Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2022, Vol. 55 ›› Issue (6): 1227-1240.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2022.06.014


Definition and Genetic Parameters Estimation for Health Traits by Using on-Farm Management Data in Dairy Cattle

WANG Kai1(),ZHANG HaiLiang1,DONG YiXin1,CHEN ShaoKan2,GUO Gang2,LIU Lin3,WANG YaChun1()   

  1. 1College of Animal Science and Technology, China Agricultural University/Key Laboratory of Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction (MARA)/National Engineering Laboratory for Animal Breeding, Beijing 100193
    2Beijing Sunlon Livestock Development Company Limited, Beijing 100029
    3Beijing Dairy Cattle Center, Beijing 100192
  • Received:2021-02-07 Accepted:2021-11-17 Online:2022-03-16 Published:2022-03-25
  • Contact: YaChun WANG;


【Objective】This study was conducted to define health traits and to estimate their genetic parameters by using on-farm management data in dairy cattle.【Method】In this study, the health event records were collected by extracting from farm management software from 46 large-scale dairy farms in Northern China. Totally, 1 326 kinds of health events were grouped into five categories by standardizing the acronyms of on-farm records, 18 kinds of most frequent health events were selected from five categories. According to whether a health event occurred at least once within a lactation, 18 binary individual health traits corresponding to the 18 selected health events were defined (observations being 0 or 1). Furthermore, in order to define cow’s general resistance to certain type of health problem, five binary general health traits were defined according to whether health problems within a health category occurs at least once in a lactation (observations being 0 or 1). The single trait and two traits linear animal models were used to estimate the genetic parameters for 23 newly defined health traits. 【Result】The estimated heritabilities for 23 health traits ranged from 0 (rumen acidosis) to 0.03 (milk fever). Udder health, reproductive disorders and metabolic disorders had the highest heritability (approximately 0.02) among five general health traits, whereas digestive disorders and hoof health had relatively low heritability (less than 0.01). Clustering health events into categories resulted in higher heritability for reproductive disorders and digestive disorders, while heritabilities of udder health, metabolic disorders and hoof health were lower than that of single health traits with the highest heritability in their respective category. The low genetic correlations between different health category traits were found; however, the moderate genetic correlations among some health traits from same category were observed. The health traits within the hoof health had the high genetic correlations with each other, ranged from 0.63 (Laminitis and Footrot) to 0.99 (Laminitis and Sole ulcer). For reproductive disorders, retained placenta had medium genetic correlations with metritis (0.47) and endometritis (0.46), respectively. For digestive disorders, relatively high genetic correlations were found between diarrhea and enteritis (0.94) as well as dyspepsia and antony of forestomachs (0.80). The ketosis and abomasum displacement had a genetic correlation of 0.42.【Conclusion】Based on the current data quality of health records in Chinese dairy farm and the results from the current study, it was suggested that five individual health traits (clinical mastitis, metritis, ketosis, abomasum displacement and milk fever) and two general health traits (digestive disorders and hoof health) could be considered as target traits, and they should be intensively considered in research and breeding practice for improving health traits genetically in Chinese Holstein population. This study proved the feasibility of defining health traits using on-farm management data in Chinese dairy cattle. The results from the current study provided a reference for research and genetic selection of disease resistance in dairy cattle, and could help to promote balanced breeding in Chinese dairy cattle population.

Key words: Holstein, health trait, disease resistance breeding, genetic parameter, genetic analysis

Table 1

The classification of health events in Holstein cows"

分类Category 健康事件Health event
乳房健康 UDDE 临床乳房炎、隐性乳房炎、其他 MAST1, MAST2, Others
繁殖障碍 REPR 子宫炎、胎衣不下、子宫内膜炎、流产、其他 METR, RETP, ENDM, ABOR, Others
消化障碍 DIGS 腹泻、肠炎、消化不良、前胃迟缓、其他 DIAR, ENTR, DYSP, ANTF, Others
代谢障碍 METB 产乳热、酮病、真胃变胃、瘤胃酸中毒 MFEV, KETO, DSAB, RUAD
肢蹄健康 HOOF 蹄病、腐蹄病、蹄底溃疡、蹄叶炎、其他 HFDS, FTRT, SLUL, LMNT, Others
Other categories, OTHC
Unknown records or records that cannot be classified into certain categories listed above

Fig. 1

The proportion of the various health event in Holstein cows UDDE: Udder health; MAST1: Clinical mastitis; MAST2: Subclinical mastitis; REPR: Reproductive disorders; METR: Metritis; RETP: Retained placenta; ENDM: Endometritis; ABOR: Abortion; DIGS: Digestive disorders; DIAR: Diarrhea; ENTR: Enteritis; DYSP: Dyspepsia; ANTF: Antony of forestomachs; METB: Metabolic disorders; MFEV: Milk fever; KETO: Ketosis; DSAB: Displacement of abomasum; RUAD: Rumen acidosis; HOOF: Hoof health; HFDS: Hoof disease; FTRT: Footrot; SLUL: Sole ulcer; LMNT: Laminitis; OTHC: Other categories. The same as below"

Fig. 2

The probability density of various health events with the days in milk in Holstein cows a: All health events; b: Udder health; c: Reproductive disorders; d: Digestive disorders; e: Metabolic disorders; f: Hoof health. The same as below"

Fig. 3

The impacts of parity effect on health traits in Holstein cows"

Fig. 4

The effects of calving season on health traits in Holstein cows"

Table 2

The data size and genetic parameters for various health traits in Holstein cows"

表型数据量Data size 遗传力
Cows with health events
Cows with calving records
No. of herd-years
乳房健康UDDE 54 390 163 484 406 0.0222 ± 0.0018 0.0727
临床乳房炎MSAT1 52 261 160 002 400 0.0241 ± 0.0019 0.0750
隐性乳房炎MAST2 2 443 55 644 82 0.0124 ± 0.0024 0.0207
繁殖障碍REPR 51 617 162 634 414 0.0214 ± 0.0016 0.0383
子宫炎METR 17 135 140 080 300 0.0177 ± 0.0016 0.0284
子宫内膜炎ENDM 4 743 39 068 78 0.0062 ± 0.0020 0.0248
胎衣不下RETP 7 603 119 369 217 0.0086 ± 0.0012 0.0202
流产ABOR 25 066 150 700 379 0.0068 ± 0.0011 0.0178
消化障碍DIGS 22 770 157 385 382 0.0090 ± 0.0010 0.0360
腹泻DIAR 13 483 156 716 362 0.0073 ± 0.0010 0.0342
消化不良DYSP 2 862 95 401 156 0.0000 ± 0.0000 0.0056
肠炎ENTR 2 449 60 188 129 0.0045 ± 0.0013 0.0270
前胃迟缓ANTF 3 080 83 213 173 0.0051 ± 0.0013 0.0051
代谢障碍METB 19 789 155 636 374 0.0193 ± 0.0016 0.0193
酮病KETO 9 464 134 455 280 0.0201 ± 0.0018 0.0201
真胃变位DSAB 9 142 149 798 342 0.0137 ± 0.0013 0.0137
产乳热MFEV 3 169 134 241 258 0.0310 ± 0.0024 0.0310
瘤胃酸中毒RUAC 435 44 004 62 0.0000 ± 0.0015 0.0159
肢蹄健康HOOF 8 285 139 848 309 0.0066 ± 0.0011 0.0298
蹄病HFDS 3 697 82 788 165 0.0041 ± 0.0011 0.0207
腐蹄病FTRT 1 030 56 519 78 0.0083 ± 0.0021 0.0333
蹄叶炎LMNT 982 66 187 104 0.0103 ± 0.0018 0.0103
蹄底溃疡SLUL 1 111 72 778 112 0.0000 ± 0.0011 0.0106

Fig. 5

Genetic (above diagonal) and phenotypic (below diagonal) correlations among the various health traits in Holstein cows"

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