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Analysis of MYB Transcription Factor Family Based on Transcriptome Sequencing in Lycium ruthenicum Murr.

YAN Li1, 2, WANG CuiPing2, CHEN JianWei2, QIAO GaiXia2, LI Jian2   

  1. 1College of Life Science, Ningxia University, Yinchuan 750021; 2State Key Laboratory of Seedling Bioengineering, Ningxia Forestry Institute, Yinchuan 750004
  • Received:2017-05-27 Online:2017-10-16 Published:2017-10-16

Abstract: 【Objective】 MYB is one of the most common transcription factor families in plants. It is widely involved in plant growth, and metabolic regulations. So far, there is no systematic analysis of the MYB transcription factor family of tree crops. Analysis of MYB family based on the transcriptome data in Lycium ruthenicum Murr. was conducted in this study, which laid a foundation for the research on biological function, and mechanism of metabolic regulations of MYB genes. 【Method】 Based on the transcriptome sequencing (RNA-Seq) data, the NR, NT, Swiss-Prot, PFAM and NCBI sites were used at the same time to screen and classify the MYB genes of L. ruthenicum Murr. The Web Logo3, Prot Comp 9.0, and MEGA5.0 were also applied to conservative structure prediction, subcellular localization, and phylogenetic analysis. The expression pattern of MYB genes related to fruit development was obtained and Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR was used to detect the specific expression of those genes. 【Result】 Based on the transcriptome sequencing (RNA-Seq) data, 83 transcription factors of MYB family were annotated, selected, and divided into four categories (R2R3-MYB, 1R-MYB, 3R-MYB and 4R-MYB) according to their structural characteristics. The R2 MYB motif of the R2R3-MYB transcription factor contains three highly conserved tryptophan residues, and the first tryptophan residue in the R3 MYB motif is replaced by some hydrophobic amino acids. The phylogenetic trees of MYB family of L. ruthenicum Murr. and Arabidopsis thaliana were constructed, which showed that the MYB family of L. ruthenicum Murr. contained three major branches, and six evolutionary branches. The result of the subcellular localization demonstrated that 44 MYB transcription factors were located in the cytoplasm, and 37 MYB transcription factors were located in the nucleus. The analysis of differential expression of MYB genes of L. ruthenicum Murr. based on transcriptome sequencing (RNA-Seq) showed that MYB genes might be involved in the regulation of anthocyanin in three fruit development periods. Additionally, differential expression data based on fluorescence quantitative PCR confirmed that some MYB transcription factors might play a role in the regulation of anthocyanin synthesis in different fruit development periods of L. ruthenicum Murr.. 【Conclusion】 83 transcription factors of MYB family were annotated of L. ruthenicum Murr. The findings have laid a foundation for further studies of the structures and biological functions of MYB family.

Key words: Lycium ruthenicum, RNA-Seq, MYB family, hierarchical clustering analysis, expression pattern

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