Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2022, Vol. 55 ›› Issue (5): 874-889.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2022.05.004


Effects of Crop Management Practices on Grain Quality of Superior and Inferior Spikelets of Super Rice

JIANG JingJing(),ZHOU TianYang,WEI ChenHua,WU JiaNing,ZHANG Hao,LIU LiJun,WANG ZhiQin,GU JunFei(),YANG JianChang   

  1. Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Crop Genetics and Physiology/Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Crop Cultivation and Physiology/ Co-Innovation Center for Modern Production Technology of Grain Crops/Agricultural College of Yangzhou University, Yangzhou 225009, Jiangsu
  • Received:2021-04-28 Accepted:2021-06-21 Online:2022-03-01 Published:2022-03-08
  • Contact: JunFei GU;


【Objective】The objective of the study was to explore the effects of crop management practices on grain quality including starch properties of superior and inferior spikelets of super rice, to provide the theoretical and practical guidance for improving rice quality, that is, the coordinated improvement of grain quality of superior and inferior spikelets. 【Method】The tested rice cultivars were super rice Y2640 and W24. There were four treatments in the field experiment, including zero nitrogen application (0N), local farmer practice (LFP), optimized cultivation 1 (T1) and optimized cultivation 2 (T2). For each treatment, there were three replicates. A split plot design was used in this experiment with crop management practices as the main plot, with variety as the split plot. In 2018, the appearance, processing, cooking and eating quality and RVA characteristics of rice were measured. In 2019, the experiments of scanning electron microscopy observation, crystallinity, infrared spectral distribution and RVA characteristics of superior and inferior grains of both varieties under different treatments were conducted. 【Result】 (1) For grain quality, compared with superior grains, inferior grains had better processing quality but worse appearance quality, protein content and hardness of inferior grains was increased, while amylose content, gel consistency viscosity and adhesiveness was decreased.(2) For starch quality, compared with superior grains, starch granules were smaller and the surface of starch granules were uneven and pitted in inferior grain, crystallinity and 1 045/1 022 cm-1 value, setback, gelatinization temperature of inferior grains were increased, while peak viscosity, hot viscosity, breakdown, final viscosity of inferior grains were decreased.(3) Compared with LFP, by optimized crop management T1 and T2, the processing and appearance qualities of superior and inferior grains in both varieties were improved, protein content and amylose were decreased, while the gel consistency was increased, eating and cooking quality of superior and inferior grains were improved. The starch quality of superior and inferior grains were also improved, the relative intensity and order of structure were decreased, when compare crop management T1 and T2 with LFP. The grain and starch quality of inferior grains was more improved than superior ones by optimized crop management practices. 【Conclusion】The quality of rice and starch of inferior grains was significantly inferior to that of superior grains. Optimized crop management practices could improve grain yield and grain quality, especially for the grain quality of inferior grains.

Key words: rice, rice quality, starch, superior and inferior grains, crop management practices

Fig. 1

Daily mean temperature, sunshine duration, and precipitation in Yangzhou during rice planting period from 2018 to 2019"

Table 1

Effects of different treatments on appearance quality and milling quality of whole panicle grain and superior and inferior grains of rice"

Grain position
外观品质 Appearance quality 加工品质 Milling quality
Chalkiness area (%)
Chalky rice rate (%)
Brown rice percentage (%)
Milled rice percentage (%)
Head rice percentage (%)
2018 甬优2640
0N 24.87±0.10c 25.53±0.14c 6.86±0.10c 81.47±0.04c 73.78±0.04c 68.76±0.04c
LFP 27.74±0.06a 30.21±0.20a 8.35±0.14a 81.78±0.11b 74.57±0.11b 70.53±0.06b
T1 26.58±0.17b 27.41±0.25b 7.56±0.17b 82.55±0.06a 74.58±0.06a 71.48±0.03a
T2 26.26±0.07b 25.89±0.13c 6.80±0.11c 82.63±0.07a 75.13±0.07a 71.59±0.07a
0N 21.52±0.03d 26.69±0.13c 6.34±0.06c 81.52±0.10d 75.70±0.10d 66.52±0.01d
LFP 24.68±0.11a 36.89±0.16a 7.63±0.11a 81.67±0.03c 76.18±0.03c 70.69±0.10c
T1 23.91±0.08b 34.25±0.07b 7.16±0.08b 84.98±0.06b 77.28±0.06b 71.33±0.04b
T2 22.97±0.17c 26.69±0.17c 6.13±0.14c 85.17±0.01a 77.82±0.01a 71.95±0.07a
2019 甬优2640
Superior grain
0N 16.46±0.14c 20.30±0.38c 6.21±0.04c 80.71±0.11b 72.99±0.09c 66.44±0.08c
LFP 22.80±0.25a 25.58±0.30a 7.92±0.08a 80.78±0.08b 74.15±0.14b 67.19±0.08b
T1 20.74±0.16b 24.21±0.15b 7.18±0.08b 81.42±0.13a 74.40±0.10ab 67.58±0.07a
T2 20.24±0.13b 23.31±0.22b 7.04±0.02b 81.57±0.08a 74.58±0.06a 67.91±0.12a
Inferior grain
0N 29.82±0.23c 29.87±0.42c 7.42±0.04d 83.60±0.11c 75.58±0.09b 66.93±0.11c
LFP 33.26±0.15a 35.55±0.18a 9.13±0.15a 83.93±0.05b 76.84±0.18b 68.18±0.08b
T1 31.30±0.34b 33.77±0.14b 8.49±0.06b 84.36±0.04a 77.20±0.08a 68.73±0.04a
T2 30.20±0.11c 33.48±0.08b 7.99±0.04c 84.50±0.04a 77.42±0.08a 68.91±9.05a
Superior grain
0N 14.52±0.23d 22.87±0.99d 5.48±0.06d 80.99±0.09b 73.22±0.06c 66.93±0.06c
LFP 20.64±0.08a 31.51±0.07a 6.94±0.07a 81.30±0.08b 73.72±0.11b 68.18±0.10b
T1 18.59±0.53b 28.66±0.42b 6.44±0.02b 82.12±0.08a 74.23±0.11a 68.73±0.08a
T2 17.15±0.16c 25.90±0.08c 5.81±0.11c 82.43±0.09a 74.36±0.11a 68.91±0.03a
Inferior grain
0N 26.56±0.42b 30.77±0.30d 6.92±0.09d 83.87±0.13d 77.39±0.09b 69.91±0.11c
LFP 29.76±0.56a 40.32±0.06a 8.30±0.05a 84.25±0.06c 77.76±0.18b 72.09±0.08b
T1 28.06±0.08b 38.32±0.18b 7.67±0.07b 85.54±0.05b 78.54±0.08a 72.61±0.04a
T2 27.24±0.30b 35.77±0.11c 7.17±0.09c 85.92±0.06a 78.83±0.08a 72.83±9.05a

Table 2

Effects of different treatments on cooking and eating quality and grain yield of whole panicle grain and superior and inferior grains of rice"

Grain position
Protein content (%)
Amylose content (%)
Gel consistency (mm)
Grain yield (t·hm-2)
2018 甬优2640
0N 8.68±0.11c 16.13±0.17a 69.32±0.14a 6.98±0.11d
LFP 11.11±0.14a 15.16±0.23b 66.98±0.10c 10.53±0.06c
T1 10.58±0.08b 14.78±0.07b 67.56±0.08b 11.27±0.08b
T2 10.23±0.04b 14.62±0.03b 67.73±0.18b 12.22±0.17a
0N 8.22±0.14c 16.52±0.17a 72.56±0.06a 5.75±0.16d
LFP 10.74±0.06a 16.03±0.04ab 68.21±0.14c 9.43±0.07c
T1 9.48±0.17b 15.73±0.10bc 70.65±0.21b 10.1±0.14b
T2 9.52±0.03b 15.41±0.20c 70.69±0.13b 10.97±0.24a
2019 甬优2640
Superior grain
0N 6.44±0.15d 19.76±0.11a 73.91±0.30a 7.06±0.08d
LFP 9.14±0.01a 17.36±0.14b 70.47±0.16c 11.93±0.10c
T1 8.61±0.06b 17.31±0.04b 71.15±0.15bc 12.52±0.11b
T2 8.20±0.07c 16.32±0.05c 71.50±0.07b 13.25±0.21a
Inferior grain
0N 10.47±0.16d 14.45±0.16a 67.21±0.08a
LFP 13.52±0.06a 12.31±0.07b 63.12±0.05c
T1 12.82±0.09b 12.30±0.08b 63.93±0.08b
T2 12.30±0.08c 11.32±0.06c 64.23±0.15b
Superior grain
0N 6.10±0.03d 20.23±0.15a 77.21±0.35a 5.81±0.23d
LFP 8.92±0.08a 17.77±0.16b 72.35±0.30c 9.30±0.07c
T1 8.55±0.01b 17.92±0.08b 73.32±0.14bc 10.19±0.11b
T2 8.10±0.06c 16.39±0.21c 73.73±0.06b 10.88±0.16a
Inferior grain
0N 10.07±0.08d 14.93±0.08a 69.33±0.28a
LFP 12.92±0.08a 12.71±0.08b 64.47±0.16c
T1 12.52±0.04b 12.65±0.11b 66.08±0.08b
T2 11.98±0.04c 11.72±0.09c 66.42±0.08b

Fig. 2

Effects of different treatments on hardness and adhesiveness of superior and inferior grains of rice The error bar is standard deviation. Different lowercase letters above columns indicate significant difference at P<0.05 among treatments at the same growth stage"

Fig. 3

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) showing the starch granule in superior and inferior grains of Y2640"

Fig. 4

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) showing the starch granule in superior and inferior grains of W24"

Fig. 5

Effects of different treatments on starch granule size of superior and inferior grains of rice"

Fig. 6

Effects of different treatments on the X-ray diffraction patterns of superior and inferior grains of rice"

Table 3

Effects of different treatments on relative crystallinity and IR ratio of superior and inferior grains of rice"

Grain position
Crystallinity (%)
1045/1022 cm-1 1022/995 cm-1
Superior grain
0N 24.94±0.02d 0.52±0.01d 1.19±0.01a
LFP 25.74±0.02a 0.68±0.00a 0.95±0.02c
T1 25.56±0.03b 0.63±0.01b 1.03±0.01b
T2 25.47±0.01c 0.60±0.00c 1.05±0.01b
Inferior grain
0N 26.86±0.04a 0.71±0.01a 0.88±0.01b
LFP 26.77±0.03a 0.69±0.01a 0.92±0.01b
T1 26.53±0.02b 0.66±0.01b 0.96±0.01a
T2 26.44±0.04b 0.64±0.00b 0.99±0.01a
Superior grain
0N 23.82±0.05c 0.43±0.01c 1.31±0.02a
LFP 24.86±0.01a 0.66±0.01a 1.07±0.02c
T1 24.65±0.04b 0.59±0.02b 1.15±0.00b
T2 24.57±0.04b 0.57±0.01b 1.18±0.01b
Inferior grain
0N 26.31±0.08a 0.69±0.01a 0.92±0.01c
LFP 26.11±0.02a 0.67±0.00ab 0.96±0.01b
T1 25.80±0.06b 0.64±0.02bc 0.99±0.00a
T2 25.67±0.06b 0.60±0.01c 1.01±0.00a

Fig. 7

Effects of different treatments on attenuated total reflectance-Fourier transforms infrared spectra of superior and inferior grains of Y2640 and W24"

Table 4

Effects of different treatments on RVA parameters of whole panicle grain and superior and inferior grains of rice"

Grain position
PV (cP)
TV (cP)
BD (cP)
FV (cP)
SB (cP)
PT (s)
GT (℃)
2018 甬优2640
0N 2696.00±22.63a 2095.33±16.50a 600.67±6.12a 2896.67±21.52a 200.67±9.66c 6.61±0.10a 72.87±0.10c
LFP 2126.33±28.75c 1710.33±2.05c 416.00±26.70c 2399.33±23.93c 273.00±4.82a 6.79±0.13a 75.89±0.12a
T1 2201.67±11.31bc 1732.67±9.73bc 469.00±11.58bc 2457.00±19.02bc 255.33±7.71ab 6.73±0.04a 74.87±0.08b
T2 2238.33±11.78b 1752.00±5.67b 486.33±6.11b 2484.33±11.96b 246.00±0.18b 6.71±0.08a 74.60±0.07b
0N 2970.33±14.38a 2173.67±13.92a 796.67±28.29a 3106.00±20.90a 135.67±0.71c 6.57±0.10a 71.42±0.17c
LFP 2148.67±18.38d 1695.33±18.68c 453.33±37.07c 2447.00±16.31c 298.33±2.08a 6.74±0.11a 74.26±0.08a
T1 2330.67±11.41c 1705.67±15.57c 625.00±26.98b 2580.00±24.95b 249.33±13.53b 6.69±0.14a 73.26±0.11b
T2 2418.33±23.26b 1784.67±5.98b 633.67±29.24b 2656.00±11.98b 237.67±11.29b 6.66±0.08a 72.88±0.10b
2019 甬优2640
Superior grain
0N 3709.50±19.09a 2618.00±8.49a 1091.50±10.61a 3951.00±35.36a 241.50±16.26d 6.17±0.05c 74.92±0.08b
LFP 2742.00±11.31d 1958.50±45.96c 783.50±34.65b 3580.50±30.41c 838.50±19.09a 6.94±0.09a 77.03±0.53a
T1 3138.50±21.92c 2145.50±19.09b 993.00±41.01a 3691.50±9.19b 553.00±12.73b 6.90±0.04ab 76.20±0.28a
T2 3247.00±18.38b 2228.50±9.19b 1018.50±27.58a 3691.50±12.02b 463.50±30.41c 6.60±0.10b 76.06±0.05ab
Inferior grain
0N 2409.50±16.26d 1446.50±9.19d 963.00±7.07b 3044.00±18.38c 634.50±2.12a 6.84±0.23a 77.92±0.09a
LFP 2521.50±6.36c 1540.00±1.41c 981.50±4.95b 3143.00±2.83b 621.50±9.19ab 6.82±0.21a 77.77±0.18a
T1 2638.00±8.49b 1634.00±12.73b 1004.00±4.24ab 3220.50±12.02a 582.50±3.54b 6.80±0.28a 77.19±0.06b
T2 2727.00±32.53a 1678.00±5.66a 1049.00±26.87a 3252.00±9.90a 525.00±22.63c 6.77±0.14a 76.77±0.02c
Superior grain
0N 3561.50±36.06a 2746.00±9.90a 815.50±26.16a 3859.50±20.51a 298.00±15.56c 6.10±0.04b 73.38±0.25c
LFP 2843.50±14.85c 2288.00±1.41d 555.50±13.44c 3539.00±22.63c 695.50±7.78a 6.73±0.00a 76.28±0.18a
T1 3041.50±23.33b 2363.00±8.49c 678.50±14.85b 3587.00±0.00bc 545.50±23.33b 6.64±.05a 75.38±0.11b
T2 3082.00±19.80b 2392.00±4.24b 690.00±15.56b 3610.00±2.83b 528.00±22.63b 6.54±0.09a 75.12±0.14b
Inferior grain
0N 2262.00±12.73b 1549.00±16.97c 682.50±4.95b 3029.50±3.54c 767.50±9.19a 7.00±0.00a 77.70±0.35a
LFP 2292.50±7.78b 1610.00±12.73b 696.50±2.12ab 3057.00±9.90b 764.50±2.12a 7.00±0.00a 77.33±0.11b
T1 2361.50±10.61a 1665.00±8.49a 706.00±7.07a 3095.50±4.95a 734.00±5.66b 6.87±0.00a 76.64±0.14bc
T2 2401.00±15.56a 1695.00±8.49a 713.00±4.24a 3118.00±5.66a 717.00±9.90b 6.77±0.14a 76.21±0.06c
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