Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2022, Vol. 55 ›› Issue (8): 1579-1588.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2022.08.009


Characteristics of Organic Nitrogen Mineralization in Paddy Soil with Different Reclamation Years in Black Soil of Northeast China

GAO JiaRui(),FANG ShengZhi,ZHANG YuLing(),AN Jing,YU Na,ZOU HongTao   

  1. College of Land and Environment, Shenyang Agricultural University/Key Laboratory of Northeast Arable Land Conservation, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Shenyang 110866
  • Received:2021-03-12 Accepted:2021-11-11 Online:2022-04-16 Published:2022-05-11
  • Contact: YuLing ZHANG;


【Objective】 The aim of this study was to analyze the mineralized nitrogen (N) content, net N mineralized rate and net N mineralized ratio (the ratio of mineralized N to total N) in paddy soil with different reclamation years in black soil, and to explore the soil N supply capacity and its characteristics, and to reveal the soil N evolution law, so as to provide the theoretical basis for rational utilization and fertilization of black soil in Northeast China.【Method】 The natural wasteland (0 years, as the control soil, original natural meadow vegetation) and paddy soils with different reclamation years (12, 35, 62 and 85 a) (topography and cropping system, fertilization, and water management, roughly the same) in black soil region were selected as the research object, and the characteristics of soil organic N mineralization after cultivated rice form natural wasteland in black soil were studied by the water-logged incubation method.【Result】 During the early stages of incubation (about 1 month), the cumulative mineralized N increased rapidly in each year, then showed a slow increase trend. At the end of incubation (297 d), the cumulative mineralized N ranged from 212.43 to 388.11 mg·kg-1, and the order of cumulative mineralized N was 0, 12, 35, 85 and 62 a. The mineralization process of soil organic N could be well described by a hybrid model (Special model), and the soil organic N pools could be divided into the increment N pool (the N pool made available after a drying and rewetting event) and the resistant N pool. Compared with the control soil (0 a), the potentially mineralisable N (NF) of the increment N pool in all paddy soils showed a decreasing trend in each year. There was no significant difference between paddy soils of 12 and 35 years, as well as 62 and 85 years, but the NF in paddy soils of 12 and 35 years were significantly higher than that of 62 and 85 years (P<0.05). The rate constant (kF) of mineralization of the increment N pool in paddy soils all showed an upward trend, but there was no significant difference between kF of all paddy soils in each year (P>0.05). Compared with the control soil (0 a), the rate constant (k0) of mineralization of the resistant N pool in paddy soils of 12 and 35 years did not change significantly (P>0.05), but k0 in 62 and 85 years decreased significantly (P<0.05). The net N mineralization rate of the soils in each year were the largest at 4 days of incubation, and then decreased gradually. At the end of water-logged incubation (297 d), the order of the soil net N mineralization rate was consistent with that of the cumulative mineralization N. The net N mineralized ratio was relatively high at the beginning of incubation, and then increased slowly. At the end of incubation (297 d), the net N mineralized ratio ranged from 78.60 to 101.82 mg·g-1, and the order was 0, 35, 12, 85 and 62 a. Soil total N and C/N were important factors affecting the amount of mineralization N and the net N mineralization rate in paddy soils with different reclamation years (P<0.05). The sum of initial mineral N and NF could be used to characterize the N supply capacity of paddy soil in rice growing season; compared with the control soil (0 a), the N supply capacity of paddy soil in each year decreased significantly (P<0.05), and the soils of 12 and 35 years were significantly higher than that of 62 and 85 years (P<0.05).【Conclusion】 During 85 years of rice cultivation from natural wasteland in black soil, the N supply capacity in paddy soil have declined, and the decline was significant after 35 years rice cultivation. Therefore, the improvement of soil organic matter content should be paid attention in the soil fertility cultivation in paddy fields.

Key words: black soil region, paddy soil, rice cultivation year, mineralizated nitrogen, soil nitrogen suppying capacity

Table 1

The basic properties of tested soils"

Organic carbon
Total nitrogen
Total phosphorus
Total potassium
pH C/N 初始矿质氮
Initial minera nitrogen
0 127.466° E,47.031° N 38.84±1.46b 3.81±0.10a 1.02±0.06a 10.88±0.04a 5.02±0.08c 10.20±0.14b 137.92±40.08a
12 127.470° E,47.026° N 44.16±2.24a 3.67±0.14a 0.94±0.06a 10.17±0.67b 5.61±0.14a 12.03±0.25a 98.20±4.58ab
35 127.476° E,47.028° N 39.32±2.51b 3.32±0.44a 0.81±0.06b 10.57±0.33a 5.42±0.05a 11.92±0.97a 125.58±10.06a
62 127.479° E,47.027° N 35.82±1.14bc 2.74±0.29b 1.00±0.02a 0.56±0.36a 5.52±0.12a 13.15±1.02a 60.47±30.62bc
85 127.476° E,47.033° N 32.54±1.60c 2.52±0.17b 0.83±0.04b 10.70±0.37a 5.38±0.09b 12.95±0.15a 42.82±1.53c

Fig. 1

Curves of cumulative mineralized N of water-logged incubation The curve in the figure for the Special model fitted curve; Different lowercase letters indicate difference between different years the same in sampling time at 0.05 significant level"

Table 2

Fitting parameters of the Special model"

Year (a)
模型参数 Model parameter
NF (mg·kg-1) kF (d-1) k0 (mg·kg-1·d-1) R2 Se
0 254.50±12.84a 0.042±0.005b 0.460±0.063a 0.993** 1.729
12 208.79±8.73bc 0.104±0.014a 0.478±0.055a 0.982** 0.902
35 217.34±8.98ab 0.115±0.016a 0.414±0.058a 0.979** 0.791
62 146.78±3.37d 0.119±0.010a 0.231±0.022b 0.993** 0.219
85 174.17±3.99cd 0.116±0.009a 0.208±0.026b 0.992** 0.106

Fig. 2

Net N mineralized rate and net N mineralized ratio"

Fig. 3

Soil N suppying capacity Different lowercase letters indicate the significantly difference at 0.05 level; NF is the potentially mineralizable N of the increment N pool; Nmin is initial minera N"

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