Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2023, Vol. 56 ›› Issue (21): 4150-4162.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2023.21.002


Screening of Low Phosphorus Tolerant Germplasm in Cotton at Seedling Stage and Comprehensive Evaluation of Low Phosphorus Tolerance

KAYOUMU MiReZhaTiJiang1(), WUMAIERJIANG XiErAiLi1, LI XiaoTong1, WANG XiangRu1, GUI HuiPing1, ZHANG HengHeng1, ZHANG XiLing1, DONG Qiang1,2(), SONG MeiZhen1,2()   

  1. 1 Institute of Cotton, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences/National Key Laboratory of Cotton Bio-Breeding and Integrated Utilization, Anyang 455000, Henan
    2 Western Agricultural Research Center of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Changji 831100, Xinjiang
  • Received:2023-04-18 Accepted:2023-06-02 Online:2023-11-01 Published:2023-11-06
  • Contact: DONG Qiang, SONG MeiZhen


【Objective】To establish an evaluation system for low phosphorus tolerance in cotton varieties (lines), screen low phosphorus tolerant cotton germplasm and evaluate different types of phosphorus efficiency, and lay the foundation for studying the physiological mechanisms of low phosphorus tolerance in cotton and mining low phosphorus tolerance genes.【Method】Using 140 cotton cultivars (lines) from different cotton regions at home and abroad, 21 traits such as biomass, root-related indexes and phosphorus efficiency-related indexes were measured under low (10 μmol·L-1 KH2PO4) and normal (500 μmol·L-1 KH2PO4) phosphorus treatments in a hydroponic experiment. The index of low phosphorus stress tolerance was calculated for each index. Using the integrated affiliation function method, principal component analysis, regression analysis and cluster analysis were conducted to classify the low phosphorus tolerance of each cotton variety and to comprehensively evaluate the low phosphorus tolerance and phosphorus efficiency type of each cotton variety.【Result】Compared with the normal phosphorus treatment, the mean values of total phosphorus accumulation, total phosphorus content, aboveground dry weight and total dry matter weight of the tested cotton varieties decreased more under the low phosphorus treatment, while the mean values of root average diameter, specific root area, root tips number and phosphorus use efficiency increased. Under low phosphorus treatment, the coefficients of variation of each index ranged from 6.04% to 47.79%,the coefficients of variation of root indexes such as specific root tips density, root tips number, specific root length and root average diameter were higher than those of normal phosphorus treatment, and the coefficients of variation were 47.49%, 42.13%, 40.19% and 19.16%, respectively; the principal component analysis of the 21 indexes of low phosphorus stress tolerance showed that the cumulative variance contribution of the six principal components reached 77.21%, and the comprehensive low phosphorus tolerance value (D) was calculated using the affiliation function method. The D-value regression equation was established by multiple regression analysis to determine the six low phosphorus tolerance indices and perform systematic clustering to classify different cotton varieties (lines) into three categories: low phosphorus tolerant, intermediate and low phosphorus sensitive.【Conclusion】Total dry matter weight, phosphorus use efficiency, root fresh weight, total root length, root surface area and total phosphorus accumulation were identified as indicators for the evaluation of low phosphorus tolerance in cotton.

Key words: Gossypium hirsutum L., low phosphorus tolerance, screening index, comprehensive evaluation, phosphorus efficiency

Table 1

Trait values and low phosphorus tolerance coefficients of cotton under two phosphorus treatments"

Normal phosphorus
Low phosphorus
LP/CK (%)
CV (%)
CV (%)
地上部干重ADW (g) 1.70a 0.42 24.81 0.78b 0.18 22.73 48.31 15.54 32.18
地下部干重UDW (g) 0.18b 0.05 26.04 0.22a 0.05 26.69 113.11 41.44 36.64
总干物重TDW (g) 1.88a 0.43 22.90 0.97b 0.21 21.83 54.18 16.48 30.41
主根长TRL (cm) 22.47a 3.73 16.60 22.35a 4.20 18.80 100.71 17.70 17.58
根系表面积RSA (cm2) 212.26b 66.28 31.23 232.29a 71.12 30.62 117.70 50.29 42.73
根平均体积RVE (cm3) 3.01b 1.20 39.86 3.65a 1.17 32.08 136.27 62.30 45.71
总根长TRH (cm) 1226.80a 276.94 22.57 1137.91b 297.77 26.17 97.43 34.04 34.94
根平均直径RAD (mm) 0.55b 0.10 18.80 0.67a 0.13 19.16 123.50 29.60 23.96
比根长SRL (cm·g-1) 7118.69a 2629.93 36.94 6224.08b 2501.58 40.19 97.60 48.44 49.64
比根面积SRA (cm·g-2) 1225.44a 577.74 47.15 1254.15a 526.27 41.96 115.23 58.63 50.88
根组织密度RTD (g·cm-3) 0.07a 0.03 37.89 0.06b 0.02 31.42 98.42 56.73 57.64
根尖数RTN 2182.75b 777.62 35.63 3358.09a 1414.90 42.13 174.14 99.47 57.12
比根尖密度SRTD (个/g) 12586.61b 5817.45 46.22 18046.52a 8623.77 47.79 169.34 105.26 62.16
地上部鲜重SFW (g) 11.87a 2.95 24.83 4.51b 1.12 24.94 40.00 12.94 32.34
地下部鲜重RFW (g) 2.19b 0.75 28.36 2.94a 0.55 25.26 87.86 28.36 32.28
根冠比R/S (%) 11.43b 3.55 31.02 25.78a 5.85 22.70 249.97 107.92 43.17
叶绿素相对含量SPAD 39.06a 1.48 3.80 36.92b 2.23 6.04 94.69 7.05 7.44
总磷含量TPC (mg·g-1) 0.48a 0.08 17.15 0.07b 0.02 24.02 14.45 4.26 29.50
总磷积累量TPA (g·g-1) 0.81a 0.24 29.61 0.05b 0.02 29.88 6.97 2.87 41.11
磷素利用效率PUE (g2·mg-1) 3.68b 1.21 33.02 11.93a 3.15 26.38 354.81 140.05 39.47
磷素吸收效率PUtE (mg·g-1) 2.15b 0.38 17.47 15.43a 2.59 16.77 737.33 174.98 23.73

Fig. 1

PC dispersion points of low-phosphorus tolerance index"

Table 2

Coefficient and contribution rate of comprehensive index under different phosphorus levels of cotton at seedling stage"

主成分 Principal component
地上部干重ADW 0.40 0.05 0.16 -0.14 0.07 -0.06
地下部干重UDW 0.27 -0.16 -0.35 0.17 -0.06 0.18
总干物重TDW 0.42 0.04 0.10 -0.10 0.05 -0.02
主根长TRL 0.12 0.15 -0.04 0.19 -0.15 -0.14
根系表面积RSA 0.11 0.35 -0.16 0.26 -0.24 -0.03
根平均体积RVE 0.09 0.34 -0.21 0.22 -0.24 0.04
总根长TRH 0.11 0.10 0.18 -0.12 -0.20 0.74
根平均直径RAD 0.00 0.00 0.04 0.01 -0.15 -0.17
比根长SRL -0.17 0.19 0.36 -0.17 -0.13 0.39
比根面积SRA -0.16 0.40 0.15 0.08 -0.13 -0.15
根组织密度RTD 0.12 -0.41 -0.08 -0.09 0.19 0.15
根尖数RTN 0.06 0.18 -0.06 0.36 0.58 0.22
地上部鲜重SFW 0.36 0.02 0.06 0.06 -0.03 0.00
比根尖密度SRTD -0.14 0.25 0.17 0.25 0.55 0.08
地下部鲜重RFW 0.32 0.13 -0.03 0.14 -0.03 0.04
根冠比R/S -0.06 -0.19 -0.45 0.24 -0.09 0.27
叶绿素相对含量SPAD 0.12 0.00 0.01 -0.11 0.13 -0.17
总磷含量TPC 0.02 -0.24 0.32 0.41 -0.15 -0.03
总磷积累量TPA 0.32 -0.12 0.33 0.16 -0.03 -0.05
磷素利用效率PUE 0.32 0.20 -0.07 -0.33 0.13 -0.05
磷素吸收效率PUtE -0.02 0.27 -0.35 -0.37 0.12 0.04
方差贡献率 Variance contribution rate (%) 24.04 15.76 13.94 10.94 6.75 5.79
累计贡献率 Cumulative (%) 24.04 39.80 53.74 64.68 71.43 77.21

Fig 2

The correlation coefficient between the low phosphorus stress tolerance index and the comprehensive evaluation value (D) of low phosphorus tolerance in cotton seedling stage *: Significant correlation at the level of 0.05"

Table 3

Prediction of optimal model for low phosphorus tolerance in cotton varieties"

多元回归方程 Multiple regression equation 决定系数 R2 FF value PP value
D=0.13+0.48X1 0.56 357.79 ≤0.001
D=0.12+0.46X1+0.58X2 0.65 325.65 ≤0.001
D=0.11+0.44X1+0.55X2+0.36X3 0.79 432.59 ≤0.001
D=0.11+0.41X1+0.51X2+0.32X3+0.23X4 0.86 555.48 ≤0.001
D=0.09+0.38X1+0.49X2+0.29X3+0.20X4+0.25X5 0.91 574.91 ≤0.001
D=0.08+0.34X1+0.46X2+0.27X3+0.19X4+0.23X5+0.31X6 0.99 596.43 ≤0.001

Fig. 3

Phylogram of low phosphorus tolerance of different cotton varieties (lines) Class I: Low phosphorus sensitive; Class Ⅱ: Intermediate; Class Ⅲ: Low phosphorus tolerant"

Fig. 4

Systematic cluster diagram of low phosphorus tolerance of different cotton varieties (lines)"

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