Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2019, Vol. 52 ›› Issue (4): 738-754.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2019.04.014


The Screening and Identification of LncRNA Related to Villus Growth in Liaoning Cashmere Goats by MT and FGF5


  1. Liaoning Normal University School of Life Sciences, Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Drug Development, Dalian 116029, Liaoning
  • Received:2018-09-03 Accepted:2018-12-03 Online:2019-02-16 Published:2019-02-27


【Objective】 The aim of this study was to screen out the LncRNA associated with villus growth in Liaoning cashmere goat skin fibroblasts, and provide basic data for the study of the function and mechanism of LncRNA related to villus growth. 【Method】 The total RNA of MT and FGF5 treated Liaoning cashmere goat skin fibroblasts was extracted, and the total RNA extracted was detected by total RNA electrophoresis detection, sequencing data quality evaluation, mapping comparison and inter-sample correlation test. The differentially expressed LncRNA was screened and its target gene was predicted. The LncRNA related to villus growth was screened by GO and KEGG enrichment analysis, and the target LncRNA was verified by Real-time PCR. 【Result】 (1) The total RNA quality of the sample showed that the RNA was in good integrity, the GC content was relatively high, the sequence was stable, and the expression level between samples was high, which met the sequencing requirements.(2) Screening of differentially expressed LncRNA showed that there were 32 differentially expressed LncRNA in 1.0g·L -1 24h group, 4 of which were up-regulated and 28 of which were down-regulated. There were 10 differentially expressed LncRNA in 0.2g·L -1 24h group, 4 of which were up-regulated and 6 were down-regulated. There were 113 differentially expressed LncRNA in the 0.2g·L -1 72h group, of which 5 were up-regulated and 108 were down-regulated. There were 164 differentially expressed LncRNA in the 10 -4g·L -1 24 h group, of which 70 were up-regulated and 94 were down-regulated. There were 189 differentially expressed LncRNA in the10 -4g·L -1 72 h group, of which 78 were up-regulated and 111 were down-regulated. There were 123 LncRNA differentially expressed in the 10 -6g·L -1 24 h group, among which 27 up and 96 down.(3) Target gene GO enrichment analysis showed that the 1.0g·L -1 24h group differentially expressed LncRNA target gene enrichment in GO's negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter; 0.2g·L -1 24h group did not differentially express LncRNA target gene enriched GO term;0.2g·L -1 72h group Differentially expressed LncRNA target gene enrichment in GO's cellular metabolic process biological_process, binding molecular_function, FGF5 treatment group only10 -4g·L -1 72 h group differentially expressed LncRNA target gene enriched in cell cellular_component, cell part cellular_component, intracellular cellular_component, binding molecular_function and other six items. (4) Target gene KEGG enrichment analysis showed that the differential expression of LncRNA target gene in 1.0g·L -1 24h group was enriched in Steroid biosynthesis pathway; in 0.2g·L -1 24h group, there was no differential expression of LncRNA target gene enrichment Pathway term; 0.2g·L -1 72h group differentially expressed LncRNA target gene enrichment in Cell cycle, DNA replication, Steroid biosynthesis, TNF, Nod-like receptor, NF-kappa B and other signaling pathways, in which TNF and NF-kappa B signaling pathways are involved in villus growth. In FGF5-treated group, differentially expressed LncRNA targets in 10 -4g·L -1 72 h group The gene was significantly enriched into nine path termes such as Fanconi anemia pathway, Huntington's disease, Metabolic pathway, Aminoacyl-tRNA biosynthesis, among which Metabolic pathway was associated with villus growth; the differentially expressed LncRNA target gene in 10 -4g·L -1 24 h group had no significant enriched pathway term;10 -6g·L -1 24 h The differentially expressed LncRNA target genes were only enriched in the Taste transduction pathway. (5) There are two LncRNA corresponding to the target genes TNFα, TNFAIP3 (A20), NFKBIA (IkBα), NFKB2 and IL8 enriched in NF-κB and TNF signaling pathways, respectively (Gene ID): XLOC_005914; XLOC_018763; There are four LncRNA corresponding to the target genes in the Metabolic pathway, namely (Gene ID): XLOC_011424, XLOC_009522, XLOC_009063, XLOC_01115. Real-time PCR results showed that LncRNA XLOC_011424, XLOC_011157, LncRNA XLOC_005914 and XLOC_018763 were consistent with high-throughput sequencing results. 【Conclusion】 LncRNA XLOC_011424, XLOC_011157, LncRNA XLOC_005914 and XLOC_018763 may increase the density and length of cashmere by regulating NF-κB, TNF or Metabolic signaling pathways related to villus growth, and thus improve the yield and quality of cashmere in Liaoning cashmere goat.

Key words: Liaoning cashmere goat, melatonin, FGF5, LncRNA, RNA-seq, signaling pathway

Table 1

RT-PCR Primer sequence"

基因 Gene 引物 Primer 引物序列(5'→3') Primer sequence(5'→3') 产物 Products
β-actin β-actin -F
β-actin -R
LncRNA XLOC_005914 LncRNA XLOC_005914 -F
LncRNA XLOC_005914-R
LncRNA XLOC_018763 LncRNA XLOC_018763 -F
LncRNA XLOC_018763-R
LncRNA XLOC_011424 LncRNA XLOC_011424 -F
LncRNA XLOC_011424-R
116 bp
LncRNA XLOC_009522 LncRNA XLOC_018763 -F
LncRNA XLOC_018763-R
289 bp
LncRNA XLOC_009063 LncRNA XLOC_009063-F
LncRNA XLOC_009063-R
220 bp
LncRNA XLOC_011157 LncRNA XLOC_011157-F
LncRNA XLOC_011157-R
140 bp

Fig. 1

The electrophoresis results of total RNA in samples Panel A is the MT treatment group and Figure B is the FGF5 treatment group. In Figure A, lanes 1, 2, 3, and 4 are M2_72H group, M2_24H group, M1_24H group, and control group C; in Figure B, lanes 1, 2, 3, and 4 are F4_24H group, F6_24H group, and F4_72H group, and control group C."

Table 2

RNA-Seq data list"

Raw reads
Clean reads
Error rate (%)
Q20 (%)
Q30 (%)
GC content(%)
C_1 48045300 46275212 0.03 96.86 93.68 48.39
C_2 48045300 46275212 0.04 94.99 90.67 48.37
M2_72H_1 42277089 40464850 0.03 96.34 92.55 51.77
M2_72H_2 42277089 40464850 0.04 93.42 87.84 51.95
M2_24H_1 50302056 48536611 0.03 96.75 93.50 48.03
M2_24H_2 50302056 48536611 0.03 95.04 90.73 48.03
M1_24H_1 48057476 46336801 0.03 96.80 93.55 48.90
M1_24H_2 48057476 46336801 0.04 94.99 90.66 48.92
F4_24H_1 51394058 49453178 0.03 96.82 93.65 47.67
F4_24H_2 51394058 49453178 0.03 95.31 91.23 47.57
F4_72H_1 49418892 47713121 0.03 96.72 93.27 52.04
F4_72H_2 49418892 47713121 0.04 94.71 90.09 52.26
F6_24H_1 46346088 44739804 0.03 96.88 93.73 48.58
F6_24H_2 46346088 44739804 0.04 94.92 90.55 48.55

Fig. 2

Density distribution of Reads on chromosome Abscissa: the length of a chromosome (in millions of bases); ordinate: log2 (the median of reads density); green is a positive chain, and red is a negative chain"

Fig. 3

Correlation between samples in each treatment group"

Fig. 4

Differentially expressed LncRNA distribution Red dots represent the up-regulated LncRNA and green dots represent the down-regulated LncRNA; Abscissa represents expression level of LncRNA; Ordinate represents statistical significance of LncRNA expression level."

Fig. 5

Differentially expressed LncRNA clusters Each column represents a sample and each row a gene; High relative expression of LncRNA is indicated by red and low relative expression of LncRNA by green."

Table 3

M2_72H vs C group differential expression LncRNA target gene GO term classification"

Over_represented P value
Corrected P value
细胞代谢过程 Cellular metabolic process 7.15E-06 0.003923
氮化合物代谢过程 Nitrogen compound metabolic process 8.48E-06 0.0039252
细胞氮化合物代谢过程 Cellular nitrogen compound metabolic process 1.67E-05 0.0063413
有机氮化合物代谢过程 Organonitrogen compound metabolic process 8.12E-05 0.019891
细胞芳香化合物代谢过程 Cellular aromatic compound metabolic process 3.26E-05 0.0097043
杂环代谢过程 Heterocycle metabolic process 5.36E-05 0.013956
有机环状化合物代谢过程 Organic cyclic compound metabolic process 3.84E-05 0.01066
染色体组织 Chromosome organization 9.55E-05 0.022102
含核碱基的化合物代谢过程 Nucleobase-containing compound metabolic process 0.00011221 0.024598
染色质修饰 Chromatin modification 0.00025719 0.04581
细胞成分组织或生物发生 Cellular component organization or biogenesis 0.00026397 0.04581
核 Nucleus 1.48E-06 0.0031426
膜结合的细胞器 Membrane-bounded organelle 3.52E-06 0.003923
细胞内膜结合细胞器 Intracellular membrane-bounded organelle 4.25E-06 0.003923
染色体 Chromosome 0.00022214 0.042055
核酸酶活性 Nuclease activity 1.51E-06 0.0031426
腺苷酸核苷酸结合 Adenyl nucleotide binding 5.49E-06 0.003923
腺苷核糖核苷酸结合 Adenyl ribonucleotide binding 7.54E-06 0.003923
ATP结合 ATP binding 6.43E-06 0.003923
蛋白质结合 Protein binding 1.65E-05 0.0063413
细胞因子活性 Cytokine activity 3.00E-05 0.0096034
水解酶活性,作用于酯键 Hydrolase activity, acting on ester bonds 0.00012043 0.02508
催化活性 Catalytic activity 0.00021879 0.042055
结合物 Binding 1.90E-05 0.0065865

Table 4

Fnc_72H vs C group differentially expressed LncRNA target genes GO term classification"

Over_represented P value
Corrected P value
细胞代谢过程 Cellular metabolic process 1.22E-06 0.002285
生物合成过程 Biosynthetic process 3.29E-06 0.002285
有机物生物合成过程 Organic substance biosynthetic process 6.96E-06 0.0034462
细胞生物合成过程 Cellular biosynthetic process 8.88E-06 0.0034462
细胞大分子代谢过程 Cellular macromolecule metabolic process 9.10E-06 0.0034462
基因表达 Gene expression 1.87E-05 0.0051872
细胞蛋白质代谢过程 Cellular protein metabolic process 2.03E-05 0.0052866
翻译 Translation 3.43E-05 0.0071461
高分子生物合成过程 Macromolecule biosynthetic process 7.00E-05 0.013255
细胞大分子生物合成过程 Cellular macromolecule biosynthetic process 8.41E-05 0.015233
有机环状化合物代谢过程 Organic cyclic compound metabolic process 9.81E-05 0.017021
细胞氮化合物代谢过程 Cellular nitrogen compound metabolic process 0.0001207 0.019468
细胞芳香化合物代谢过程 Cellular aromatic compound metabolic process 0.00012153 0.019468
细胞芳香化合物代谢过程 Nitrogen compound metabolic process 0.00013872 0.021399
蛋白质定位 Protein localization 0.00015944 0.023716
杂环代谢过程 Heterocycle metabolic process 0.00018062 0.025736
DNA复制,合成RNA引物 DNA replication, synthesis of RNA primer 0.00023573 0.031671
含核碱基的化合物代谢过程 Nucleobase-containing compound metabolic process 0.00038174 0.045427
细胞内部分 Intracellular part 9.95E-08 0.00041428
细胞质 Cytoplasm 1.93E-06 0.002285
细胞内膜结合细胞器 Intracellular membrane-bounded organelle 2.49E-06 0.002285
膜结合的细胞器 Membrane-bounded organelle 3.16E-06 0.002285
细胞 Cell 7.88E-06 0.0034462
细胞部分 Cell part 7.88E-06 0.0034462
细胞内 Intracellular 1.34E-05 0.0046662
细胞质部分 Cytoplasmic part 1.65E-05 0.0049423
核 Nucleus 1.66E-05 0.0049423
细胞内细胞器 Intracellular organelle 2.56E-05 0.0061674
细胞器 Organelle 2.69E-05 0.0061674
大分子复合物 Macromolecular complex 2.81E-05 0.0061674
核部分 Nuclear part 4.41E-05 0.0087498
膜封闭的管腔 Membrane-enclosed lumen 0.00018537 0.025736
细胞器腔 Organelle lumen 0.00025929 0.032725
细胞内细胞器腔 Intracellular organelle lumen 0.00025929 0.032725
内膜系统 Endomembrane system 0.00031133 0.038138
蛋白质复合物 Protein complex 0.00047111 0.049055
核腔 Nuclear lumen 0.00048565 0.049335
连接酶活性,形成碳 - 氧键 Ligase activity, forming carbon-oxygen bonds 0.00040555 0.045652
Ligase activity, forming aminoacyl-tRNA and related compounds
0.00040555 0.045652
腺苷酸核苷酸结合 Adenyl nucleotide binding 0.00043007 0.047138
结合物 Binding 0.00046 0.049055

Table 5

Pathways enrichment data for M2_72H vs C group"

Pathway ID
Sample number
Background number
Corrected P value
细胞周期 Cell cycle chx04110 62 116 1.30736872661e-07
DNA复制 DNA replication chx03030 26 34 1.97822480896e-07
范可尼贫血症 Fanconi anemia chx03460 29 50 0.000199893004074
错配修复 Mismatch repair chx03430 15 22 0.00320771571904
赖氨酸降解 Lysine degradation chx00310 25 50 0.0157486842455
癌症中的微小RNA MicroRNAs in cancer chx05206 50 127 0.0399507008006
阿尔茨海默氏病 Alzheimer's disease chx05010 61 164 0.0467892160603
类固醇生物合成 Steroid biosynthesis chx00100 12 20 0.0467892160603
TNF chx04668 39 97 0.0467892160603
Nod样受体 Nod-like receptor chx04621 22 47 0.0467892160603
嘧啶代谢 Pyrimidine metabolism chx00240 37 91 0.0467892160603
RNA转运 RNA transport chx03013 54 144 0.0467892160603
柠檬酸循环 Citrate cycle chx00020 16 31 0.0467892160603
同源重组 Omologous recombination chx03440 14 26 0.0467892160603
NF-kappa B chx04064 32 77 0.0467892160603

Table 6

Differential genes enriched in signaling pathways related cashmere growth between M2_72H and C group"

通路 Pathway 基因ID Gene ID 基因名称 Gene name 方式 Style


Table 7

FGF treatment group,KEGG enrichment analysis results"

样本名称 Sample name 显著富集的信号通路 Significantly enriched signaling pathway Q值 Qvalue
F4_24H vs C cis靶基因 cis target gene 无 No -
trans靶基因 trans target gene 无 No -
F4_72H vs C cis靶基因 cis target gene 无 No -
trans靶基因 trans target gene 核糖体 Ribosome
RNA转运 RNA transport
范可尼贫血途径 Fanconi anemia pathway
亨廷顿氏病 Huntington's disease
代谢途径 Metabolic pathway
氨酰基-tRNA生物合成 Aminoacyl-tRNA biosynthesis
柠檬酸循环(TCA循环) Citrate cycle (TCA cycle)
阿尔茨海默氏病 Alzheimer's disease
泛素介导的蛋白水解 Ubiquitin mediated proteolysis
F6_24H vs C Cis靶基因 Cis target gene 味觉转导 Taste transduction 0.022
Trans靶基因 Trans target gene 无 No -

Table 8

FGF treatment group,the statistical significance enrichment of pathways data"

Pathway ID
Sample number
Background number
Corrected P-value
核糖体 Ribosome chx03010 36 129 0.001
RNA转运 RNA transport chx03013 34 144 0.018
范可尼贫血途径 Fanconi anemia pathway chx03460 16 50 0.018
亨廷顿氏病 Huntington's disease chx05016 38 171 0.018
代谢途径 Metabolic pathway chx01100 178 1126 0.025
氨酰基-tRNA生物合成 Aminoacyl-tRNA biosynthesis chx00970 14 44 0.029
柠檬酸循环(TCA循环) Citrate cycle (TCA cycle) chx00020 11 31 0.033
阿尔茨海默氏病 Alzheimer's disease chx05010 35 164 0.033
泛素介导的蛋白水解 Ubiquitin mediated proteolysis chx04120 28 124 0.037
味觉转导 Taste transduction chx04742 2 35 0.022

Table 9

Differential genes enriched in signaling pathways related cashmere growth between F4_72H and C group"

通路 Pathway 基因ID Gene ID 基因名称 Gene name 方式 Style
Metabolic pathway
102172231 CTH UP
102190784 PSAT1 UP
102178128 PHGDH UP
102184920 NAPRT1 UP
102187590 GCNT1 UP
102179919 SHMT2 UP
102186540 FDPS UP
102171848 DHCRT UP
102184667 CBS UP

Fig. 7

Real-time PCR verifies correlated LncRNA expression in RNA-Seq"

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