Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2023, Vol. 56 ›› Issue (2): 236-248.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2023.02.003


Effects of Rhizosphere Oxygen Environment on Phosphorus Uptake of Rice Seedlings and Its Physiological Mechanisms in Hydroponic Condition

XIAO DeShun(),XU ChunMei(),WANG DanYing,ZHANG XiuFu,CHEN Song,CHU Guang,LIU YuanHui   

  1. China National Rice Research Institute/State Key Laboratory of Rice Biology, Hangzhou 311400
  • Received:2022-04-06 Accepted:2022-06-30 Online:2023-01-16 Published:2023-02-07


【Objective】This study was conducted to research the effect of rhizosphere oxygen environment on the phosphorus uptake of rice seedlings and its physiological mechanisms, so as to provide a theoretical basis for the new cultivation measures to promote the absorption and utilization of phosphorus uptake of rice. 【Method】Two varieties, including Zhenshan 97B and Miyang 46, were cultured in nutrient solution with different oxygen content (DOC) levels (medium oxygen: DOC 2.5-3.5 mg·L-1, high oxygen: DOC>6.0 mg·L-1, continuous bubbling with atmospheric air, and normal conditions as CK) controlled by on-line dissolved oxygen meter. After different oxygen treatments, the rice seedling growth (biomass, root morphological structure), root physiology (root activity, phosphorus absorption kinetics, phosphatase activity, root secretion of organic acids, citric acid, etc.), and phosphorus absorption and accumulation were measured and analyzed. 【Result】 (1) The medium oxygen treatment significantly promoted the occurrence and growth of tillers, and increased the biomass, root shoot ratio, phosphorus content and accumulation of the two tested varieties; The high oxygen treatment reduced the plant height and shoot biomass, but had no significant effect on root biomass. (2) Compared with the control, the total root length, surface area and total volume of root were significantly increased, and the average root diameter were significantly decreased after the medium oxygen treatment, while the high oxygen treatment was opposite to the medium. The medium and high oxygen treatment could promote the secretion of organic acids (the total amount of organic acids, oxalic acid, tartaric acid, and citric acid content increased), and increase the activity of acid phosphatase in leaves and roots. However, compared with high oxygen, the medium oxygen treatment significantly enhanced the activity of roots, optimized the kinetic parameters of phosphorus absorption, increased Imax, and decreased Km and Cmin. (3) The results of correlation analysis showed that the phosphorus accumulation and aboveground phosphorus content were significantly positively correlated with root morphology (total root length, root surface area, average diameter and total volume of root), root activity, absorption kinetic parameters Imax, the content of oxalic acid and tartaric acid, and negatively correlated with phosphorus absorption kinetic parameters Km and Cmin. The root phosphorus content of root was significantly positively correlated with root acid phosphatase, root activity, total organic acid and oxalic acid content, but not significantly with other indexes. 【Conclusion】The moderate increase of dissolved oxygen concentration (medium oxygen treatment) could improve the activity of acid phosphatase in leaves and roots, root activity, the root secretion content of oxalic acid, tartaric acid and citric acid, optimize the root morphological structure (increase the root surface area) and phosphorus uptake kinetics of rice seedlings so as to increase phosphorus content and accumulation of rice. Therefore, the selecting appropriate cultivation measures could change the rhizosphere oxygen environment and improve the ability of phosphorus absorption of rice in field planting.

Key words: rice, rhizosphere oxygen environment, phosphorus, root morphology, root physiology

Table 1

Effects of different oxygen treatments on biomass of rice seedlings"

Plant height (cm)
Tiller number
Shoot dry weight (g)
Root dry weight (g)
Root-shoot ratio of dry weight
珍汕 97B
Zhenshan 97B
对照 Control 87.56a 4.40b 11.41b 1.81b 0.158b
中氧Middle oxygen 88.92a 5.68a 12.95a 2.31a 0.178a
高氧 High oxygen 85.38a 4.54b 10.05c 1.88b 0.187a
密阳 46
Miyang 46
对照 Control 63.77ab 5.53b 7.95ab 1.25b 0.150b
中氧 Middle oxygen 68.13a 6.13a 8.65a 1.51a 0.175a
高氧 High oxygen 62.57b 5.47b 7.09b 1.19b 0.168a
品种 Variety (V) ** ** ** ** *
处理 Treatment (T) * ** ** ** **
V × T ns ns ns ns ns

Table 2

Effects of different oxygen treatments on root morphology of rice seedlings"

Total root length (cm)
Total surface area (cm
Average diameter
Total root volume
珍汕 97B
Zhenshan 97B
对照 Control 1593.97b 196.29b 0.392b 1.926a
中氧 Middle oxygen 1764.58a 211.81a 0.381c 2.030a
高氧 High oxygen 1359.80c 175.94c 0.412a 1.816b
密阳 46
Miyang 46
对照 Control 1320.76b 124.27b 0.300a 0.932a
中氧 Middle oxygen 1560.55a 142.33a 0.286b 0.978a
高氧 High oxygen 1225.51c 123.99b 0.295a 0.919a
品种 Variety (V) ** ** ** **
处理 Treatment (T) ** ** ** ns
V × T ns * ** ns

Table 3

Effects of different oxygen treatments on phosphorus uptake of rice seedlings"

Phosphorus uptake
珍汕97B Zhenshan97B 密阳46 Miyang46 ANOVA
Medium oxygen
High oxygen
Medium oxygen
High oxygen

Shoot phosphorus content (mg·g-1)
5.83b 6.12a 6.14a 5.42a 5.51a 5.50a ** ** ns
Root phosphorus content (mg·g-1)
5.25c 5.58b 5.90a 5.30b 5.59a 5.43ab * ** **
Shoot phosphorus accumulation (mg)
13.30ab 13.79a 12.28b 8.61b 9.89a 7.92b ** ** ns
Root phosphorus accumulation (mg)
1.89b 2.33a 2.10ab 1.29b 1.62a 1.33b ** ** ns
Plant phosphorus accumulation (mg)
15.19ab 16.12a 14.38b 9.90ab 10.98a 9.25b ** ** ns
Shoot phosphorus accumulation ratio (%)
87.56a 85.55b 85.25b 86.99a 84.79b 85.59b ns ** ns
Root phosphorus accumulation ratio (%)
12.44b 14.45a 14.75a 13.01b 15.21a 14.41a ns ** ns

Table 4

Effects of different oxygen treatments on phosphorus uptake kinetics of rice"

品种 Variety 处理 Treatment Imax (μg·g-1 root·DW·h-1) Km (mg·L-1) Cmin (mg·L-1)
对照 Control 72.88b 1.78b 1.66a
中氧Medium oxygen 97.35a 1.44c 1.20b
高氧 High oxygen 65.70c 1.85a 1.64a
对照 Control 71.37a 2.08a 1.94a
中氧 Medium oxygen 72.54a 1.93b 1.83b
高氧 High oxygen 58.60b 2.05a 1.92a
品种 Variety (V) ** ** **
处理 Treatment (T) ** ** **
V×T ** ** **

Fig. 1

Effects of different oxygen treatments on acid phosphatase activity in leaves and roots Different letters indicate statistical significance at 0.05 probability level among different treatments of the same rice variety. The same as below"

Fig. 2

Effects of different oxygen treatments on root activities of rice seedlings"

Fig. 3

Effect of different oxygen treatments on root organic acid secretion of rice seedlings"

Table 5

Effects of different oxygen treatments on different kinds of organic acids of rice (μg·mL-1)"

品种 Variety 处理 Treatment 草酸 Oxalic acid 酒石酸 Tartaric acid 柠檬酸 Citric acid
对照 Control 0.260b 1.334b 0.015c
中氧 Medium oxygen 0.427a 4.427a 0.025b
高氧 High oxygen 0.384a 1.342b 0.028a
对照 Control 0.188c 0.291b 0.044c
中氧 Medium oxygen 0.346a 0.569a 0.491a
高氧 High oxygen 0.286b 0.549a 0.122b
品种 Variety (V) ** ** **
处理 Treatment (T) ** ** **
V × T ns ** **

Fig. 4

Correlation analysis between phosphorus absorption index and physiological index SPC: Shoot phosphorus content; RPC: Root phosphorus content; SPA: Shoot phosphorus accumulation; RPA: Root phosphorus accumulation; TPA: Plant phosphorus accumulation; SPAR: Shoot phosphorus accumulation ratio; RPAR: Root phosphorus accumulation ratio; SD: Shoot dry weight; RD: Root dry weight; RL: Total root length; RSA: Total surface area; RAD: Average diameter; RV: Total root volume; LACP: Acid phosphatase activity in leaves; RACP: Acid phosphatase activity in root; RA: Root activity; TOA: Organic acid content; OA: Oxalic acid; TA: Tartaric acid; CA: Citric acid. * and *** indicated significant correlations at 0.05 and 0.01 levels, respectivel"

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