Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2020, Vol. 53 ›› Issue (3): 513-526.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2020.03.005


Effect of MCPA on Leaf Senescence and Endogenous Hormones Content in Leaves of Foxtail Millet Seedlings

GUO MeiJun,BAI YaQing,GAO Peng,SHEN Jie,DONG ShuQi,YUAN XiangYang(),GUO PingYi   

  1. College of Agronomy, Shanxi Agricultural University/Laboratory of Crop Chemical Regulation and Chemical Weed Control, Taigu 030801, Shanxi
  • Received:2019-06-06 Accepted:2019-07-23 Online:2020-02-01 Published:2020-02-13
  • Contact: XiangYang YUAN


【Objective】The objective of the experiment was to investigate the effect of MCPA on the senescence characteristics of leaves and contents of endogenous hormones in leaves of foxtail millet, and explore the physiological response of foxtail millet seedlings to MCPA stress, which provided a theoretical basis for the mechanism of herbicide resistance and the safe use of herbicide during cultivation.【Method】A pot-grown experiment was conducted with Jingu 21 and Zhangza10 as materials with four dosages (0.75, 1.50, 3.00, 6.00 kg·hm -2) of MCPA. After treatment for the 5 d and 15 d, the plant height, leaf area, chlorophyll content, photosynthetic parameters, chlorophyll fluorescence parameters, malondialdehyde (MDA) content, superoxide dismutase (SOD), peroxidase (POD), catalase (CAT) activity and endogenous hormone content of foxtail millet were determined. In addition, the correlation between endogenous hormone content and photosynthetic characteristics and antioxidant enzyme activity under MCPA stress were analyzed.【Result】Compared with the control, the chlorophyll content, net photosynthetic rate (Pn), transpiration rate (Tr), stomatal conductance (Gs), PSⅡ maximum photochemical efficiency (Fv/Fm), and electron transfer rate (ETR) in foxtail millet leaves were decreased with different MCPA dosages treatment; however, the change tendency of non - photochemical quenching (NPQ) is opposite. In addition, the effect of MCPA on the photosynthetic characteristics of foxtail millet gradually decreased with the extension of application time, which showed that most indexes could be restored to the control level after MCPA treatment 15 d. At the same time, SOD, POD, CAT activity and MDA content of foxtail millet leaves were increased with MCPA treatment at different dosages, which showed the trend of increasing first and then decreasing with the extension of application time. MCPA treatment increased abscisic acid (ABA) and auxin (IAA) content in foxtail millet leaves and decreased gibberellin (GA) and zeatin (Zt) content in foxtail millet leaves. ABA content was significantly negatively correlated with chlorophyll content, Pn, Fo and ETR, and significantly negatively correlated with Gs. Except NPQ, Zt content was significantly positively correlated with chlorophyll content and ETR, and significantly positively correlated with Fo. Correlation analysis showed that ABA content was significantly correlated with the activity of SOD and POD. IAA content was positively correlated with CAT. GA content was significantly correlated with POD activity.【Conclusion】 After MCPA treatment, Zt content was increased and ABA content was decreased in foxtail millet leaves. On the one hand, MCPA affected photosynthetic rate, photoelectron transfer and other photosynthetic physiological processes; while, MCPA regulated endogenous hormone contents including IAA, GA and ABA, which further influence the activity of SOD, POD and CAT and eventually leaded to enhance the tolerance to herbicide stress.

Key words: foxtail millet (Setaria italica L.), MCPA, antioxidant enzyme, photosynthetic characteristics, endogenous hormone

Table 1

Effect of MCPA on agronomic characters of foxtail millet"

Effective dosage (kg·hm-2)
株高 Plant height (cm) 叶面积 Leaf area (cm2)
5 DAT 15 DAT 5 DAT 15 DAT
Jingu 21
0 29.25±0.84a 30.95±0.14a 8.56±0.21a 12.39±0.10a
0.75 26.65±0.26b 28.55±0.09b 7.51±0.12b 8.27±0.20b
1.50 24.45±0.32c 26.30±0.06c 7.25±0.06b 8.19±0.06b
3.00 24.25±0.09c 25.70±0.58c 6.44±0.03c 7.72±0.18c
6.00 22.15±0.49d 25.25±0.66c 4.44±0.05d 6.90±0.41d
Zhangza 10
0 31.00±0.58a 32.87±0.37a 14.91±0.51a 15.41±1.30a
0.75 30.43±0.34a 31.97±0.73a 12.86±0.38b 14.24±0.21a
1.50 25.93±0.86b 28.50±1.04b 11.05±0.43c 11.50±0.33b
3.00 25.73±0.37b 27.20±0.20b 9.41±0.34d 10.07±0.07b
6.00 23.00±0.29c 24.33±0.17c 8.39±0.09d 9.43±0.62b

Table 2

Comparison of the superoxide dismutase (SOD), peroxidase (POD), catalase (CAT) activities and malonaldehyde (MDA) contents of foxtail millet leaves among treatments"

Effective dosage (kg·hm-2)
SOD activity
(U·min-1·g-1 FW)
POD activity
(μmol·min-1·g-1 FW)
CAT activity
(U·min-1·g-1 FW)
MDA content
(nmol·g-1 FW)
Jingu 21
5 DAT 0 71.67±2.79d 223.96±7.24c 54.62±0.81d 10.73±0.33e
0.75 189.42±8.34c 225.08±11.27c 66.71±0.80c 16.94±0.13d
1.50 247.32±7.30b 226.14±0.23c 68.43±0.42bc 18.52±0.00c
3.00 319.68±3.09a 284.43±1.29b 70.27±0.64b 29.02±0.19b
6.00 317.72±5.03a 367.47±3.76a 80.29±1.48a 34.32±0.26a
15 DAT 0 95.80±1.69c 25.13±0.81e 52.51±1.00b 10.16±0.39c
0.75 95.80±1.69c 61.75±1.73d 53.05±0.26b 10.16±0.39c
1.50 104.06±1.75c 76.52±1.54c 64.31±2.38a 11.97±0.39b
3.00 171.43±6.60b 121.20±0.64a 64.65±0.54a 16.26±0.04a
6.00 292.85±6.58a 112.09±1.77b 66.44±0.43a 16.94±0.48a
Zhangza 10
5 DAT 0 94.01±0.61d 71.43±5.37d 45.77±1.77d 15.71±0.01c
0.75 123.96±0.01c 74.20±2.48d 48.12±1.15cd 21.99±0.77b
1.50 125.38±7.72c 113.24±0.20c 53.29±0.95bc 22.21±1.25b
3.00 143.19±0.77b 141.06±0.61b 56.13±1.19ab 25.39±0.36a
6.00 156.78±2.05a 218.56±0.05a 61.26±3.15a 25.66±0.49a
15 DAT 0 83.56±2.71d 28.71±0.13e 41.78±0.53d 14.90±0.33b
0.75 88.43±0.27d 83.56±0.95d 43.33±0.73cd 15.70±1.02ab
1.50 102.22±0.98c 88.98±0.52c 44.76±0.37c 16.40±0.34ab
3.00 124.70±0.94b 103.26±1.52b 48.29±0.11b 17.21±1.18ab
6.00 159.30±0.04a 167.78±0.42a 53.02±0.20a 18.70±0.83a

Fig. 1

Effect of MCPA application on foxtail millet seedling A, B: Jingu 21; C, D: Zhangza 10"

Table 3

Effects of MCPA on chlorophyll content and photosynthetic parameters in foxtail millet leaves"

Effective dosage (kg·hm-2)
Chlorophyll content (mg·g-1FM)
Net photosynthetic rate (μmol·(CO2) m-2·g-1)
Transpiration rate (μmol·(H2O) m-2·g-1)
Stomatal conductance (mmol·(H2O) m-2·g-1)
Jingu 21
5 DAT 0 1.31±0.01a 16.56±0.23a 2.96±0.09a 83.45±2.06a
0.75 0.82±0.06b 14.32±0.04b 2.91±0.24ab 82.74±4.53a
1.50 0.63±0.01c 14.07±0.42b 2.38±0.18bc 74.31±4.04ab
3.00 0.60±0.05c 12.86±0.71bc 2.31±0.10c 72.04±5.10ab
6.00 0.29±0.01d 12.00±0.43c 2.20±0.07c 62.43±1.19b
15 DAT 0 1.42±0.03a 28.19±1.54a 4.49±0.17a 110.39±4.01a
0.75 1.04±0.03b 25.07±0.24ab 4.29±0.07a 107.36±3.10ab
1.50 0.66±0.00c 24.85±0.49ab 4.07±0.52a 99.74±3.79b
3.00 0.60±0.01d 22.94±1.33bc 3.97±0.37a 97.90±4.21b
6.00 0.26±0.00e 20.58±1.16c 3.64±0.38a 87.23±2.21c
Zhangza 10
5 DAT 0 1.24±0.02a 16.47±0.32a 5.11±0.09a 92.12±2.80a
0.75 1.05±0.01b 15.86±0.29ab 5.11±0.43a 84.92±2.93ab
1.50 0.99±0.03c 14.29±1.09bc 4.95±0.23a 75.58±2.63bc
3.00 0.83±0.01d 12.92±0.25c 4.44±0.31a 73.98±4.67c
6.00 0.69±0.01e 12.60±0.49c 4.42±0.35a 71.41±1.91c
15 DAT 0 1.70±0.01a 30.02±1.22a 5.34±0.12a 133.62±3.85a
0.75 1.16±0.02b 23.71±1.43b 5.31±0.31a 130.18±0.68a
1.50 0.95±0.01c 23.21±0.60b 4.84±0.40ab 126.09±1.84a
3.00 0.72±0.01d 21.11±0.45bc 4.50±0.34bc 107.07±0.77b
6.00 0.63±0.02e 19.70±0.51c 3.92±0.18c 100.56±0.90b

Fig. 2

Effects of MCPA on chlorophyll fluorescence in ‘Jingu 21’ foxtail millet leaves"

Fig. 3

Effects of MCPA on chlorophyll fluorescence in ‘Zhangza 10’ foxtail millet leaves"

Table 4

Effects of MCPA on endogenous hormone content in foxtail millet leaves"

Effective dosage (kg·hm-2)
Auxin (ng·g-1 FM)
Gibberellin (ng·g-1 FM)
Zeatin (ng·g-1 FM)
Abscisic acid (ng·g-1 FM)
Jingu 21
5 DAT 0 45.77±1.37b 8.14±0.08a 9.60±0.23a 55.28±0.73d
0.75 48.44±0.49ab 8.35±0.10a 8.82±0.09b 55.88±1.11d
1.50 49.00±1.46ab 8.38±0.15a 7.80±0.09c 66.73±0.87c
3.00 50.16±1.07a 7.84±0.24b 7.88±0.08c 73.62±1.08b
6.00 48.89±0.45ab 7.10±0.10c 7.49±0.11c 78.19±1.20a
15 DAT 0 38.25±0.61d 6.99±0.14b 9.57±0.15a 45.41±0.51c
0.75 38.28±0.58d 6.28±0.05c 8.79±0.14b 54.39±0.37b
1.50 52.99±0.57b 5.68±0.06d 8.62±0.08b 60.27±1.43a
3.00 75.32±1.05a 7.67±0.17a 8.08±0.07c 61.05±1.21a
6.00 43.84±0.40c 5.64±0.14d 7.14±0.10d 63.57±1.34a
Zhangza 10
5 DAT 0 40.79±0.17c 7.54±0.20a 9.63±0.09a 60.04±1.43e
0.75 47.93±0.47b 7.33±0.15ab 8.19±0.12b 64.88±1.09d
1.50 48.91±0.95b 6.90±0.15bc 7.45±0.14c 73.23±0.97c
3.00 53.36±0.67a 6.81±0.07bc 7.22±0.10c 76.95±1.19b
6.00 49.80±0.49b 6.57±0.14c 5.81±5.18d 81.53±1.01a
15 DAT 0 31.72±0.43d 6.41±0.17a 9.57±0.10a 49.42±0.72e
0.75 35.58±0.26c 6.39±0.12a 9.07±0.10b 61.56±1.27d
1.50 47.53±0.70b 6.14±0.13ab 8.02±0.11c 69.84±0.60c
3.00 50.95±0.28a 5.81±0.10bc 8.34±0.15c 74.07±1.03b
6.00 48.66±0.33b 5.49±0.04c 4.46±0.10d 80.56±1.36a

Table 5

Relationship between hormone contents and photosynthetic parameters in foxtail millet"

生长素IAA -0.58** -0.32 -0.3 -0.41 -0.34 -0.31 -0.42 0.22
赤霉素GA 0.12 -0.49* -0.48* -0.50* 0.05 0 0.16 0.04
玉米素Zt 0.64** 0.41 0.17 0.33 0.52* 0.42 0.61** -0.61**
脱落酸ABA -0.64** -0.65** -0.19 -0.46* -0.71** -0.35 -0.74** 0.87**

Fig. 4

Relationship between the activity of SOD and the hormone concentrations in foxtail millet leaves"

Fig. 5

Relationship between the activity of POD and the hormone concentrations in foxtail millet leaves"

Fig. 6

Relationship between the activity of CAT and the hormone concentrations in foxtail millet leaves"

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