Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2022, Vol. 55 ›› Issue (12): 2472-2484.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2022.12.017

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Effects of Flooding on Soil Chemical Properties and Microbial Community Composition on Farmland of Continuous Cropped Pepper

GONG XiaoYa1(),SHI JiBo2,FANG Ling3,FANG YaPeng1,WU FengZhi1()   

  1. 1College of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin 150030
    2Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun 110024
    3Horticulture Research Institute, Anhui Academy of Agriculture Sciences, Hefei 230031
  • Received:2021-09-29 Accepted:2022-04-11 Online:2022-06-16 Published:2022-06-23
  • Contact: FengZhi WU;


【Objective】This paper aimed to clarify the effect of farmland flooding on the soil environment of continuous pepper cropping, and to provide the technical basis for reducing the soil sickness caused by continuous pepper cropping. 【Method】In this experiment, the flooded and non-flooded soil of continuous cropped pepper in Hexian County of Anhui Province were analyzed, with non-flooded soil as control. The determination of chemical property and microbial community structure in soil with flowing analyser, qPCRand Illumina MiSeq sequencing explored the effect of flooding on the soil. Besides, the pepper was used as plant material to explore the effects of flooded and non-flooded soil on seed germination and seedling growth by the Petri dish method. 【Result】Soil flooding significantly decreased the soil EC value, organic matter, nitrate N, ammonium N, available K, and Olsen P. Quantitative PCR analysis showed that soil flooding significantly increased the bacterial community abundance (P<0.05), however decreased that of the fungal communities. Illumina MiSeq sequencing showed that the soil flooding significantly increased the relative abundances of Actinobacteria and Myxococcota, which decreased the Firmicutes and Mortierellomycota at phylum level. The soil flooding decreased the relative abundance of potential pathogenic fungi, such as Fusarium spp., positive correlation with nitrate N. The soil flooding increased potential Azotobacter, including Azoarcus, Gemmatimonas, Sideroxydans, Candidatus_Solibacter, Bryobacter, Sideroxydans spp. and plant-beneficial potential such as Aspergillus and Acremonium spp., which were negatively correlated with nitrate N. The soil microbial community structure and composition was significantly affected by soil nitrate N. In petri dish, the seed germination rate, seeding fresh weight and root length of peppers planted in flooded soil were significantly higher than those in non-flooded soil. 【Conclusion】Soil flooding significantly reduced the EC value and abundance of potentially pathogenic microbial community and increased the abundance of potentially beneficial bacterial, but significantly reduced the content of available nutrients. At the same time, Soil flooding was conducive to the seed germination and seedling growth and alleviated the pepper continuous cropping obstacles.

Key words: pepper continuous cropping, soil chemical properties, soil microbial community structure, soil microbial community composition, seedling growth

Table 1

Effects of soil flooding on the soil chemical properties"

EC value
Organic matter
Ammonium N
Nitrate N
Olsen P
Available K
6.13±0.10a 1.38±0.16a 39.21±2.77a 15.12±0.58a 219.05±9.89a 62.80±5.59a 402.00±46.29a
淹水Flooded 6.37±0.16a 0.37±0.16b 30.95±3.54b 13.97±0.06b 154.97±17.46b 47.45±5.52b 244.33±34.44b

Fig. 1

Effects of soil flooding on the abundances of soil microbe Fig. A represent total bacterial and total fungal abundance. Fig. B, C, D, E represent fungal and bacterial had significant difference in phylum and genus level.Fig. B and Fig. C represent fungal phylum and bacterial phylum relative abundance, respectively. Fig. D and Fig. E represent fungal genus and bacterial genus relative abundance, respectively"

Fig. 2

Effect of soil flooding on microbial diversity Fig. A and Fig. C represent bacterial and fungal alpha diversity index. Venn diagram analyses of bacterial (B) and fungal (D) demonstrated the numbers of shared and unique observed OTUs at 97% similarity among treatments. Fig. E and Fig. F represent bacterial and fungal beta diversity index, respectively"

Table 2

Mantel analysis of soil chemical properties and soil bacterial community structure"

化学性质 Soil property r p
pH -0.082 0.661
EC 0.546 0.098
有机质 SOM 0.492 0.065
铵态氮NH4+-N 0.421 0.075
硝态氮NO3--N 0.746* 0.041
有效磷 Available P (AP) 0.342 0.125
有效钾 Available K (AK) 0.542 0.095
NH4+-N×NO3--N 0.696 0.056
AP×AK 0.542 0.090
NH4+-N×NO3--N×AP×AK 0.171 0.226
pH×EC×SOM×NH4+-N×AP×AK 0.5571 0.098
pH×EC×SOM×NH4+-N×NO3--N×AP×AK 0.5714 0.097

Table 3

Mantel analysis of soil chemical properties and soil fungal community structure"

化学性质 Soil property r p
pH 0.039 0.445
EC 0.621 0.078
有机质 SOM 0.396 0.099
铵态氮NH4+-N 0.242 0.158
硝态氮NO3--N 0.775* 0.031
有效磷 Available P (AP) 0.532 0.051
有效钾 Available K (AK) 0.567 0.086
NH4+-N×NO3--N 0.5536 0.094
AP×AK 0.611 0.072
NH4+-N×NO3--N×AP×AK 0.607 0.085
pH×EC×SOM×NH4+-N×AP×AK 0.604 0.086
pH×EC×SOM×NH4+-N×NO3--N×AP×AK 0.621 0.082

Fig. 3

Correlation analysis of soil properties and relative abundance of bacterial (A) and fungal (B) genus * presents significant difference at P<0.05 level. ** presents significant difference at P<0.01 level"

Fig. 4

The effects of soil flooding on the germination and growth of pepper Different lowercase letters indicate significant differences (P<0.05)"

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