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Effects of Different Nitrogen and Potassium Fertilizing Amount on Nutrition Absorption, Nutrition Distribution and Yield of Muskmelon

KANG LiYun, CHANG GaoZheng, GAO NingNing, LI XiaoHui, LI HaiLun, LIANG Shen, XU XiaoLi, ZHAO WeiXing   

  1. Institute of Horticulture, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhengzhou 450002
  • Received:2017-09-14 Online:2018-05-01 Published:2018-05-01

Abstract: 【Objective】To provide a theoretical basis for the rational application of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers with plastic film mulching in high yield cultivation environment, the effects of different nitrogen and potassium fertilizers in the condition of the medium fertile soil on nutrient absorption, distribution and yield of muskmelon were studied.【Method】An early maturing and thick-skinned muskmelon variety ‘RX8’ (TC620-8-56×TA11-1) with plastic film mulching cultivation in greenhouse was used for our study. Five treatments (N2K2, N2K1, N1K2, N1K1 and NK) were performed to investigate the influence of different fertilizing amount of nitrogen and potassium on nutrient absorption, distribution and yield of muskmelon. The accumulation of dry matter and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium were measured in different organs at the vining, fruit-set and mature stages. Furthermore, we also measured the production of muskmelon at maturity. 【Result】The results indicated application of different nitrogen and potassium fertilizers on the accumulation of dry matter and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in muskmelon posed a similar variation trend, and had an increasing level with the growth. Applied different amount of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers changed the accumulation amount of dry matter and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium at different growth stages, but did not change the accumulation trend. From the characteristics of dry matter accumulation and distribution, the muskmelon was mainly vegetative growth at the vining stage, and the dry matter accumulation in root, stem and leaf had a high level under NK treatment in this stage. The accumulation of dry matter in stem and leaf under NK treatment increased averagely by 17.8% and 16.0% respectively, which was significantly higher than that under other treatments (P<0.05). The accumulation of dry matter increased under different nitrogen and potassium fertilizers during fruit development stage, the distribution coefficient was about 0.62 to 0.66 at mature stage. The dry matter accumulation and its distribution coefficients in fruit increased averagely by 31.9% and 4.27% under NK treatment, respectively, which was significantly higher than that of other treatments (P<0.05). As for the characteristics of the nutrient accumulation and distribution, potassium was the top demand of muskmelon, followed by nitrogen and phosphorus. The uptake amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium of muskmelon were 4 160.4 mg, 1 394.8 mg, 7 874.2 mg/plant at mature stage, respectively. The amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium uptake had a relatively higher level under NK treatment than that of other treatments at the vining, fruit-set and mature stages all the time (P<0.05). The distribution coefficients of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in fruit at mature stage under NK treatment had a relative high level, of which increased by 9.10% and 9.81% respectively and was higher than other treatments in maturity fruit (P<0.05). The yield and yield components, including the difference of the fruit vertical and transverse diameter, shape index, average weight and yield of high potassium and low potassium treatments did not reach 5% significant level under the same nitrogen level condition. The fruit vertical and transverse diameter, average weight and yield of high nitrogen-treated were higher than those of low-nitrogen treatment, with an average increase of 4.81%, 6.04%, 19.8% and 20.5% respectively under the same potassium supply. And the differences of these indexes except for vertical diameter reached a significant level of 5%. On the whole, the fruit vertical and transverse diameter, average weight and yield of muskmelon treated with NK were the highest, and average weight and yield were significantly higher than those of other treatments (P<0.05), with an average increase of 21.6% and 22.1%, respectively.【Conclusion】This study demonstrated that the optimum fertilizing amount of nitrogen and potassium with plastic film mulching for muskmelon growth in the condition of the medium fertile soil was 200 kg·hm-2 and 300 kg·hm-2, respectively, which was beneficial to improve the ability of nutrient absorption and promote the absorption and distribution of the nutrient to the fruits

Key words: muskmelon, nitrogen, potassium, nutrition absorption and distribution, yield

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