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Effects of pH and Buffering on the Growth of Lentinula edodes Mycelium

DUAN YingCe,HU ZiYi,YANG Fan,LI JinTao,WU XiangLi,ZHANG RuiYing()   

  1. Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbial Resources Collection and Preservation, Ministry of Agriculture, Beijing 100081
  • Received:2020-04-06 Accepted:2020-09-04 Online:2020-11-16 Published:2020-11-28
  • Contact: RuiYing ZHANG


【Background】Lentinula edodes, known as Xianggu, is one of the most important commercial edible mushrooms in China. With Xianggu cultivation scale increasing, new technology and process such as liquid spawn were developed, and many factories for artificial logs were built in past several years. The requirements for substrates and culture conditions are more stringent in factory. The pH is one important factor for cultivation of Xianggu, and L. edodes is able to grow at pH 3.0-7.0, but the optimum pH and influence of buffering remained unclear.【Objective】The optimum pH was determined and the effects of buffers in substrates on mycelial growth of L. edodes were evaluated in this study, and the mechanism for inhibition of buffer to mycelia was elucidated.【Method】The optimum pH was investigated according to mycelial growth rate on PDA media, which were adjusted with HCL and NaOH. The organic acids in sawdust especially acidified sawdust were identified with GC-MS and HPLC. The effects of organic acids, calcium salts and the buffers on mycelial growth were researched. The change of media pH during mycelial growing was detected.【Result】The pH for mycelial growth ranged from 3.0 to 7.0, moreover, the optimum pH was 4.0. The mycelia were able to regulate media pH to 4.0 when the primary pH was more than 4.0. The buffer inhibited mycelial growth by impeding adjustment of media pH. When the buffer capacity reached a threshold, the mycelia were inhibited completely. For example, the mycelia were not able to germinate on the PDA media, which contained 25 mmol?L -1 citric acid-sodium citrate buffer of pH 6.0 and pH 7.0.【Conclusion】The optimum pH for mycelial growth was 4.0. The mycelia was able to regulate media pH to 4.0 when the primary pH was more than 4.0. Given that buffering hindered pH changes of media, the mycelia growth would be inhibited.

Key words: Lentinula edodes, organic acid, pH, buffer capacity, mycelial growth

Fig. 1

Effects of different initial pH on mycelial growth rate of L. edodes on PDA media Different letters indicate a statistically significant difference (Dunnett’s test, P<0.05). The same as below"

Fig. 2

Types of main organic acids in acidified wood chips"

Fig. 3

Effects of different concentration of organic acids on mycelial growth of L. edodes on PDA media"

Fig. 4

Effects of different concentrations of calcium salt on mycelia growth of L. edodes on PDA media"

Fig. 5

Effect of buffer on mycelial growth of L. edodes on PDA media"

Fig. 6

Changes in pH of PDA media before and after inoculation A: PDA media were adjusted with HCL or NaOH; B: PDA media were supplemented with 50 mmol?L-1 calcium lactate (CLA), calcium carbonate (CCA), calcium citrate (CCI), calcium sulfate (CSU), lactic acid (LA) and citric acid (CI), respectively"

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