Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2021, Vol. 54 ›› Issue (23): 5032-5042.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2021.23.009


Effects and Mechanism of Humic Acid in Humic Acid Enhanced Phosphate Fertilizer on Fertilizer-Phosphorus Migration

JING JianYuan(),YUAN Liang,ZHANG ShuiQin,LI YanTing,ZHAO BingQiang()   

  1. Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences/Key Laboratory of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Beijing 100081
  • Received:2020-12-05 Accepted:2021-04-21 Online:2021-12-01 Published:2021-12-06
  • Contact: BingQiang ZHAO;


【Objective】The difference between HA (raw humic acid) and PHA (humic acid which extracted from humic acid enhanced phosphate fertilizers, HAP) on fertilizer-phosphorus migration, Ca2+ and phosphate adsorption characteristics was systematically compared to provide the theoretical basis for the study on high-efficiency mechanism of humic acid enhanced phosphate fertilizer. 【Method】 In this study, HA, HAP, and conventional phosphate fertilizer were prepared in the laboratory, and PHA was extracted by adjusting the pH of HAP’s solution based on the method of alkali-extraction acid-precipitation. The addition of HA or PHA accounted for 0.5% and 5% of the application amount of phosphate fertilizer, and marked with 0.5HA+P, 0.5PHA+P, 5HA+P, and 5PHA+P, respectively. Only phosphate fertilizer application (P) and no fertilizer application (CK) were arranged at the same time. Then, the effects of HA and PHA applicated with phosphate fertilizer on the migration of fertilizer-phosphorus in soil was investigated. In addition, the adsorption characteristics of HA or PHA on Ca2+ and phosphate were studied to reveal the mechanism that HA and PHA showed different performance on phosphorus migration. 【Result】Both HA and PHA could promote the migration of fertilizer-phosphorus. Phosphorus could migrate to 42 mm vertical distance from the fertilizer layer under the treatment of P. However, when phosphate fertilizers application combined with HA and PHA, it could reach 46 mm and 50 mm away from the fertilizer layer, respectively. This result was due to the fact that HA or PHA had a higher adsorption capacity on soil Ca2+, while the application of HA or PHA reduced phosphorus fixation. The cumulative percentage of soil available P in total P application tended to be stable after 42 mm away from the fertilizer layer, and 0.5 HA+P ≈ 5PHA+P>5HA+P>0.5PHA + P>P. The promotion effect of PHA on fertilizer-phosphorus migration would be enhanced with the addition of PHA increase, while HA was the opposite, which might be related to the stronger mobility and the weaker phosphate adsorption of PHA than that of HA. The adsorption of Ca2+ by HA and PHA was the result of membrane diffusion and intra-particle diffusion. However, the difficulty of Ca2+ diffusion to the surface of PHA particles was lower than that of HA, and the difficulty of Ca2+ diffusion in the interior of PHA particles was higher than that of HA. Langmuir isothermal adsorption model could well fit the isothermal adsorption curves of HA or PHA on Ca2+, and the theoretical maximum adsorption capacity of HA on Ca2+ was higher than that of PHA, but the adsorption of PHA on Ca2+ was mainly chemical adsorption.【Conclusion】Both HA and PHA had certain ability to adsorb Ca2+, so they could promote the migration of fertilizer-phosphorus in the soil. However, the migration distance of fertilizer-phosphorus of PHA was longer than that of HA, when phosphate application was combined with HA or PHA. This might be one reason why PHA could improve the use efficiency of phosphate fertilizer.

Key words: humic acid enhanced phosphate fertilizer, humic acid, fertilizer-phosphorus migration, calcium ion, adsorption

Table 1

BET surface area and flocculation limit of HA and PHA"

BET surface area (m2·g-1)
Flocculation limit (meg·L-1)
HA 0.36 1.75
PHA 1.59 1.85

Fig. 1

Schematic diagram of fertilizer phosphorus migration experiment"

Fig. 2

Variation of available phosphorus content and cumulative percentage of total available phosphorus in total phosphorus application with increasing vertical distance from fertilizer layer Means with the same letter in the same vertical distance from the fertilizer layer are not significantly different (P>0.05)"

Fig. 3

Adsorption kinetic curve of HA and PHA on Ca2+ (a) and the simulated curve of Weber-Morris internal diffusion equation (b)"

Table 2

Adsorption kinetics fitting parameters of HA and PHA on Ca2+"

Pseudo first order kinetic equation
Pseudo second order kinetic equation
Weber-Morris模型Weber-Morris model
附段1 Stage1 附段2 Stage2
qe,cal (mg·g-1) k1 (h-1) R2 qe,cal (mg·g-1) k2 (h-1) R2 ki C R2 ki C R2
HA 5.63 26.89 0.99 5.70 17.27 0.94 1.41 4.71 0.81 0.01 5.62 0.42
PHA 5.33 28.38 0.89 5.39 19.16 0.99 1.18 4.52 0.95 0.02 5.33 0.34

Fig. 4

Adsorption isotherms of HA and PHA on Ca2+"

Table 3

Isotherm parameters for the adsorption of Ca2+ with HA and PHA"

Langmuir等温吸附模型 Freundlich等温吸附模型
qmax (mg·g-1) b R2 kF n R2
HA 14.84 0.76 0.996 6.06 2.81 0.93
PHA 12.79 0.80 0.989 5.40 2.83 0.97

Fig. 5

Adsorption kinetic curve of HA and PHA on phosphate"

Table 4

Adsorption kinetics fitting parameters of HA and PHA on phosphate"

准一级动力学方程 Pseudo first order kinetic equation 准二级动力学方程 Pseudo second order kinetic equation
qe,cal (mg·g-1) k1 (h-1) R2 qe,cal (mg·g-1) k2(h-1) R2
HA 3.83 9.49 0.93 3.99 4.45 0.94
PHA 1.88 5.71 0.95 1.98 4.63 0.87
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