Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2023, Vol. 56 ›› Issue (17): 3302-3316.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2023.17.006


Critical Lowest Temperature for the Safe Heading of Various Types of Late-Season Rice Cultivars and the Safe Dates for Their Full Heading in Different Double-Season Rice Cropping Regions of Hubei Province

LI Yi1(), LU JianXin2, CAO Peng3, ZHOU DengWen2, LIU JiMin4, TIAN PingPing5, CAI MingLi1, CAO CouGui1, YANG TeWu1()   

  1. 1College of Plant Science and Technology/Key Laboratory of Crop Ecophysiology and Farming System in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan 430070
    2Jingzhou Agricultural Technology Extension Center, Jingzhou 434020, Hubei
    3Hubei Agricultural Technology Extension Station, Wuhan 430070
    4Agricultural Technology Extension Center of Xiaochang County, Xiaogan 432900, Hubei
    5Agricultural Technology Service Center of Zhangtiansi Township, Gongan County, Jingzhou 434324, Hubei
  • Received:2022-12-25 Accepted:2023-02-15 Online:2023-09-01 Published:2023-09-08
  • Contact: YANG TeWu


【Objective】 The objective of this study is to determine the critical lowest temperature for the safe heading of various types of late-season rice cultivars and the dates for their safe full heading in different double-season rice production regions of Hubei Province, and to provide guidelines for the rational layout and scientific arrangement of double-season rice production in different regions. 【Method】 Different types of late-season rice cultivars including japonica, indica and indica-japonica hybrid those are suitable for different cropping methods in the double-season rice cropping regions of Hubei Province were used as materials and a multi-site field experiment with various sowing dates was conducted at Chibi City, Xianning, Gongan County, Jingzhou, Hongshan District, Wuhan, Tuanfeng County, Huanggang, and Xiaochang County, Xiaogan, Hubei Province, respectively, in 2020 and 2021. Meanwhile, simulated low-temperature treatment was imposed to the potted plants during booting and heading in a pot experiment. The grain-setting rate and grain yield per plant or hill were investigated and the relationship between grain-setting rate and air temperature prior to full heading was analyzed. The critical lowest temperature for their safe heading of various types of cultivars was determined using the temperature under that the grain-setting rate was reduced to 82% of that under the optimum temperature. Furthermore, the daily risk maps for the full heading of different cultivar types in September were drawn based on the meteorological data in the past 30 years in various double-season rice cropping regions of Hubei Province. The latest safe dates for full heading of various types of cultivars in different double-season rice cropping regions were determined as the injury from low temperature to their heading can be avoided in more than 80% of years. 【Result】 With the delay of sowing date, the heading date of various cultivars was delayed. The grain yield per plant or hill decreased significantly under late sowing conditions. Grain-setting rate, a determinant factor that affects the yield of individual plant or hill, was quadratically related to the mean daily temperature in the 4 days prior to full heading. The critical lowest temperature for the safe heading in the 4 days prior to full heading was 19.6 ℃ for japonica cultivars, which was 0.4 ℃ lower than the conventional standard; and 22.4 ℃ for indica cultivars, which was 0.4 ℃ higher than the conventional standard; and 22.2 ℃ for indica-japonica hybrid cultivars, which was close to that of indica cultivars. The latest safe date for the full heading of late-season japonica, indica and indica-japonica hybrid cultivars was September 25-28, 16-19 and 17-20 in southeastern Hubei; September 23-27, 13-19 and 14-20 in eastern Hubei; September 25-27, 10-17 and 10-18 in Jianghan Plain; September 22-26, 7-15 and 7-17 in northern Hubei, respectively. 【Conclusion】 The safe date of full heading for late-season rice differed much among various cultivar types and in different double-season rice cropping regions of Hubei Province. It showed a trend that became earlier from south to north in Hubei Province, and was earlier for indica cultivars than for japonica cultivars. The latest safe date of full heading for indica-japonica hybrid cultivars was close to that for indica cultivars. It is of importance to select suitable cultivars and arrange reasonable sowing dates according to the local climatic conditions and cultivar characteristics for the safe production of late-season rice. Plantation using japonica cultivars is helpful to combat the damage from low temperature during heading and flowering in the late-season rice production.

Key words: late-season rice, safe heading, low temperature, grain-setting rate, grain yield

Table 1

Rice cultivars and their types used in this experiment"

品种名称Cultivar name 品种类型Cultivar type 培育单位Breeding unit
淮稻5号Huaidao 5 (HD5) 常规粳型Conventional japonica 淮阴市农业科学院Huaiyin Academy of Agricultural Sciences
鄂晚17 Ewan 17 (EW17) 常规粳型Conventional japonica 湖北省农业技术推广总站Hubei Agricultural Technology Extension Station
鄂粳403 Ejing 403 (EG403) 常规粳型Conventional japonica 湖北省农业科学院Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences
甬优2640 Yongyou 2640 (YY2640) 籼粳杂交型Indica-japonica hybrid 宁波市种子有限公司Ningbo Seed Co. LTD
A优442 Ayou 442 (AY442) 杂交籼型Indica hybrid 黄冈市农业科学院Huanggang Academy of Agricultural Sciences
玺优447 Xiyou 447 (XY447) 杂交籼型Indica hybrid 黄冈市农业科学院Huanggang Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Table 2

Geographical location and altitude of experimental sites"

试验点Experimental site 北纬Latitude 东经Longitude 海拔Altitude (m)
咸宁赤壁市青云村Qingyun Village, Chibi City, Xianning 29°50′13.27″ 113°58′21.07″ 33.5
荆州公安县刻木村Kemu Village, Gongan County, Jingzhou 29°50′54.32″ 112°12′45.45″ 34.0
武汉华中农业大学试验农场Experimental farm, HZAU, Wuhan 30°28′25.78″ 114°21′17.46″ 35.0
黄冈团风县梅家墩村Meijiadun Village, Tuanfeng County, Huanggang 30°34′21.51″ 114°55′40.26″ 23.0
孝感孝昌县大庙村Damiao Village, Xiaochang County, Xiaogan 31°11′41.43″ 114°04′5.08″ 41.2

Fig. 1

Daily mean air temperature at different experimental sites in the 2 years"

Table 3

Temperature and treatment duration in the indoor pot experiment with simulated low temperature in 2021"

Treatment duration
Mean daily temperature (℃)
Mean daily minimum temperature
Mean daily maximum temperature
HD5 09-21—10-08 19.34 14.52 23.52
EW17 09-14—10-08 19.26 14.59 23.97
YY2640 09-14—10-08 19.26 14.59 23.97
AY442 09-30—10-08 19.81 14.28 24.14
XY447 09-14—10-08 19.26 14.59 23.97

Table 4

Full heading date of cultivars under various sowing dates at different sites"

Sowing date treatment
2020 (m-d) 2021 (m-d)
HD5 EW17 EG403 YY2640 HD5 EW17 YY2640 AY442 XY447
SD1 09-11 09-13 09-15 09-10 09-09 09-11 09-05 09-12 08-29
SD2 09-20 09-20 09-20 09-15 09-21 09-15 09-10 09-20 09-03
SD3 10-08 09-26 10-08 09-23 09-25 09-21 09-22 09-27 09-11
荆州公安县Gongan, jingzhou SD1 09-07 09-12 09-08 09-05 09-08 09-12 09-07 09-11 09-02
SD2 09-14 09-18 09-13 09-14 09-16 09-15 09-13 09-19 09-09
SD3 09-24 09-22 09-20 09-28 09-25 09-18 09-20 09-29 09-15
武汉洪山区Hongshan, Wuhan SD1 09-08 09-13 09-10 09-04 09-07 09-11 08-30 09-08 08-28
SD2 09-12 09-17 09-14 09-13 09-17 09-14 09-06 09-17 09-05
SD3 09-22 09-24 09-21 09-20 09-22 09-16 09-15 09-27 09-14
SD4 na na na na 09-27 09-22 09-25 10-12 09-22
黄冈团风县Tuanfeng, Huanggang SD1 09-06 09-14 09-10 09-03 09-08 09-10 09-03 09-07 08-29
SD2 09-11 09-16 09-14 09-12 09-17 09-15 09-09 09-17 09-06
SD3 09-18 09-25 09-24 09-19 10-05 09-18 09-15 10-02 09-15
孝感孝昌县Xiaochang, Xiaogan SD1 09-08 09-12 09-12 09-07 09-13 09-14 09-10 09-12 09-13
SD2 09-15 09-18 09-18 09-13 09-17 09-18 09-17 09-18 09-14
SD3 09-22 09-25 09-25 09-20 09-23 09-23 09-23 09-28 09-20

Fig. 2

Grain yield per plant or hill of different cultivars on average at 5 experimental sites under various sowing dates Different letters in lowercase indicate significant difference between various sowing date treatments in the same cultivar at P<0.05 level"

Table 5

Yield components per plant or hill on average at 5 sites under various sowing dates of different cultivars"

Sowing date treatment
Effective panicles per plant or hill
Total spikelets per panicle
Filled grains per panicle
Grain-setting rate (%)
1000-grain weight
2020 HD5 SD1 4.3±0.4a 81.7±2.0a 61.3±1.3a 75.3±1.4a 28.1±0.2a
SD2 3.9±0.3a 84.5±2.0a 59.7±1.6a 70.9±1.7a 27.1±0.1b
SD3 4.1±0.2a 65.2±2.1b 41.1±1.7b 63.4±2.0b 26.7±0.1b
EW17 SD1 10.2±0.4a 126.0±2.5a 89.7±1.2a 71.5±1.2a 20.3±0.1b
SD2 11.0±0.2a 122.4±3.1ab 89.4±2.2a 73.3±1.3a 20.9±0.1a
SD3 9.1±0.3b 118.3±1.9b 79.1±1.8b 66.8±0.9b 20.1±0.1b
EG403 SD1 10.0±0.7a 130.3±3.6a 79.9±3.3a 61.1±1.1ab 26.0±0.3a
SD2 10.8±0.5a 119.8±3.4b 77.9±2.4ab 65.2±1.5a 26.1±0.2a
SD3 11.0±0.6a 120.0±2.1b 71.3±2.8b 59.4±1.8b 25.3±0.3a
YY2640 SD1 8.6±0.3a 245.2±3.0b 170.4±5.1a 67.4±0.8a 24.2±0.2a
SD2 8.5±0.3a 261.8±5.8a 164.5±4.6a 62.8±0.9b 23.7±0.1b
SD3 7.3±0.2b 224.4±4.8c 133.7±5.3b 57.8±0.8c 23.3±0.1c
2021 HD5 SD1 3.8±0.2a 94.1±2.3a 83.8±2.0a 89.1±0.3a 27.9±0.0a
SD2 3.5±0.3a 96.1±1.9a 80.9±1.6a 84.3±0.8b 26.9±0.3b
SD3 4.4±0.3a 85.9±1.6b 68.6±2.3b 79.3±1.5c 26.6±0.1b
SD4 4.0±0.0a 86.8±2.1b 59.7±2.9c 68.9±2.4d 25.5±0.1c
EW17 SD1 11.7±0.5ab 107.2±2.4a 90.6±2.3a 84.3±0.7a 21.5±0.1a
SD2 12.5±0.4a 105.6±1.5a 84.1±1.6ab 79.7±1.1b 21.0±0.1b
SD3 12.1±0.4a 102.7±2.5a 77.4±1.9b 75.6±1.1c 20.5±0.1c
SD4 10.3±0.2b 107.0±4.2a 65.2±3.0c 60.9±1.2d 21.2±0.1ab
YY2640 SD1 8.6±0.3a 234.7±4.6b 198.3±3.8a 84.6±0.8a 25.1±0.2a
SD2 7.7±0.3ab 211.9±3.5c 169.1±2.6b 79.9±0.8b 25.1±0.2a
SD3 7.7±0.3ab 210.4±6.5c 143.0±3.4c 68.3±1.2c 23.9±0.2b
SD4 7.0±0.0b 283.2±5.6a 148.7±4.0c 52.4±1.2d 22.4±0.1c
AY442 SD1 2.9±0.2c 144.3±2.1b 122.7±2.0a 85.1±0.8a 28.3±0.2a
SD2 3.0±0.2bc 149.9±3.9ab 111.1±2.9b 74.2±0.7b 27.3±0.2b
SD3 3.7±0.2ab 154.6±5.3ab 96.0±3.1c 62.3±0.8c 25.1±0.2c
SD4 3.8±0.2a 161.2±3.7a 62.3±2.6d 38.5±0.8d na
XY447 SD1 9.0±0.3a 159.5±3.9b 132.0±3.1a 82.8±0.4a 27.5±0.1a
SD2 8.2±0.3ab 155.1±2.5b 123.6±2.0ab 79.7±0.6b 27.4±0.1a
SD3 8.8±0.3a 151.7±6.6b 108.0±4.9bc 71.1±1.0c 26.4±0.1b
SD4 7.0±0.0b 209.8±4.5a 118.2±2.6c 56.5±1.4d 25.1±0.1c

Table 6

Correlation coefficients between grain yield of individual plant or hill and grain-setting rate of different cultivars"

HD5 EW17 EG403 YY2640 AY442 XY447
n 31 31 15 31 16 16
r 0.491 0.683 0.706 0.754 0.697 0.672
P 0.005 <0.001 0.003 <0.001 0.003 0.004

Fig. 3

Relationship of grain-setting rates of different types of cultivars and mean daily temperature in the 4 days prior to full heading"

Table 7

Optimum and critical lowest mean daily temperatures for safe heading in the 4 days prior to full heading and grain-setting rates under the optimum temperature of different types of cultivars"

Cultivar type
Optimum temperature
Grain-setting rate under optimum temperature (%)
<BOLD>C</BOLD>ritical lowest temperature for safe full heading (℃)
粳稻Japonica 24.5 78.8 19.6
籼粳交Indica-japonica hybrid 26.4 77.7 22.2
籼稻Indica 26.8 77.6 22.4

Fig. 4

Risk maps for the safe full heading of various late-season rice cultivar types in different counties, cities or districts in the double-season rice cropping regions of Hubei Province"

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