Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2020, Vol. 53 ›› Issue (3): 500-512.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2020.03.004


Mechanism of Spraying Growth Regulators to Alleviate Drought Stress of Sweet Potato

WANG JinQiang,LI SiPing,LIU Qing,LI Huan()   

  1. College of Resources and Environmental Science, Qingdao Agricultural University, Qingdao 266109, Shandong
  • Received:2019-05-23 Accepted:2019-07-03 Online:2020-02-01 Published:2020-02-13
  • Contact: Huan LI


【Objective】The study was conducted to investigate the effects of spraying growth regulators on the distribution of photosynthetic products in sweet potato and the alleviation effects on drought stress.【Method】Artificial dry shed and dry pond were used to simulate the drought stress of potato swell (100-120 d), and based on 13C labeling method, the alleviation effects of spraying three exogenous hormones such as 6-benzylaminopurine (6-BA), α-naphthyl acetic acid (NAA) and abscisic acid (ABA) on drought stress of sweet potato were studied. The physiological and biochemical indexes, such as the accumulation and distribution rate of 13C, endogenous hormone content, carbon metabolism enzyme activity and photosynthetic fluorescence characteristics of sweet potato leaves, were analyzed. And then we performed stepwise regression analysis, path analysis and RDA analysis.【Result】Compared with normal water supply, drought stress decreased the yield of sweet potato by 18.76% (P<0.05). The degree of the decrease of yield was greatly smaller with the spraying of growth regulator under drought stress (P<0.05). The best effect of spraying was 6-BA which was followed by ABA and NAA. Spraying growth regulators under drought stress could significantly improve the photosynthetic efficiency of functional leaves, which could promote the synthesis of photosynthetic products during the expansion of potato tubers. Compared with the spraying of water, the spraying of 6-BA promoted the net photosynthetic rate (Pn), which increased by 10.93% and the maximum photochemical efficiency (Fv/Fm) which increased by 20.00%. Spraying different growth regulators in drought could significantly increase the instantaneous accumulation of 13C and the rate of distribution to the roots of sweet potato. Different growth regulators could promote the transfer of photosynthetic products ( 13C) from leaves to roots and distribution which increased by 75.68% and 27.68% by spraying 6-BA, respectively. In addition, spraying growth regulators increased leaf carbon metabolizing enzyme activity. Compared with the spraying of water, the spraying of 6-BA, NAA and ABA increased SS enzyme activity increased by 29.59%, 19.25% and 13.03%, respectively. Spraying growth regulators alleviated the decrease of ZR and IAA content caused by drought. Compared with the spraying of water, the spraying of 6-BA increased ZR and IAA by 18.72% and 10.97%, respectively. Stepwise regression analysis showed that photosynthetic characteristics, chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics, carbon metabolism enzyme activity and endogenous hormones were key indicators for regulating the distribution of photosynthetic products ( 13C) at the peak of potato tube expansion (R=0.997); Path analysis showed that Pn, SPS, ABA, ZR, SS and Fv/Fm had the higher direct interaction coefficient on the transfer and distribution of the product ( 13C) from the leaves to the roots for sweet potato photosynthesis; RDA analysis showed that the spraying of 6-BA had a good correlation with the total 13C accumulation of sweet potato, the distribution of 13C in roots, ZR, Pn, Fv/Fm, SS and SPS.【Conclusion】Spraying growth regulators under drought stress raised endogenous hormone content, carbon metabolism enzyme activity based on SPS and ADPGase, improved leaf photosynthetic characteristics, and promoted the transport of photosynthetic products ( 13C) from leaf to root in potato tube expansion stage, besides which could relieve the effects of drought stress.

Key words: sweet potato, drought stress, plant growth regulators, 13C distribution

Fig. 1

Effects of spraying growth regulators on dry matter content of sweet potato under drought stress (120 d) Different small letters indicate significant difference at 0.05 level"

Table 1

Effects of spraying growth regulators on yield of sweet potato under drought stress (160 d)"

Yield (t·hm-2 FW)
Root number
Root weight (g)
CK 33.80±1.21a 3.17±0.05a 213.47±2.49a
LD 27.46±0.45d 2.33±0.04e 205.36±1.40e
LD+ABA 30.44±0.88bc 2.67±0.05c 211.31±0.89c
LD+NAA 29.71±0.50c 2.50±0.03d 208.73±1.04d
LD+6-BA 32.10±1.06ab 2.83±0.04b 212.47±1.59b

Table 2

Effects of spraying growth regulators on the accumulation of 13C in sweet potato under drought stress"

Total accumulation

rate (%)

rate (%)
Root tuber
Distribution rate (%)
Fibrous root
Distribution rate (%)
CK 16.67±0.23a 6.32±0.07a 37.91±0.65c 2.48±0.07a 14.89±0.27c 7.28±0.12a 43.68±0.40a 0.59±0.07a 3.51±0.36d
LD 6.53±0.15e 3.05±0.09e 46.73±1.15a 1.42±0.07c 21.73±0.57a 1.72±0.04e 26.33±0.67d 0.34±0.03d 5.21±0.43a
LD+ABA 10.82±0.17c 3.85±0.14d 35.57±1.06d 1.91±0.12b 17.64±1.02b 4.73±0.08c 43.67±0.12a 0.34±0.05d 3.11±0.48e
LD+NAA 10.42±0.17d 4.48±0.13c 42.96±0.85b 1.87±0.06b 17.91±0.34b 3.66±0.09d 35.12±0.96c 0.42±0.03c 4.01±0.29b
LD+6-BA 13.60±0.15b 5.36±0.06b 39.44±0.38c 1.96±0.10b 14.41±0.59c 5.76±0.07b 42.35±0.55b 0.52±0.04b 3.80±0.29c
CK 15.37±0.27a 4.09±0.08a 26.59±0.03b 1.94±0.08a 12.62±0.30b 9.12±0.07a 59.35±0.78b 0.22±0.04c 1.44±0.24b
LD 6.09±0.04e 1.98±0.02d 32.53±0.58a 1.04±0.03d 17.00±0.22a 2.95±0.08e 48.44±0.77c 0.12±0.01d 2.02±0.16b
LD+ABA 9.93±0.04c 2.24±0.01c 23.76±0.30d 1.20±0.04c 12.25±0.40b 6.08±0.06c 61.85±0.36a 0.34±0.05b 3.49±0.29a
LD+NAA 9.67±0.20d 2.40±0.09c 25.09±1.08c 1.17±0.06c 12.23±0.67b 5.62±0.03d 58.73±0.05b 0.38±0.07ab 3.96±0.65a
LD+6-BA 12.51±0.07b 3.38±0.06b 27.04±0.55b 1.36±0.07b 10.90±0.42c 7.33±0.04b 58.62±0.25b 0.43±0.01a 3.33±0.03a

Table 3

Effects of spraying growth regulators on photosynthetic characteristics of sweet potato leaves under drought stress (120 d)"

Pn (mol·m-2·s-1)
Tr (mmol·m-2·s-1)
Gs (mmol·m-2·s-1)
Ci (mol·mol-1)
CK 20.60±0.70a 5.11±0.04a 390.50±20.60a 280.57±11.70a
LD 18.58±1.46b 3.16±0.91c 212.67±11.30c 240.00±6.32c
LD+ABA 19.34±0.68b 3.09±0.06d 201.33±11.98d 253.86±5.25b
LD+NAA 18.78±0.96b 3.21±0.26c 214.94±15.11c 243.64±7.71bc
LD+6-BA 20.61±0.40a 3.51±0.04b 235.95±10.98b 277.23±8.42a

Table 4

Effects of spraying growth regulators on chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics of sweet potato leaves under drought stress"

处理 Treatment Fv/Fm PI abs ABS/CSm ETo/CSm TRo/ABS
CK 0.69±0.02a 2.32±0.16b 28784±1878a 9916±211ab 0.69±0.04a
LD 0.55±0.04d 1.23±0.08d 20875±594c 5744±756d 0.56±0.05b
LD+ABA 0.64±0.02b 2.03±0.06c 25412±1474b 8955±207b 0.70±0.04a
LD+NAA 0.60±0.03c 1.94±0.08c 28684±488a 7854±688c 0.65±0.03a
LD+6-BA 0.66±0.01b 2.90±0.16a 28312±910a 10750±717a 0.70±0.01a

Table 5

Effects of spraying growth regulators on SS,SPS and ADPGase in sweet potato leaves under drought stress (120 d)"

处理 Treatment SS (mg Suc·g-1 FW·h-1) SPS (mg Suc·g-1 FW·h-1) ADPGase (µmol NADPH·g-1 FW·h-1)
CK 24.28±0.34a 22.31±0.34a 5.98±0.34a
LD 17.80±0.31e 17.09±0.04e 4.02±0.04e
LD+ABA 21.22±0.35c 20.24±0.36c 5.19±0.36c
LD+NAA 20.12±0.49d 18.61±0.38d 4.65±0.38d
LD+6-BA 23.06±0.20b 21.04±0.19b 5.36±0.19b

Table 6

Effects of spraying growth regulators on endogenous hormones in sweet potato leaves under drought stress"

(ng·g-1 FW)
(ng·g-1 FW)
(ng·g-1 FW)
CK 35.68±0.87a 114.50±8.13a 191.43±1.34e
LD 25.69±1.00d 75.75±1.18d 247.36±2.30b
LD+ABA 29.06±0.17c 81.83±1.96c 270.31±1.29a
LD+NAA 28.02±0.34c 88.13±3.56b 221.49±6.48c
LD+6-BA 30.50±0.69b 84.06±1.81c 215.77±3.46d

Table 7

Path coefficient between physiological indexes and 13C accumulation of sweet potato by growth regulators during expansion period under drought stress"

Action factor
Direct action
间接效应 Indirect effect
Pn Gs →Fv/Fm →PI abs →ABS/CSm →SS →SPS →ADPGase →ZR →ABA
Pn 1.5730 0.1240 0.0031 -0.8223 0.0959 0.0603 0.0381 -0.6058 1.0433 -0.6749
Gs 0.3297 0.0279 0.0012 0.0177 0.0736 0.0556 0.0357 -0.1108 0.0516 0.3714
Fv/Fm 0.8119 0.0123 0.0328 -0.0138 -0.0319 -0.0042 -0.0064 0.0235 0.0086 -0.0834
PI abs 0.0303 0.0349 0.1922 0.0054 0.0677 0.0454 0.0272 -0.0782 0.0391 0.3159
ABS/CSm 0.1727 -0.0263 0.1404 -0.0022 -0.0119 0.0573 0.0328 -0.1000 0.0289 0.5702
SS 1.0762 0.0374 0.2405 -1.3207 0.1181 0.1299 0.0470 -0.1960 0.0473 0.5867
SPS 1.3484 -0.6372 0.2429 -1.9016 -0.2170 0.4171 0.0741 -0.1417 1.0473 0.5540
ADPGase 0.1439 0.0348 0.2540 -0.0019 0.0165 -0.1200 0.0742 0.0477 -0.0478 0.5519
ZR 1.1557 0.0368 0.3054 0.9018 -0.9130 -0.0894 0.0648 0.0411 -1.1234 0.4757
ABA 1.1986 -0.0352 -0.1917 0.0015 1.0150 -0.9542 -0.0700 -0.0920 0.1243 -0.0415

Fig. 2

Redundancy analysis between photosynthesis product accumulation and photosynthetic characteristics, endogenous hormones of sweet potato The coordination from the first two ordination axes was explained by 69.0% and 9.9% of the variance. The significance based on Monte Carlo permutation test of all canonical axes was P=0.002"

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