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Changes of Water Transportation in Berry Vascular Bundle at Different Developmental Phases of Kyoho Grape Berry

 XIE  Zhao-Sen, CAO  Hong-Mei, LI  Bo, LI  Wei-Fu, XU  Wen-Ping, WANG  Shi-Ping   

  1. 1.上海交通大学农业与生物学院,上海200240
  • Received:2011-06-15 Online:2012-01-01 Published:2011-11-15

Abstract: 【Objective】The objective of the experiment is to understand the relation ship between water transportation in berry vascular and berry growth.【Method】The berry growth, berry firmness and turgor, the structure of vascular bundle and water transportation in vascular bundle were studied. Apoplastic dye stuff was used as the tracer to study the water transportation in berry vascular.【Result】The results showed that during phase I, the dorsal and central vascular bundles were colored mostly, the speeds of dye stuff transport in dorsal vascular bundles were the highest among three phases of berry development, the speed was 0.97 cm·h-1. After phase II, the distribution of dye stuff decreased, the speeds of dye stuff transport decreased, the speeds in dorsal and central vascular bundles were 0.08 cm·h-1 and 0.72 cm·h-1, respectively. During phase III, the distribution of dye stuff was still lower than phase I. After phase II, the walls of xylem vessels were indistinct, some of them were broken.【Conclusion】After phase III, although the collapse of partial xylem structure and non-functional xylem led to the decrease in efficiency of water transportation in vascular, sugar accumulation in grape berry increased, osmoregulation in berry also increased, water entered into grape berry via phloem. These adjustments promoted the second rapid growth of grape berry.

Key words: grape, berry, vascular bundle, water transport

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