mg·L -1 after storage for 270 d. 5.0% and lower O2 inhibited the ethylene biosynthesis and delayed the peaking time, and 1.0%-3.0% O2 could prohibit the relative expression of PbACO1, PbACO3 and PbACS1 genes in pericarp tissue significantly. 【Conclusion】1.0%—3.0% O2 prohibited the superficial scald occurrence significantly, and delayed the decrease of TA and AA, inhibited the biosynthesis of ethylene and delayed the peaking time, down-regulated the relative expression of PbACO1, PbACO3 and PbACS1 genes in pericarp tissue, prolonged the storage period of Yali pear significantly. However, 1.0% oxygen treatment increased the risk of heart browning to some extent. Therefore, the optimum oxygen concentration was proposed at 3.0%-5.0% in commercial practice.

Key words: Yali pear, oxygen, disorders, quality, ethylene

Table 1

Primer sequences"

基因名称 Gene name 基因ID Gene ID 正向引物 Forward primer sequence (5′-3′) 反向引物 Reverse primer sequence (5′-3′)

Fig. 1

Effects of different oxygen concentrations on browning heart incidence and superficial scald incidence during storage and shelf-life period of Yali pear Different lowercase letters indicate significant difference at 5% level. The same as below"

Table 2

Changes in the main quality attributes in Yali pear during storage and shelf-life periods in different oxygen concentrations"

Storage scenario
品质指标 Quality parameters
Soluble solids contents (%)
Titratable acidity
Ascorbic acid
(mg/100 g)
L* b*
基础值 At harvest 6.02±0.536 10.32±0.02 0.16±0.001 6.56±0.152 88.91±1.58 30.78±2.35
1.0% O2+0.5% CO2 150 5.48±0.335c 10.61±0.68cd 0.086±0.003a 4.62±0.178a 85.93±1.01a 23.86±1.15c
150+10 5.10±0.424ab 11.00±0.483ab 0.042±0.001d 5.98±0.082b 86.93±0.72ab 32.59±2.05ab
210 5.68±0.783a 10.54±0.505bc 0.081±0.001d 1.87±0.065a 88.15±1.24a 34.70±1.53bc
210+7 5.65±0.752a 10.91±0.604a 0.13±0.001c 3.11±0.056c 87.30±1.0a 37.50±2.89a
270 5.66±0.345a 11.07±0.892ab 0.085±0.002e 2.85±0.052a 86.32±1.55a 36.17±1.8ab
270+7 5.62±0.404ab 10.39±0.713b 0.11±0.006c 3.78±0.209e 85.77±1.36a 37.82±2.37a
2.0% O2+0.5% CO2 150 5.59±0.355bc 10.87±0. 525bc 0.082±0.001b 3.51±0.137b 85.27±1.0abc 24.27±1.15bc
150+10 5.24±0. 340ab 11.11±0.648a 0.043±0.001cd 5.04±0.004c 86.23±0.76bc 34.31±1.86a
210 5.49±0.397a 10.96±0.463a 0.096±0.005b 1.33±0.057e 87.77±1.09a 35.96±2.53a
210+7 5.26±0.295a 10.81±0.407a 0.15±0.001a 2.85±0.037e 87.11±0.70a 36.69±1.74a
270 5.36±0.395b 11.19±0.543ab 0.088±0.003de 2.41±0.049d 86.41±1.48a 35.97±1.8b
270+7 5.54±0.335c 10.86±0.661a 0.12±0.001a 2.90±0.053d 86.34±1.25a 37.26±2.33a
3.0% O2+0.5% CO2 150 5.70±0.529ab 11.38±0.466a 0.083±0.001b 2.74±0.911c 85.42±0.99c 25.32±1.18a
150+10 5.38±0.489a 10.74±0.64b 0.045±0.003bc 5.00±0.043c 85.88±1.03c 34.32±1.81a
210 5.48±0.482a 10.74±0.581ab 0.099±0.001b 1.49±0.033c 87.68±0.95a 35.76±1.23ab
210+7 5.46±0.496a 10.87±0.701a 0.13±0.002b 3.02±0.034a 87.03±0.90a 36.11±1.43a
270 5.82±0.565a 11.34±0.698a 0.10±0.001b 2.55±0.129bc 86.43±1.27a 37.21±1.71b
270+7 5.50±0.486bc 10.38±0.929b 0.098±0.002d 3.55±0.014c 85.83±1.16a 37.45±2.4a
5.0%O2+0.5%CO2 150 5.84±0.468a 11.04±0. 542b 0.073±0.001d 2.50±0.438d 85.02±1.08bc 24.92±1.59ab
150+10 5.32±0.64ab 10.88±0.527ab 0.047±0.001b 5.03±0.055c 87.14±1.16a 31.37±2.27b
210 5.55±0.410a 10.62±0.58bc 0.097±0.002b 1.65±0.039b 88.08±1.11a 34.92±1.52abc
210+7 5.68±0.725a 10.57±0.514ab 0.12±0.002d 2.87±0.044e 86.60±1.02b 37.79±2.31a
270 5.32±0.538b 10.72±0.931cd 0.12±0.002a 2.47±0.018cd 87.02±1.56a 35.50±1.89b
270+7 5.82±0.624a 10.48±0.939ab 0.11±0.002b 3.87±0.087bc 85.29±1.06a 37.82±2.59a
10.0% O2+0.5% CO2 150 5.46±0.343c 10.49±0.595d 0.077±0.003c 2.06±0.49e 85.60±1.36ab 24.03±1.19bc
150+10 5.04±0.343bc 10.93±0.481ab 0.054±0.001a 4.67±0.049d 85.94±0.946c 33.33±0.83a
210 5.49±0.403a 10.93±0.44a 0.11±0.001a 1.37±0.046d 87.79±1.22a 34.54±1.25c
210+7 5.22±0.482a 10.87±0.337a 0.13±0.001b 3.53±0.043b 85.79±1.91c 36.65±2.31a
270 5.26±0.422b 10.94±0.62bc 0.095±0.001c 1.64±0.025b 84.03±4.51b 35.82±1.55b
270+7 5.23±0.387d 10.35±0.685b 0.12±0.001a 4.07±0.161b 84.04±1.63ab 36.97±2.68a
Air control
150 5.51±0.280bc 10.48±0.625d 0.069±0.001e 2.58±0.263cd 84.49±1.8c 24.22±1.03bc
150+10 4.81±0.263c 10.84±0.475ab 0.045±0.001b 6.14±0.115a 87.16±0.95a 31.38±1.77b
210 5.14±0.293b 10.49±0.451c 0.077±0.001c 1.43±0.031cd 87.28±1.97a 35.07±1.32abc
210+7 5.32±0.258b 10.43±0.611b 0.11±0.002e 3.85±0.005a 85.25±4.35d 36.65±2.47a
270 5.28±0.263b 10.38±0.692d 0.090±0.002d 1.88±0.032a 83.59±2.32b 35.26±1.34b
270+7 5.38±0.577cd 10.10±0.702b 0.10±0.002d 4.67±0.117a 81.83±1.77b 27.42±2.13a

Fig. 2

Effects of different oxygen concentrations on ethanol content during storage and shelf-life period of Yali pear"

Fig. 3

Effects of different oxygen concentrations on respiration rate and ethylene production during storage and shelf-life period of Yali pear"

Fig. 4

The relative expression of PbACO1, PbACO3 and PbACS1 under different oxygen concentrations during storage and shelf-life period of Yali pear"

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