Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2020, Vol. 53 ›› Issue (6): 1126-1139.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2020.06.005


Effects of Drought Treatments at Different Growth Stages on Growth and the Activity of Antioxidant Enzymes in Sweetpotato

HaiYan ZHANG1,BeiTao XIE1,BaoQing WANG1,ShunXu DONG1,WenXue DUAN1(),LiMing ZHANG2()   

  1. 1 Crop Research Institute, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences/Scientific Observation and Experimental Station of Tubers and Root Crops in Huang-Huai-Hai Region, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs/Shandong Engineering Laboratory of Featured Crops, Jinan 250100
    2 Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jinan 250100
  • Received:2019-08-19 Accepted:2019-09-19 Online:2020-03-16 Published:2020-04-09
  • Contact: WenXue DUAN,LiMing ZHANG;


【Objective】 The aim of this study was to investigate the mechanism of yield reduction of sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) caused by drought stress at different growth stages, so as to provide theoretical basis and technical support for production of sweetpotato in dryland areas. 【Method】 Field experiments were conducted under a rain exclusion shelter to investigate the effects of drought treatments at different growth stages on growth and the activity of antioxidant enzymes in sweetpotato. Two sweetpotato cultivars (JS 21, a drought-tolerant cultivar, and JZ 1, a drought-sensitive cultivar) were subjected to four drought stress treatments respectively, including WW (well watered during the whole growth period, constructed as a control), DS1 (drought stress during the establishment stage), DS2 (drought stress during the intermediate stage), and DS3 (drought stress during the final stage). 【Result】 Drought stress resulted in significant decrease of dry weight in sweetpotato, and which declined most under the earliest drought stress. Compared with the control, the dry weight of storage roots of DS1, DS2 and DS3 in drought-tolerant cultivar (JS 21) were 32.24%, 30.68% and 13.76%, respectively, while 44.02%, 39.54% and 17.87% in drought-sensitive cultivar (JZ 1), respectively. The activity of antioxidant enzymes of functional leaves, fibrous roots and storage roots increased after drought stress. Similarly, the earlier of the drought stress, the greater influence on the activity of antioxidant enzymes was observed in sweetpotato. The enzyme activity in the fibrous roots in each stage was higher than that in the storage roots and the functional leaves. Our results indicated that the fibrous roots were the most sensitive to drought stress. Drought stress could lead to the increase of the relative electrical conductivity of functional leaves, and the MDA content in functional leaves, fibrous roots and storage roots of sweetpotato. The earlier the application of the drought stress in sweetpotato, the greater the increase of the MDA content was observed. 【Conclusion】 The earlier of the drought stress, the greater influence on the activity of antioxidant enzymes was observed in sweetpotato, and could not be renovated. Therefore, the normal growth of leaves and roots were inhibited, and the formation and bulking of storage roots were limited. Establishment stage of sweetpotato was the most sensitive to drought stress.

Key words: sweetpotato, drought stress, yield, activity of antioxidant enzymes

Table 1

Relative soil water contents of different treatments"

Establishment stage (Planting-30 d)
Intermediate stage (30-60 d)
Final stage (60-90 d)
WW 75%±5% 75%±5% 75%±5%
DS1 35%±5% 75%±5% 75%±5%
DS2 75%±5% 35%±5% 75%±5%
DS3 75%±5% 75%±5% 35%±5%

Table 2

Effects of drought stress at different stages on dry weight of storage roots in sweetpotato"

济薯21 JS 21 济紫薯1号 JZ 1
Dry weight (kg·hm-2)
Compared with CK (%)
Dry weight (kg·hm-2
Compared with CK (%)
WW 3210.02±149.60a 4192.22±117.21a
DS1 2175.14±104.54c 32.24 2346.95±94.03c 44.02
DS2 2225.24±134.03c 30.68 2534.54±95.57c 39.54
DS3 2768.43±143.75b 13.76 3443.27±111.90b 17.87

Table 3

Effects of drought stress at different stages on dry biomass of aboveground and underground part in sweetpotato (g/plant)"

栽植后天数 Days after planting (d)
济薯21 JS 21 济紫薯1号 JZ 1
40 60 80 100 40 60 80 100
Biomass of
aboveground part
WW 18.93±1.65a 58.56±2.45a 79.76±2.15a 87.24±2.77a 19.52±1.84a 62.79±2.04a 75.72±2.14a 85.13±2.63a
DS1 13.49±1.4b 40.43±1.31c 46.43±1.87d 61.79±3.48d 13.38±0.69b 36.20±2.64c 42.24±3.56d 53.27±1.73d
DS2 18.21±1.74a 46.49±2.26b 60.52±2.74c 73.31±3.14c 23.65±1.37a 43.56±3.15b 56.34±2.46c 68.87±3.04c
DS3 19.56±1.88a 59.54±2.04a 70.24±2.34b 79.73±1.65b 21.61±1.04a 59.74±3.05a 66.75±3.12b 77.28±3.18b
Biomass of
underground part
WW 1.43±0.58a 5.39±0.36a 17.89±0.59a 31.13±0.69a 1.65±0.25a 6.82±0.79a 15.36±1.08a 30.96±1.05a
DS1 0.83±0.35b 3.95±0.90c 11.21±0.69d 20.96±1.16d 0.81±0.25bc 3.43±0.25c 7.83±0.48d 16.26±1.12d
DS2 1.27±0.19a 4.71±0.68b 13.72±0.66c 24.65±1.19c 1.26±0.24ab 4.41±0.57b 10.66±0.17c 22.23±0.98c
DS3 1.36±0.77a 5.72±1.02a 16.18±0.39b 28.44±1.48b 1.73±0.38a 6.28±0.47a 13.75±1.07b 26.97±1.06b

Table 4

Effects of drought stress at different stages on leaf area index in sweetpotato"

栽植后天数 Days after planting (d)
济薯21 JS 21 济紫薯1号 JZ 1
40 60 80 100 40 60 80 100
WW 1.73±0.03a 4.01±0.45a 5.63±0.25a 5.21±0.38a 1.65±0.34a 4.25±0.45a 6.43±0.31a 5.85±0.34a
DS1 1.25±0.24b 2.15±0.31c 2.78±0.18d 2.08±0.05d 1.14±0.15b 2.61±0.15c 2.77±0.37d 2.33±0.21d
DS2 1.72±0.02a 3.22±0.27b 3.88±0.25c 3.27±0.04c 1.63±0.43a 3.45±0.26b 3.82±0.26c 3.46±0.25c
DS3 1.77±0.16a 3.99±0.19a 4.97±0.45b 4.54±0.25b 1.69±0.47a 4.36±0.36a 5.12±0.13b 4.63±0.19b

Fig. 1

Effects of drought stress at different stages on chlorophyll content of functional leaves in sweetpotato"

Fig. 2

Effects of drought stress at different stages on relative electrical conductivity of functional leaves in sweetpotato"

Fig. 3

Effects of drought stress at different stages on MDA content of functional leaves in sweetpotato"

Table 5

Effects of drought stress at different stages on activities of SOD, POD, CAT, and APX of functional leaves in sweetpotato (U·g-1 FW)"

栽植后天数 Days after planting(d)
济薯21 JS 21 济紫薯1号 JZ 1
40 60 80 100 40 60 80 100
SOD activity
250.56±27.15b 406.31±26.62b 385.77±26.75b 306.22±27.15c 183.21±28.01b 289.29±27.43b 256.07±27.57b 181.75±26.15c
DS1 320.43±25.39a 361.52±25.93c 328.00±25.40c 286.58±25.39d 214.00±26.12a 249.21±26.70c 214.13±26.13c 142.27±26.12d
DS2 255.91±26.80b 445.00±27.23a 393.03±26.49b 325.25±26.80b 171.68±27.63b 299.81±28.09a 259.81±22.23b 214.27±21.63b
DS3 254.23±25.21b 410.24±26.31b 420.97±25.14a 369.18±25.21a 178.41±25.93b 281.66±27.11b 291.86±21.85a 235.48±20.93a
POD activity
305.25±27.07b 396.21±17.14b 362.00±27.19c 290.50±27.08a 280.55±17.15b 349.75±15.30b 318.50±20.25b 277.50±17.31b
DS1 405.90±27.23a 373.28±11.07c 296.49±21.21d 169.25±17.24c 352.69±21.29a 334.50±17.89c 231.75±22.12c 162.25±10.18c
DS2 317.74±17.25b 421.76±17.16a 382.25±27.27b 267.25±27.05b 276.81±22.30b 388.73±16.13a 323.00±23.01b 308.75±17.24a
DS3 315.25±27.17b 406.50±17.28b 395.75±17.09a 299.25±17.32a 252.80±25.06b 348.69±15.24b 367.00±17.25a 318.50±17.68a
CAT activity
19.45±3.15b 35.76±1.62b 29.37±2.75b 24.46±3.15b 17.91±3.94b 29.87±1.43b 23.55±2.57b 19.32±3.25a
DS1 30.67±1.80a 28.25±1.93c 25.45±1.40c 20.89±3.39c 23.24±2.12a 19.89±1.70c 14.33±3.13c 10.45±3.12b
DS2 20.38±1.58b 40.42±3.23a 33.67±1.49a 27.20±2.80a 17.84±1.63b 35.67±1.09a 25.52±2.29b 20.56±1.63a
DS3 19.78±0.63b 33.21±2.31b 35.21±2.14a 29.53±3.21a 18.35±2.93b 30.41±2.11b 29.56±1.85a 21.87±2.93a
APX activity
9.73±1.20b 18.88±0.81b 16.69±1.38a 14.23±1.58a 8.95±2.01b 16.94±0.72a 13.78±1.79ab 11.66±1.02a
DS1 15.34±0.61a 14.12±0.97c 12.73±0.70b 10.45±1.70bc 11.62±1.06a 9.95±0.85b 7.17±0.56c 5.23±1.09c
DS2 10.19±1.21b 20.21±1.62a 15.84±0.75a 11.60±1.40b 8.92±0.81b 17.84±0.54a 12.76±0.45b 9.28±0.81b
DS3 9.89±1.06b 16.61±1.16bc 17.61±1.07a 12.77±1.61ab 9.18±1.46b 16.21±1.06a 14.78±0.93a 10.94±1.96ab

Fig. 4

Effects of drought stress at different stages on root activity in sweetpotato"

Fig. 5

Effects of drought stress at different stages on MDA content of fibrous roots in sweetpotato"

Table 6

Effects of drought stress at different stages on activities of SOD, POD, CAT, and APX of fibrous roots in sweetpotato (U·g-1 FW)"

Enzymatic activity
栽植后天数 Days after planting (d)
济薯21 JS 21 济紫薯1号 JZ 1
40 60 80 100 40 60 80 100
SOD activity
1429.78±289.17b 3253.62±216.59b 3079.03±219.65c 2402.85±209.17b 957.32±209.41b 2658.95±251.61b 2376.57±290.23b 1944.87±209.41c
DS1 2223.62±247.28a 2372.93±230.24c 2088.02±193.45d 1835.93±247.28d 1218.98±264.59a 1318.31±248.45c 1120.07±264.85c 1009.31±264.59d
DS2 1475.21±280.84b 3582.50±201.07a 3140.79±247.52b 2564.61±280.84c 859.25±245.56b 2848.40±244.89a 2408.41±229.61b 2121.29±245.63b
DS3 1460.97±243.04b 3287.04±219.26b 3378.28±273.46a 2938.00±243.04a 916.50±260.21b 2694.14±211.45b 2580.82±258.27a 2201.61±260.05a
POD activity
1115.75±101.22b 1388.63±61.41b 1286.00±241.38b 1071.50±81.24c 1041.64±71.44b 1249.25±91.89b 1155.5±81.76b 1092.5±71.89a
DS1 1417.70±90.68a 1319.84±83.21bc 1089.47±84.45c 707.75±71.73d 1258.07±72.15a 1103.50±81.77c 795.25±93.35c 586.75±50.54b
DS2 1153.207±71.76b 1565.29±77.47a 1446.75±83.62a 1201.75±89.16a 1030.42±98.69b 1366.19±71.39a 1169.00±65.89b 1126.25±71.73a
DS3 1145.75±89.54b 1419.50±65.85b 1387.25±75.81a 1107.75±71.97b 958.40±45.62b 1186.06±71.73bc 1301.00±75.76a 1155.5±84.56a
CAT activity
90.35±12.45b 149.27±7.86b 130.11±71.28b 125.38±12.45a 85.72±11.52b 131.61±7.30b 122.65±10.05b 109.96±11.23a
DS1 134.69±9.17a 125.00±8.80c 113.80±8.13c 95.56±11.17b 104.95±9.35a 91.56±8.11c 69.32±7.38c 53.80±9.35b
DS2 93.51±8.40b 173.68±12.69a 146.68±7.20a 128.80±10.40a 83.37±7.88b 145.68±6.26a 124.08±9.88b 114.24±7.88a
DS3 91.12±6.64b 144.86±9.94b 152.84±7.47a 130.12±9.64a 85.42±8.78b 133.64±5.32b 130.24±8.56a 119.48±6.78a
APX activity
35.12±4.15b 64.76±2.62b 59.37±8.43a 54.79±4.15a 33.57±4.21b 49.87±2.43b 47.88±3.57b 44.65±3.06a
DS1 49.90±3.39a 46.67±2.93c 42.93±2.71c 36.85±3.38b 39.98±3.05a 35.52±2.15c 28.11±4.13c 22.93±4.12c
DS2 36.17±2.80b 72.89±4.23a 53.89±2.40b 47.93±2.45a 32.79±2.63b 53.56±2.75a 44.36±3.29b 39.08±2.63b
DS3 35.37±2.21b 63.29±3.31b 60.95±2.49a 49.37±3.21a 33.47±3.11b 49.55±4.15b 50.41±2.85a 40.83±4.59b

Fig. 6

Effects of drought stress at different stages on MDA content of storage roots in sweetpotato"

Table 7

Effects of drought stress at different stages on activities of SOD, POD, CAT, and APX of storage roots in sweetpotato (U·g-1 FW)"

Enzymatic activity
栽植后天数 Days after planting (d)
济薯21 JS 21 济紫薯1号 JZ 1
60 80 100 120 60 80 100 120
SOD activity
1578.09±187.11b 2234.70±158.95b 2021.72±150.98 c 1684.19±123.11a 707.68±40.21b 1591.09±131.47b 1208.37±133.62b 799.62±78.21b
DS1 1962.34±145.01a 1888.36±168.39c 1604.01±160.16d 1276.19±120.01c 1176.99±71.21a 970.67±120.18c 877.69±121.37c 582.49±51.21c
DS2 1507.49±141.72b 2547.50±148.34a 2161.69±179.62b 1488.86±131.72b 744.22±97.88b 1648.97±141.53a 1328.97±125.66b 878.48±44.23b
DS3 1598.28±157.26b 2256.32±174.22b 2315.36±156.19a 1530.47±117.26b 781.26±78.27b 1549.15±126.42b 1605.24±135.68a 995.16±38.27a
POD activity
557.88±85.46b 694.32±74.28b 643.00±54.38c 535.75±44.16b 520.82±44.31b 624.63±54.59b 577.75±41.54b 516.25±34.59a
DS1 708.85±94.54a 659.92±82.14c 544.73±82.42d 353.88±34.48c 629.03±55.57a 601.75±34.51c 447.63±54.69c 343.38±30.36b
DS2 576.60±74.51b 752.65±94.31a 673.38±74.54b 588.88±44.10a 515.21±56.78b 673.10±64.26a 584.50±35.68b 523.13±44.49a
DS3 572.88±84.33b 709.75±95.13b 693.63±74.18a 568.88±34.65a 479.20±58.91b 593.03±81.01c 640.50±70.15a 537.75±34.21a
CAT activity
56.90±4.45b 89.52±2.86b 76.74±4.25b 66.92±2.45b 53.81±5.98b 75.74±2.30a 63.10±4.72a 58.64±2.45a
DS1 79.35±4.17a 74.50±3.87c 68.90±2.20c 59.78±4.17c 64.47±4.35a 57.78±3.12b 46.66±5.48b 38.90±2.35b
DS2 58.76±3.45b 98.84±4.69a 85.34±2.47a 70.40±2.46a 53.69±2.88b 79.34±1.26a 68.04±3.88a 52.12±2.88a
DS3 57.56±2.61b 84.43±4.94b 88.42±4.43a 72.06±4.65a 54.71±2.78b 74.82±6.45a 70.12±2.56a 55.74±4.78a
APX activity
17.08±1.09b 30.17±1.21b 28.91±1.17a 24.86±0.97a 16.05±1.67b 26.25±1.53a 24.26±1.81a 21.44±1.67a
DS1 26.93±1.45a 24.78±2.54c 22.29±1.47b 18.24±1.45b 20.32±1.95a 19.35±1.07b 15.40±0.92b 12.96±1.35b
DS2 17.78±1.89b 33.60±1.19a 27.60±1.65a 22.62±2.27a 15.53±0.82b 29.37±0.84a 21.57±3.26a 18.39±1.92a
DS3 17.25±1.56b 29.19±2.39b 30.96±2.85a 23.92±2.09a 15.98±1.52b 26.70±1.88a 25.94±2.37a 19.55±1.55a
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