Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2020, Vol. 53 ›› Issue (16): 3294-3306.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2020.16.008


Spatiotemporal Variability Characteristics of Soil Fertility in Red Soil Paddy Region in the Past 35 Years—A Case Study of Jinxian County

WANG YuanPeng1,2(),HUANG Jing1,3,SUN YuXiang4,5,LIU KaiLou1,6,ZHOU Hu5,HAN TianFu1,DU JiangXue1,JIANG XianJun2,CHEN Jin7(),ZHANG HuiMin1,3()   

  1. 1Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences/National Engineering Laboratory for Improving Quality of Arable Land, Beijing 100081
    2College of Resources and Environment, Southwest University, Chongqing 400715
    3National Observation Station of Qiyang Agri-Ecology System, Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, CAAS, Qiyang 426182, Hunan
    4College of Resources and Environment, Hunan Agricultural University, Changsha 410128
    5Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing 210008
    6Jiangxi Institute of Red Soil/National Engineering and Technology Research Center for Red Soil Improvement/Scientific Observational and Experimental Station of Arable Land Conservation in Jiangxi, Ministry of Agriculture, Nanchang 330046
    7Soil and Fertilizer & Resources and Environment Institute, Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Key Laboratory of Crop Ecophysiology and Farming System for the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs / National Engineering and Technology Research Center for Red Soil Improvement, Nanchang 330200;
  • Received:2019-09-30 Accepted:2019-12-08 Online:2020-08-16 Published:2020-08-27
  • Contact: Jin CHEN,HuiMin ZHANG;;


【Objective】The aim of this study was to clarify the changes of soil nutrients and the current fertility level in the actual agricultural production in the typical county of red soil, which provided the basis for the improvement of red soil paddy soil. 【Method】Data of paddy field soil properties in Jinxian County of Jiangxi Province in 1982, 2008 and 2017 were obtained through data collection and field sampling analysis. Soil pH, organic matter, alkalide nitrogen, available phosphorus and available potassium were selected as soil comprehensive fertility evaluation factors. Firstly, the conventional statistics and differential analysis of various fertility factors in the three periods were carried out. Principal component analysis was used to find out the key factors of fertility differences in different periods and the weight was determined. The membership value of each fertility factor was obtained by membership function. The soil integrated fertility index was calculated by weight values and membership values. Finally, the spatial and temporal evolution characteristics of paddy field soil fertility in this region were explored based on GIS spatial distribution maps of soil fertility factors and integrated fertility index. 【Result】From 1982 to 2017, soil organic matter, alkalide nitrogen, available phosphorus and available potassium of paddy soil in Jinxian County increased in varying degrees, while soil pH value decreased. The average pH values of Jinxian County in the three periods of 1982, 2008 and 2017 were 5.9, 5.1 and 4.8, respectively, with an average annual decrease of 0.03 units. In the past 35 years, the overall decline rate of soil pH from west to southeast and northwest gradually decreased. In 2017, 99% of the paddy soil was at an acidic level (4.5-5.5). The average content of soil organic matter increased from 28.1 to 36.8 g·kg-1 in 35 years. The average annual increase rates of soil organic matter from 1982 to 2008 and from 2008 to 2017 were 0.21 and 0.31 g·kg-1, respectively. In 2017, the proportion of paddy fields with soil organic matter content between 30 and 40 g·kg-1 reached 94%. From 1982 to 2017, the increasing rate of soil organic matter decreased gradually from northeast to southwest. From 1982 to 2017, the average content of available phosphorus in soil increased from 7.0 to 32.1 mg·kg-1. In 2017, the paddy fields with soil available phosphorus content ranging from 20 to 40 mg·kg-1 were dominant in Jinxian County, accounting for 75%. The accumulation of available potassium in paddy soils was slow from 1982 to 2017. The annual average increase rates of available potassium in paddy soils from 1982 to 2008 and from 2008 to 2017 were 0.58 and 0.53 mg·kg-1, respectively. In 2017, the average content of available potassium in paddy soil in Jinxian County was 73.2 mg·kg-1. The alkalide nitrogen in paddy soils increased first and then slowly in the two stages of 1982-2008 and 2008-2017. The growth rates of the two stages were 1.24 and 0.29 mg·kg-1, respectively. From 1982 to 2017, the increase rate of soil alkalide nitrogen content in Jinxian County was higher in Southeast China and lower in Northwest China. The average values of the integrated fertility index of paddy soil in Jinxian County in 1982, 2008 and 2017 were 0.43, 0.50 and 0.55, respectively. The general scores of soil fertility factors in three periods were as follows: alkalide nitrogen>available phosphorus>pH>available potassium>organic matter (1982), pH>available phosphorus>available potassium>organic matter>alkalide nitrogen (2008), available potassium>available phosphorus>pH>alkalide nitrogen>organic matter (2017). 【Conclusion】 After 35 years of long-term cultivation, the soil fertility of rice fields in Jinxian County has been improved. At present, the paddy soil in Jinxian County still has problems such as excessive alkalide nitrogen, available potassium deficiency, and serious acidification of the soil. Soil alkalide nitrogen, pH and available potassium were the key factors for the spatial distribution of soil fertility in Jinxian County during the three periods of 1982, 2008 and 2017, respectively.

Key words: red soil, fertility evaluation, principal component analysis, spatiotemporal variability, Jinxian County

Table 1

Criteria for grading of soil nutrients"

等级 Grade pH 等级 Grade SOM (g·kg-1) AN (mg·kg-1) AP (mg·kg-1) AK (mg·kg-1)
强酸 Strong acid <4.5 一级 Grade 1 >40 >150 >40 >200
酸性 Acidity 4.5—5.5 二级 Grade 2 30—40 120—150 20—40 150—200
微酸 Slightly acid 5.5—6.5 三级 Grade 3 20—30 90—120 10—20 100—150
中性 Neutral 6.5—7.5 四级 Grade 4 10—20 60—90 5—10 50—100
碱性 Alkalinity >7.5 五级 Grade 5 6—10 30—60 3—5 30—50
六级 Grade 6 <6 <30 <3 <30

Table 2

The turning point of membership function"

转折点 Turning point pH SOM (g·kg-1) AN (mg·kg-1) AP (mg·kg-1) AK (mg·kg-1)
x1 4.5 20 100 5 50
x2 6.0 40 200 40 150
x3 7.0
x4 8.5

Fig. 1

Variation trend of soil fertility factors in paddy soil of Jinxian County"

Table 3

Results of principal component analysis and weights of fertility factors in Jinxian County in 1982, 2008 and 2017"

Fertility factor
主成分 Principal component 综合得分
1982 pH 0.160 0.012 -0.132 0.975 0.229 0.187
SOM 0.853 -0.156 -0.176 0.230 0.201 0.165
AN 0.854 0.265 0.192 0.019 0.331 0.271
AP 0.056 0.982 0.073 0.009 0.252 0.206
AK 0.011 0.076 0.980 -0.132 0.208 0.170
特征值 Eigenvalue 1.486 1.065 1.051 1.022
贡献率Contribution rate (%) 29.716 21.295 21.011 20.445
累计贡献率 Cumulative contribution rate (%) 29.716 51.011 72.022 92.468
2008 pH 0.876 0.258 0.161 -0.026 0.302 0.294
SOM -0.092 -0.082 0.062 0.985 0.189 0.184
AN -0.684 0.392 0.364 0.201 0.052 0.051
AP 0.017 0.063 0.975 0.056 0.254 0.247
AK 0.080 0.949 0.061 -0.097 0.230 0.224
特征值 Eigenvalue 1.251 1.131 1.116 1.025
贡献率 Contribution rate (%) 25.019 22.622 22.318 20.49
累计贡献率 Cumulative contribution rate (%) 25.019 47.641 69.959 90.449
2017 pH 0.905 -0.124 -0.024 0.132 0.222 0.210
SOM -0.091 -0.051 0.984 -0.089 0.169 0.160
AN 0.637 0.504 -0.213 -0.130 0.204 0.193
AP 0.062 0.050 -0.085 0.980 0.230 0.218
AK -0.038 0.937 -0.019 0.078 0.231 0.219
特征值 Eigenvalue 1.238 1.153 1.022 1.009
贡献率 Contribution rate (%) 24.762 23.062 20.448 20.189
累计贡献率 Cumulative contribution rate (%) 24.762 47.824 68.272 88.461

Fig. 2

Distribution map of soil fertility factors and integrated fertility index"

Table 4

Results of area ratio of soil fertility factors and integrated fertility index in different periods"

面积占比 Area ratio (%)
强酸Strong acid 酸性Acidity 微酸Slightly acid 中性Neutral 碱性Alkalinity
pH 1982 0 14 81 5 0
2008 0 93 7 0 0
2017 1 99 0 0 0

面积占比 Area ratio (%)
一级 Grade 1 二级 Grade 2 三级 Grade 3 四级 Grade 4 五级 Grade 5
SOM 1982 0 38 59 3 0
2008 2 81 14 3 0
2017 6 94 0 0 0
AN 1982 30 64 6 0 0
2008 100 0 0 0 0
2017 98 2 0 0 0
AP 1982 0 0 1 93 6
2008 3 79 18 0 0
2017 19 75 6 0 0
AK 1982 0 0 0 59 41
2008 0 0 4 86 10
2017 0 0 10 89 1
IFI 1982 0 0 7 86 7
2008 0 0 58 41 1
2017 0 21 78 1 0
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