Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2020, Vol. 53 ›› Issue (23): 4750-4763.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2020.23.003


Effects of Exogenous ABA on Pre-Harvest Sprouting Resistance and Quality of White and Red Wheat Cultivars

ZHANG Xue,YANG HongKun,ZHENG Ting,XIAO Yun,MO Piao,FAN GaoQiong()   

  1. College of Agronomy, Sichuan Agricultural University/Key Laboratory of Crop Eco-Physiology and Farming System in Southwest China, Ministry of Agriculture, Chengdu 611130
  • Received:2020-02-24 Accepted:2020-06-23 Online:2020-12-01 Published:2020-12-09
  • Contact: GaoQiong FAN


【Objective】Pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) resulted from higher rainfall during the harvest period is one of the crucial reasons degrade food uses quality of wheat flour in Southwest wheat production region of China. This study was carried out to investigate the inhibition effect of exogenous abscisic acid (ABA) to pre-harvest sprouting, and the changes in grain quality with respecting to PHS sensitivity was also measured. 【Method】Two cultivators with pre-harvest sprouting resistance (sensitive: white-seeded wheat Zhongkemai 138; insensitive: red-seeded wheat Mianmai 367) were used as experimental materials. The anti-photodegraded ABA (0, 50, and 100 mg·L -1) were sprayed at 15 (initial filling stage), 30 (late filling stage) and 35 days (physiological maturity stage) after anthesis (DAA) to investigate the changes in germination traits, α-amylase activity and grain quality. 【Result】 (1) The application of 50-100 mg·L -1 ABA at 30 DAA could inhibit PHS, with the optimum spraying time achieved at 30 DAA. In normal years (2018), the wheat spraying with 50 mg·L -1ABA was better than other treatments as compared to the control, the germination rate of Zhongkemai 138 was reduced by 13.8 and 3.8 percentage points at physiological maturity and dough stage, respectively, and the PHS sensitivity cultivator (Mianmai 367)was decreased by 23.5 and 9.7 percentage points, respectively, as compared with control. In 2019 (rainy season), spraying with 100 mg·L -1 ABA performed better than other treatments with the germination rate of Zhongkemai 138 was reduced by 22.5 and 19.6 percentage points during the physiological maturity and dough stage, respectively, as compared with control, and PHS sensitivity cultivator (Mianmai 367) was reduced by 10.0 and 12.0 percentage points than that of control, respectively. Meanwhile, the inhibitory effects of ABA were all released at 60 days after harvest, and did not affect subsequent seed germination. (2) Exogenous application of ABA could reduce α-amylase activity and inhibited α-amylase activity, which further delayed the hydrolysis of starch in 35-45 DAA. Compared with the control, the α-amylase activity and soluble sugar content were decreased by 30.1%, and 41.9%, respectively, and the starch content was 10.2 percentage points higher when the 100 mg·L -1 ABA was spraying at 30 DAA. (3) The application of 100 mg·L -1 ABA improved the precipitation value by 4.3%-8.8%, and exogenous application of ABA showed a greater impact on the starch content with the amylopectin content and total starch content increased by 8.1 and 7.6 percentage points, and the amylose/amylopectin ratio decreased by 18.2%. Further, the pasting properties of flour were also improved with the falling value, peak viscosity and disintegration value was 20.9%-24.2%, 26.5%-51.4% and 12.4%-43.4% higher than that of CK, respectively. 【Conclusion】The application of 50-100 mg·L -1 ABA at 30 DAA could effectively reduce pre-harvest sprouting by inhibiting α-amylase induced starch hydrolysis without decline the protein quality, and thereby improved the pasting properties of wheat flour by enhancing amylopectin and total starch contents, reducing the ratio of amylase and amylopectin. Therefore, the application of 50-100mg·L -1 ABA at 30 DAA was highly recommended for farmers to enhance the pre-harvest sprouting resistance and reducing the losses in food uses quality in Southwest wheat production region of China.

Key words: abscisic acid, wheat, pre-harvest sprouting, grain quality

Fig. 1

Daily and cumulative rainfall after flowering of wheat in 2018 and 2019"

Table 1

ANOVA of ABA concentration and spraying period on spike and grain germination traits of white and red wheat cultivar"

Spike germination rate in field
生理成熟期 Physiological maturity (35DAA) 蜡熟期 Dough stage (45DAA)
Spike germination rate
Grain germination rate
Spike germination rate
Grain germination rate
2018 品种Cultivar (A) 15860.1** 29.5* 524.3** 650.8** 1.2ns
喷施时期Spraying period (B) 69.4** 222.6** 219.6** 543.9** 0.7ns
ABA浓度ABA concentration (C) 371.5** 145.8** 234.0** 59.0** 15.9**
品种×喷施时期 A×B 4.5ns 63.6** 22.8** 0.0ns 2.4ns
品种×ABA浓度 A×C 36.0** 5.0* 36.4** 4.4* 1.9ns
喷施时期×ABA浓度 B×C 1.7ns 0.4ns 3.6ns 8.6** 3.1ns
品种×喷施时期×ABA浓度A×B×C 3.8* 0.4ns 9.8** 5.2* 5.0*
2019 品种Cultivar (A) 1774.4** 921.0** 33.1* 200.5** 1.0ns
喷施时期Spraying period (B) 8.2* 99.7** 6.6* 21.9** 16.8**
ABA浓度ABA concentration (C) 306.4** 483.0** 96.4** 154.1** 40.8**
品种×喷施时期 A×B 4.7* 6.2* 2.3ns 3.3ns 0.2ns
品种×ABA浓度 A×C 14.8** 11.9** 14.8** 6.2** 5.9**
喷施时期×ABA浓度 B×C 9.3** 3.4* 2.7ns 4.8** 2.5ns
品种×喷施时期×ABA浓度A×B×C 9.0** 2.5ns 1.5ns 1.0ns 3.4*

Table 2

Effects of ABA concentration and spraying period on spike germination and grain germination of white and red wheat cultivar"

Spike germination
rate in field
生理成熟期Physiological maturity (35DAA) 蜡熟期Dough stage (45DAA)
Spike germination rate (%)
Grain germination rate (%)
Spike germination rate (%)
Grain germination rate (%)
ZKM138 MM367 ZKM138 MM367 ZKM138 MM367 ZKM138 MM367 ZKM138 MM367
2018 喷施时期
Spraying period
B1 45.4a 2.9b 11.3b 10.6b 32.9b 12.7b 72.4b 62.0b 91.7a 91.0a
B2 47.3a 3.9a 17.5a 12.4a 51.2a 19.3a 82.9a 72.5a 96.2a 91.3a
ABA concentration
CK 51.9a 7.2a 22.7a 16.7a 49.8a 30.0a 85.1a 81.2a 95.3a 95.2a
C1 42.8b 0.9c 8.8c 7.2c 36.0c 6.5c 70.0c 53.2c 91.5b 85.5b
C2 44.4b 2.1b 11.7b 10.7b 40.3b 11.5b 77.9b 67.3b 95.0a 92.8a
平均Mean 46.4a 3.4b 14.4a 11.5b 42.1a 16.0b 77.6a 67.3b 93.9a 91.2a
2019 喷施时期
Spraying period
B3 65.7a 17.1b 29.6a 19.7b 38.6ab 29.9a 76.0a 66.6a 83.6a 82.9a
B1 65.6a 16.8b 23.2b 17.3c 34.4b 28.7a 67.1b 62.1b 73.0b 73.2b
B4 66.5a 24.2a 30.4a 22.0a 43.8a 30.9a 79.7a 67.8a 87.7a 85.7a
ABA concentration
CK 81.3a 32.4a 38.6a 28.6a 49.1a 35.0a 87.2a 75.0a 92.2a 85.9a
C1 67.6b 14.8b 27.9b 17.5b 41.1b 29.4b 72.3b 65.7b 79.4b 82.0a
C2 48.9c 11.0c 16.7c 12.8c 26.6c 25.0c 63.3c 55.8c 72.6c 73.9b
平均Mean 65.9a 19.4b 27.7a 19.7b 38.9a 29.8b 74.3a 65.5b 81.4a 80.6a

Fig. 2

Effects of ABA concentration and spraying period on dynamic changes of amylase activity in wheat CK: Water; C1: 50 mg·L-1ABA; C2: 100 mg·L-1ABA. The three-line table in the figure was the analysis of variance of α-amylase activity 45 days after anthesis. FC: F value between cultivar, FSP: F value between spraying period, FABAC: F value between ABA concentration. ** indicated significant difference at 0.01 level. The same as below"

Fig. 3

Effects of ABA concentration and spraying period on dynamic changes of total starch and soluble sugar in wheat The column showed the total starch content and the broken line shows the soluble sugar content"

Fig. 4

Effects of ABA concentration and spraying period on release time of seed germination inhibition effect in wheat Values followed by different letters within a bar chart indicated significantly different at 0.05 level. DAH: Days after harvest; DAA: Days after anthesis"

Table 3

ANOVA of ABA concentration and spraying period on protein and starch quality of wheat"

Protein content
Sedimentation value
Wet gluten
Falling number
Peak viscosity
Breakdown value
2018 品种Cultivar (A) 0.0ns 243.6** 521.1** 6348.7** 6900.5** 1313.9**
喷施时期Spraying period (B) 7.8* 3.8ns 3.4ns 116.0** 8.5* 1.3ns
ABA浓度ABA concentration (C) 0.3ns 8.7** 0.1ns 174.9** 81.1** 15.9**
品种×喷施时期 A×B 2.2ns 1.2ns 3.4ns 98.0** 12.3* 4.1ns
品种×ABA浓度 A×C 0.1ns 10.7** 14.1** 5.5* 8.0** 14.4**
喷施时期×ABA浓度 B×C 5.0* 20.8** 2.1ns 11.6** 0.3ns 1.0ns
品种×喷施时期×ABA浓度A×B×C 1.0ns 17.4** 9.0** 0.9ns 1.8ns 0.5ns
2019 品种Cultivar (A) 7.1ns 108.5** 2.1ns 21952.0** 1116.8** 1249.7**
喷施时期Spraying period (B) 7.6* 9.2** 5.9* 44.1** 96.8** 125.3**
ABA浓度ABA concentration (C) 1.7ns 26.1** 62.2** 68.3** 91.6** 80.3**
品种×喷施时期 A×B 1.2ns 8.1* 29.3** 18.0** 10.5** 16.3**
品种×ABA浓度 A×C 3.4* 20.8** 1.0ns 38.8** 6.7** 4.4*
喷施时期×ABA浓度 B×C 7.2** 13.9** 12.1** 4.7** 6.2** 5.7**
品种×喷施时期×ABA浓度A×B×C 3.8* 17.1** 0.5ns 6.1** 5.4** 5.5**

Table 4

Effects of ABA concentration and spraying period on protein and starch quality of wheat"

Protein content
Sedimentation value (mL)
Wet gluten
Falling number (s)
Peak viscosity (RVU)
崩解值 Breakdown value (RVU)
2018 品种
ZKM138 8.0a 13.5a 10.6a 281a 137.2a 95.8a
MM367 8.0a 10.2b 5.8b 168b 83.9b 69.5b
Spraying period
B1 8.1a 12.1a 8.3a 232a 114.1a 83.7a
B2 7.8b 11.6a 8.1a 219b 107.0b 81.6a
ABA concentration
CK 8.0a 11.7b 8.2a 198c 96.6c 77.6c
C1 8.0a 11.7b 8.2a 233b 112.9b 83.3b
C2 8.0a 12.2a 8.2a 246a 122.2a 87.2a
平均Mean 8.0 11.9 8.2 225 110.6 82.7
2019 品种
ZKM138 9.2a 13.0b 13.3a 65b 11.1b 13.7b
MM367 9.1a 17.2a 13.2a 123a 32.4a 34.0a
Spraying period
B3 9.1b 15.1ab 12.8b 105a 25.0a 26.9a
B1 9.0b 15.8a 13.5a 90b 21.1b 23.3b
B4 9.4a 14.5b 13.4 a 87b 19.1c 21.4c
ABA concentration
CK 9.2a 14.8b 12.1c 86c 17.3c 19.6c
C1 9.1a 14.4b 13.3b 91b 21.8b 23.9b
C2 9.2a 16.1a 14.4a 104a 26.2a 28.1a
平均Mean 9.2 15.1 13.3 94 21.8 23.9

Table 5

Effects of ABA concentration and spraying period on the contents of total starch and its components in wheat flour"

Amylase content (%)
支链淀粉含量Amylopectin content (%) 直/支比
Amylase/Amylopectin ratio
Starch content (%)
ZKM138 13.2b 54.6a 0.24b 67.8a
MM367 15.2a 42.5b 0.36a 57.5b
Spraying period
B3 14.2a 48.9a 0.30b 63.0a
B1 14.1a 50.7a 0.29c 64.6a
B4 14.2a 46.1b 0.32a 60.4b
ABA concentration
CK 14.4a 44.4c 0.33a 58.8c
C1 14.2b 48.8b 0.30b 62.7b
C2 13.9c 52.5a 0.27c 66.4a
品种Cultivar (A) 1080.0** 191.3** 157.8** 129.8**
喷施时期Spraying period (B) 1.8ns 15.6** 27.1** 13.7**
ABA浓度ABA concentration (C) 27.4** 65.0** 79.5** 51.3**
品种×喷施时期 A×B 9.0** 1.9ns 0.4ns 2.5ns
品种×ABA浓度 A×C 4.3* 4.6* 1.7ns 5.1*
喷施时期×ABA浓度 B×C 1.9ns 2.4ns 5.4** 2.0ns
品种×喷施时期×ABA浓度A×B×C 1.6ns 3.2* 2.7ns 2.6ns
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