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Effect of UV-C on the Browning of Fresh-Cut Huangguan Pear

CHEN Chen(),JIANG AiLi,LIU ChengHui,ZHAO QiQi,ZHANG YanHui,HU WenZhong()   

  1. Ministry of Education, College of Life Science, Dalian Minzu University/Key Laboratory of Biotechnology and Bioresources Utilization, Dalian 116600, Liaoning
  • Received:2020-05-04 Accepted:2020-07-22 Online:2020-12-16 Published:2020-12-28
  • Contact: WenZhong HU;


【Objective】In order to provide an experimental basis for the preservation of fresh-cut pears and enlarging the application of UV-C, the effects of pre-processing and post-processing UV-C treatment on the browning inhibition of fresh-cut pears and its possible physiology mechanism were studied.【Method】Fresh-cut pears were separately treated by pre-processing and post-processing UV-C (254 nm) for 5 min, and then the physiological parameters were evaluated, including browning degree (BI), the activities of polyphenol oxidase (PPO), phenylalnine ammonialyase (PAL), total phenolic content (TPC), H2O2 and MDA content, the activities of antioxidant enzymes (superoxide dismutase, SOD, catalase CAT, ascorbate peroxidase APX, glutathione reductase GR) and non-enzymatic antioxidant capacities (DPPH, ABTS radical scavenging activities and reducing power).【Result】The results showed that both pre-processing and post-processing UV-C treatment could effectively delay the browning of fresh-cut pears. Post-processing UV-C treatment exhibited better browning controlling effect than that of pre-processing UV-C treatment. Both two kinds of UV-C treatments could improve the PPO activity, reduce the PAL activity and TPC, as well as increase the enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant activities of fresh-cut pears and decrease the accumulation of H2O2 and MDA. Statistical analysis indicated that BI were significantly negatively correlated with CAT, APX and GR activities, and non-enzymatic capacities (P<0.01). While there was a positive correlation between BI and H2O2, MDA content (P<0.01).【Conclusion】These findings suggested that UV-C treatment delayed browning of fresh-cut pears during storage mainly through improving the antioxidant defense system. Post-processing UV-C treated fresh-cut pears possessed higher antioxidant activity than that of pre-processing treated samples, therefore, which exhibited better browning controlling effect.

Key words: fresh-cut pears, browning, UV-C, physiology mechanism

Fig. 1

Effect of UV-C treatment on the surface color of fresh-cut Huangguan pear during storage process Different alphabets are significantly (P<0.05) different among different treated samples. The same as below"

Fig. 2

Effect of UV-C treatment on the PPO activity of fresh-cut Huangguan pear during storage"

Fig. 3

Effect of UV-C treatment on the total phenolic content (a) and PAL activity (b) of fresh-cut Huangguan pear during storage"

Fig. 4

Effect of UV-C treatment on the H2O2 (a) and MDA (b) contents of fresh-cut Huangguan pear during storage"

Fig. 5

Effects of UV-C treatment on the activities of SOD (a), CAT (b), APX (c) and GR (d) of fresh-cut Huangguan pears during storage"

Fig. 6

Effects of UV-C treatment on the DPPH radical (a) and ABTS radical (b) scavenging activities and reducing power (c) of fresh-cut Huangguan pears during storage"

Fig. 7

Pearson correlation coefficients of BI and physiological parameters"

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