Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2022, Vol. 55 ›› Issue (22): 4383-4397.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2022.22.005


Study on the Quality Parameters of Strong Gluten Wheat and Analysis of Its Relationship with Meteorological Factors in Shandong Province

YU WeiBao1,2(),LI Nan3,KOU YiHong1,2,CAO XinYou1,SI JiSheng1,HAN ShouWei1,2,LI HaoSheng1,ZHANG Bin1,WANG FaHong1,ZHANG HaiLin2,ZHAO Xin2,LI HuaWei1()   

  1. 1Crop Research Institute, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences/National Engineering Research Center of Wheat and Maize/Key Laboratory of Wheat Biology and Genetics and Breeding in Northern Huang-Huai River Plain, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs/Shandong Technology Innovation Center of Wheat/Jinan Key Laboratory of Wheat Genetic Improvement, Jinan 250100
    2College of Agronomy and Biotechnology, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100193
    3Shandong Meteorological Bureau, Jinan 250031
  • Received:2022-04-24 Accepted:2022-07-13 Online:2022-11-16 Published:2022-12-14
  • Contact: HuaWei LI;


【Objective】 In this paper, the dominant distribution areas of strong gluten wheat were clarified in Shandong province, and the influence of key meteorological factors on its quality parameters was analyzed. 【Method】The high-quality strong-gluten wheat Jimai 44 was selected as the research material, and 296 samples were collected from 44 counties and districts in Shandong province in the growing seasons of 2018 to 2020. The relationship of meteorological factors, such as light, temperature and water, in different growth periods with wheat quality parameters was analyzed by using the method of stepwise regression. The geographic information system (GIS) was used for spatial visualization analysis, and the possible distribution of high-quality strong-gluten wheat advantageous areas was explored in Shandong province. 【Result】There were differences in the performance of each quality parameter in the different regions in different years. The proportion of samples reaching the standard of strong gluten was shown as maximum pull resistance>water absorption rate>bulk density>stabilize time>protein content>tensile area>wet gluten content in two years, and the coefficients of variation of quality parameters from large to small were stabilize time, tensile area, maximum pull resistance, wet gluten content, protein content, water absorption rate, and bulk density. The bulk density in western and northwestern Shandong was generally higher than that in other regions, and decreased with the increase of longitude, which was mainly related to the influence of rainfall during the rejuvenation-jointing period. The protein content was positively affected by the accumulated temperature ≥5℃ during the anthesis-milk maturity period, while increased from southwest to northeast in 2018-2019 and from northwest to southeast in 2019-2020. The wet gluten content was higher in the eastern Shandong region, which was significantly related to the high rainfall during the anthesis-milk maturity period in this region. The stabilize time was significantly negatively correlated with the maximum temperature during the jointing-anthesis period, and positively correlated with the rainfall during the sowing-overwintering period, and this affected its high value distribution and regional variation; The tensile area was significantly negatively correlated with the accumulated temperature ≥5℃ during the rejuvenation-jointing period, and gradually decreased from the west to the east of Shandong province. The maximum pull resistance was significantly negatively correlated with the accumulated temperature ≥5℃ during the anthesis-milk maturity period; It was low in the east-west direction and high in the middle area of Shandong province. Taking into account comprehensively, the high-quality probability of high-gluten wheat planting in eastern and southern Shandong province was stronger than that in central and northern, and the lowest in western. 【Conclusion】 Eastern and southern regions were the optimal planting areas for strong-gluten wheat in Shandong province, with the greatest possibility of high quality. The high maximum temperature during rejuvenation-jointing period, jointing-anthesis period and grain-filling period was unfavorable to the rheological parameters of wheat dough, while the increase of effective accumulated temperature during anthesis-milk maturity period was beneficial to the increase of protein content. The rainfall during sowing-overwintering period was beneficial to the increase of dough stabilize time; When the rainfall was less than 14.5 mm during anthesis-milk maturity period, it was not beneficial for the wet gluten content to reach the strong gluten standard; The rainfall during the rejuvenation-jointing period was not conducive to the increase of bulk density. Therefore, in the production of strong gluten wheat, it was suggested that irrigation should be carried out in the overwintering period and early grouting according to the weather conditions, and the irrigation time during rejuvenation-jointing period should be postponed as far as possible.

Key words: wheat, quality parameters, meteorological factors, spatial distribution

Fig. 1

Distribution map of wheat sampling sites and wheat ecological regions"

Table 1

Growing periods in different regions of Shandong province"

Anthesis-Milk maturity
Milk maturity-Harvest
Jiaodong district
10-15-12-08 03-05-04-03 04-04-05-08 05-09-06-10 06-11-06-18
Central area of Shandong
10-15-12-20 03-02-04-01 04-02-05-04 05-05-06-10 06-11-06-18
Northwest of Shandong
10-10-12-21 02-28-03-29 03-30-05-01 05-02-06-01 06-02-06-10
Southwest of Shandong
10-10-12-26 02-28-03-27 03-28-05-01 05-02-06-01 06-02-06-10

Table 2

The quality parameters of strong gluten wheat in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020"

Quality parameters
CV (%)
SG standard
2018-2019 容重
Bulk density (g·L-1)
789-844 810.0 1.38 ≥770
2019-2020 760-823 803.0 1.58
2018-2019 吸水率
Water absorption (%)
59.8-70.1 65.0 3.70 ≥60
2019-2020 62.4-69.3 65.4 2.21
2018-2019 蛋白质含量
Protein content (%)
13.2-17.5 14.7 6.99 ≥14
2019-2020 12.7-19.2 15.1 7.77
2018-2019 湿面筋含量
Wet gluten content (%)
19.8-38.8 28.5 11.54 ≥30
2019-2020 24.9-47.5 32.4 11.98
2018-2019 稳定时间
Stabilize time (min)
1.7-39.3 15.0 51.06 ≥8
2019-2020 4.3-37.4 19.2 36.67
2018-2019 拉伸面积Tensile area (cm2) 68-175 122.9 24.96 ≥100
2018-2019 最大拉阻力Maximum pull resistance (E.U.) 384-931 595.9 20.91 ≥350

Fig. 2

Standardized analysis of quality parameters Quality content standardization: (quality content-strong gluten standard)/strong gluten standard; BD: Bulk density, WA: Water absorption, PC: Protein content, WGC: Wet gluten content, ST: Stabilize time, TA: Tensile area, MPR: Maximum pull resistance"

Table 3

The correlations between the quality parameters and meteorological factors"


a, b, c, d, and e represent sowing-overwintering period, rejuvenation-jointing period, jointing-anthesis period, anthesis-milk maturity period, and milk maturity-harvesting period, respectively; 1, 2, 4, and 6 represent average temperature maximum temperature, rainfall, ≥5℃accumulated temperature. ** means significant correlation at 0.01 level (2-tailed); * means correlation at 0.05 level (2-tailed)

品质参数 Quality parameters 回归方程 Regression equation 相关系数 Correlation coefficient
容重 Bulk density y=818.823-2.068b4 b4: -0.411*
吸水率Water absorption y=63.832+0.101b4 b4: 0.382**
蛋白质含量Protein content y=18.959-0.464b2+0.005d6 d6: 0.431**; b2: -0.508**
湿面筋含量Wet gluten content y=46.711+0.031d4-1.021b2 d4: 0.538**; b2: -0.507**
稳定时间Stabilize time y=121.448+0.139a4-5.326c2 c2: -0.29*; a4: 0.298*
拉伸面积Tensile area y=298.882+0.615b6 b6: 0.501*
最大拉阻力Maximum pull resistance y=2078.576-1.412d6-46.777b1 d6: -0.533*; b1: -0.245

Fig. 3

The trend analysis of bulk density and water absorption"

Fig. 4

The distribution maps of bulk density and water absorption under rainfall during rejuvenation-jointing period, respectively"

Fig. 5

The trend analysis of protein content and wet gluten content"

Fig. 6

The distribution maps of protein content and ≥5℃ accumulated temperature during anthesis-milk maturity period, wet gluten content and rainfall during anthesis-milk maturity period"

Fig. 7

The trend analysis of dough rheological properties"

Fig. 8

The distribution maps of stabilize time and average maximum temperature during jointing-anthesis period, tensile area under ≥5℃ accumulated temperature during rejuvenation-jointing period, maximum pull resistance and ≥5℃ accumulated temperature during anthesis-milk maturity period"

Fig. 9

Distribution map of adaptation possibility of strong gluten wheat"

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