Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2016, Vol. 49 ›› Issue (1): 35-53.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2016.01.004


Relationship of NSC with the Formation of Branches and Spikelets and the Yield Traits of Indica Hybrid Rice in Different Planting Methods

TIAN Qing-lan, LIU Bo, ZHONG Xiao-yuan, ZHAO Min, SUN Hong, REN Wan-jun   

  1. College of Agronomy, Sichuan Agricultural University/Key Laboratory of Crop Physiology, Ecology, and Cultivation in Southwest China, Wenjiang 611130, Sichuan
  • Received:2015-05-22 Online:2016-01-01 Published:2016-01-01

Abstract: 【Objective】The objective of this experiment was to explore the effects of planting methods on the accumulation and distribution of non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) and the differentiation and retrogress of branches and spikelets, and to make clear the relationship of NSC in the panicle differentiation stage with differentiation and retrogress of branches and spikelets and the relationship of the accumulation of NSC after heading with yield and its form factors. 【Method】On the basis of the early two years experiments, using a split plot field experiment research was done on the accumulation and distribution of NSC before and after heading, and the regulation and differences of the differentiation and retrogress of branches and spikelets on different parts of panicle which under three planting methods included mechanized direct-seeding (MD), mechanized transplanting (MT), and artificial transplanting (HT) of two combinations of indica hybrid rice. 【Result】(1) The stem-sheath had an obvious advantage to the young panicle about the competition of NSC in the panicle differentiation stage. MT garnered more NSC in heading, and transported more NSC to grain with a higher efficiency in the grain filling stage, making it gain more distribution of NSC in maturity. (2) The main differences among these planting methods were in the survived and retrograded percentage of secondary branches and the differentiated third branches. MT had more numbers of the survived and differentiated secondary branches and the survived and differentiated secondary spikelets so that it had more hole branches and spikelets. The retrograde of secondary branches and primary spikelets were respectively concentrated on the lower part and the upper part of panicle. Numbers of secondary branches and secondary spikelets were lower part>middle part>upper part. Numbers of survived secondary spikelets in different parts of panicle of MT were higher than HT and MD. (3) The higher accumulation of NSC in 12 d, 4 d and 0 d before heading were not beneficial to the differentiation and retrogression of branches and spikelets, but the accumulation of young panicle had a significant or extremely significant positive correlation of most characteristics of spikelets in 16 d to 8 d before heading, so this stage was the key stage of forming big panicle. The distribution of NSC after heading was mainly through the effect of the distribution of NSC in leaves and panicle on yield. There was a close contact between the yield and characteristics of the branches and spikelets. Thousand grain weight and effective panicles per unit area had a significant or extremely significant negative correlation of the characteristics of branches and spikelets, numbers of grains per panicle, and the setting percentage and yield had a significant or extremely significant positive correlation with the characteristics of the branches and spikelets. (4) Fyou498 had a higher exportation rate of the NSC of stem-sheath and a higher contribution rate of the NSC of stem-sheath to panicle than Yixiangyou2115, and most characters of branches and spikelets of Fyou498 were significantly or extremely significantly higher than Yixiangyou2115. The number of grains per panicle and the setting percentage of Fyou498 were extremely significantly higher than Yixiangyou2115, so its yield was higher. 【Conclusion】There were large differences of the accumulation and distribution of NSC and the characters of branches and spikelets among different planting methods, and also the varieties. MT cooperates big panicle varieties has a higher yield potential.

Key words: planting methods, indica hybrid rice, non-structural carbohydrates, branches, spikelets, yield

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