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Differences of Double-Cropping Late Rice in Yield, Growth Stage and Utilization of Temperature and Illumination in Different Latitudes of Jiangxi Province

CHEN Bo1, ZHOU NianBing1, GUO BaoWei1, SHU Peng1, ZHANG HongCheng1, HUO ZhongYang1,   CHENG FeiHu2, HUA Jin1, HUANG DaShan2, CHEN ZhongPing2, CHEN Heng3, LIU Yunfa4, LIAO ShiLiang5   

  1. 1Innovation Center of Rice Cultivation Technology in Yangtze Valley, Ministry of Agriculture, Yangzhou University/Jiangsu Province Key Laboratory of Crop Genetics and Physiology, Yangzhou 225009, Jiangsu; 2Jiangxi Agricultural Technology Extension Center, Nanchang 330046; 3Bureau of Agriculture of Shanggao County of Jiangxi Province, Shanggao 336400, Jiangxi; 4Bureau of Agriculture of Leping City of Jiangxi Province, Leping 333300, Jiangxi; 5Bureau of Agriculture of Ganzhou City of Jiangxi  Province, Ganzhou 341000, Jiangxi
  • Received:2017-01-03 Online:2017-04-16 Published:2017-04-16

Abstract: 【Objective】This study was conducted to clarify the differences of different-types of late rice in yield, growth period and the utilization of temperature and illumination in different latitudes of Jiangxi province, which would provide grounds and references for scientific selection of Japonica rice varieties in Jiangxi. 【Method】The yield, growth stage and utilization of temperature and illumination of double-cropping late rice were comparatively studied by using four kinds of rice varieties as test materials namely indica-japonica hybrid rice, japonica hybrid rice, japonica conventional rice and indica hybrid rice. The experiment was carried out in such three cities indicating latitude discrepancy as Leping (29.00°N, 117.12°E), Shanggao (28.27°N, 115.12°E)and Ganzhou (25.81°N, 114.96°E) in Jiangxi province.【Result】The yield of three-types of late japonica rice increased with the increasing latitudes. In the 2013 (2014), when the latitudes rose by one unit, the yield of indica-japonica hybrid rice, japonica hybrid rice, japonica rice and indica hybrid rice increased by 0.36 (0.32), 0.18 (0.22), 0.25 (0.20) t·hm-2, respectively. Both indica-japonica hybrid rice and japonica hybrid rice yield significantly higher than indica hybrid rice in the same latitude, and with the exception of Ganzhou, the yields of conventional japonica rice were significantly higher than indica hybrid rice. The three types of japonica rice at each experimental site could mature in safety. With the increasing latitude, the stage from seeding to elongation of each type rice lengthened noticeably and its whole growth period was extended. As shown in the extensions of stages from heading to mature, the whole growth periods of three types japonica rice were extremely noticeably longer than indica hybrid rice at the same experimental site. Utilization efficiency of light and temperature of the three types of Japonica rice showed such a trend as indica-japonica hybrid rice > japonica hybrid rice > japonica conventional rice > indica hybrid rice, therefore a conclusion could be drawn that the growth period was in direct proportion to utilization rate of temperature and light in terms of double cropping late rice maturing in safety. 【Conclusion】 Indica Rice to Japonica Rice” project in different latitudes in double cropping late rice area of Jiangxi could significantly increase yield, temperature and illumination resource utilization. Compared with indica hybrid rice in local area, growing indica-japonica hybrid rice, japonica hybrid rice and japonica conventional rice in Leping and Shanggao has advantages in yield and temperature and illumination resource utilization, while growing indica-japonica hybrid rice in Ganzhou has obvious advantages. “Indica Rice to Japonica Rice” may be the main way to increase the production in double cropping rice area.

Key words: double-cropping late rice, latitude, yield, growth stage, utilization of temperature and illumination

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