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Effects of CMV-Infected Tobacco on the Performance, Feeding and Host Selection Behavior of Myzus persicae

CHEN Xi1(),LIU YingJie1,2,DONG YongHao1,LIU JinYan1,LI Wei1,XU PengJun1,ZANG Yun1,REN GuangWei1()   

  1. 1Tobacco Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Qingdao 266101, Shandong
    2Staff Development Institute of China National Tobacco Corporation, Zhengzhou 450008
  • Received:2020-07-01 Accepted:2020-08-14 Online:2021-04-16 Published:2021-04-25
  • Contact: GuangWei REN;


【Objective】The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) infection on the growth, development and behavior of Myzus persicae on tobacco, and the role of 2b gene in the interaction between M. persicae and CMV.【Method】The host plants to be used were healthy tobacco, CMV-infected and CMV 2b gene deletion mutant (CMVΔ2b) infected tobacco. The Y-shaped olfactometer was used to determinate the selection tendency of M. persicae to different host tobacco plants, and electrical penetration graph (EPG) was used to monitor M. persicae feeding behavior combined with the detection of total sugar and free amino acid content in the host plant. The aphid life table was recorded through a single micro-cage to analyze the effects of CMV-infected tobacco on the growth and reproduction of M. persicae.【Result】The total sugar content of CMV-infected tobacco was significantly lower than that of healthy tobacco, while the content of free amino acids was significantly higher than that of healthy tobacco and CMVΔ2b-infected tobacco. The contents of threonine, glutamic acid, glycine, tyrosine, histidine, arginine and proline in the tobacco infected by CMVΔ2b were significantly higher than those of other treatments. The contents of valine and lysine in CMVΔ2b-infected tobacco were significantly higher than those of healthy tobacco. The content of aspartic acid in CMV-infected tobacco was significantly lower than that of other treatments, and its cystine content was significantly higher than that of CMVΔ2b-infected tobacco. Compared with CMV-infected tobacco, M. persicae had a stronger selection trend to healthy tobacco and CMVΔ2b-infected tobacco. There was no significant difference in the host selection behavior of M. persicae between healthy tobacco and CMVΔ2b-infected tobacco. CMV infection adversely affected the growth and feeding behavior of M. persicae. M. persicae had the most frequent probing behavior (pd wave) and the shortest duration of phloem feeding (E2 wave) on CMV-infected tobacco, and the frequency of xylem feeding (G wave) was significantly higher than that of healthy tobacco and CMVΔ2b-infected tobacco. The results indicated that CMV-infected tobacco was not suitable for aphid feeding. The growth characteristics of the M. persicae showed that CMV infection significantly prolonged the duration of the nymph aphid, increased the mortality rate of the 2nd-instar aphid, reduced the longevity of the aphid, and significantly reduced the fecundity of the aphid. The intrinsic rate of increase (r) and finite rate of increase (λ) of M. persicae on CMV-infected tobacco were significantly lower than those of healthy and CMVΔ2b-infected tobacco. CMV infection was not conducive to population growth of M. persicae.【Conclusion】CMV infection changes the composition of tobacco nutrients. The presence of CMV 2b gene increases the probing frequency and reduces the phloem feeding behavior. CMV infection results in prolonging pre-adult period, increasing mortality, decreasing longevity and fecundity of M. persicae. CMV infection reduces the host fitness of M. persicae, promotes aphids to transfer to new host plants, thus promoting the spread of the CMV.

Key words: cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), Myzus persicae, tobacco, growth and development, feeding behavior, host selection

Fig. 1

Contents of total sugar and free amino acids in different tobacco leaves Data in the figure are mean±SE. Different lowercase letters on the bars indicate the parameter has a significant difference at 0.05 level (LSD test after one-way ANOVA)"

Table 1

Contents of free amino acids in different tobacco leaves (μg?g-1 DW)"

Free amino acid
Healthy tobacco
CMV-infected tobacco
CMVΔ2b 侵染烟草
CMVΔ2b-infected tobacco
天冬氨酸Aspartic acid 1170.00±126.62a 576.67±61.19b 1230.00±92.37a
苏氨酸Threonine 786.67±91.34b 750.00±109.70b 2723.33±440.54a
丝氨酸Serine 636.67±126.67a 590.00±70.24a 930.00±104.40a
谷氨酸Glutamic acid 1960.00±292.63b 1886.67±144.95b 3030.00±135.77a
甘氨酸Glycine 10.00±0b 20.00±5.77b 70.00±10.00a
丙氨酸Alanine 253.33±8.82a 246.67±26.03a 263.33±12.02a
缬氨酸Valine 263.33±12.02b 306.67±26.03ab 356.67±29.63a
蛋氨酸Methionine 16.67±8.82a 6.67±6.67a 23.33±3.33a
异亮氨酸Isoleucine 53.33±3.33a 60.00±5.78a 50.00±3.77a
亮氨酸Leucine 70.00±5.77a 76.67±8.82a 76.67±8.82a
酪氨酸Tyrosine 63.33±3.33c 96.67±6.67b 133.33±12.02a
苯丙氨酸Phenylalanine 203.33±26.03a 226.67±24.04a 263.33±21.86a
赖氨酸Lysine 66.67±3.33b 76.67±8.82ab 100.00±11.54a
组氨酸Histidine 36.67±3.33b 50.00±5.77b 133.33±21.86a
精氨酸Arginine 26.67±6.67b 26.67±3.33b 56.67±6.67a
脯氨酸Proline 460.00±40.41b 373.00±67.41b 2763.33±316.88a
色氨酸Tryptophane 33.33±3.33a 80.00±5.77a 133.33±48.42a
胱氨酸Cystine 30.00±0ab 33.33±6.67a 16.67±3.33b

Fig. 2

Preference of M. persicae on healthy, CMV-infected and CMVΔ2b-infected tobacco ** represents extremely significant differences in the selection results of aphids on different host tobacco plants (P<0.01, Chi-square test)"

Table 2

Statistics for EPG parameters of M. persicae probing on different tobacco hosts"

EPG parameter
Healthy tobacco
CMV-infected tobacco (n=15)
CMVΔ2b-infected tobacco (n=15)
1 第一次刺探发生时间Time to 1st probe from start of EPG (min) 0.64±0.16a 0.75±0.42a 0.76±0.17a
2 第一次E1波前刺探次数Number of probes to the 1st E1 20.40±6.69a 14.00±2.60a 15.33±4.05a
3 pd次数Number of probes 197.73±9.53ab 217.93±50.51a 184.27±11.28b
4 np次数Number of np 39.40±7.97a 48.00±7.57a 46.07±6.17a
5 np 持续时长Total duration of np (min) 52.69±8.52a 63.43±9.67a 61.79±8.56a
6 口针第一次到达韧皮部的时间Time to phloem from the start of EPG (min) 87.72±31.03a 67.05±8.22a 79.89±14.70a
7 E1次数Number of E1 19.53±2.77a 16.60±3.23a 19.13±2.81a
8 E1持续总时长Total duration of E1 (min) 58.31±6.58a 69.64±8.09a 62.00±6.83a
9 E1持续总时长/总记录时间Total duration of E1/total record time (%) 16.20±1.83a 16.56±2.25a 17.22±1.90a
10 E2的次数Number of E2 13.67±2.37a 9.27±2.45a 14.73±2.72a
11 E2持续时长>10 min次数Number of sustained E2 (>10 min) 0.80±0.24a 0.33±0.16a 1.00±0.29a
12 E2持续总时长Total duration of E2 (min) 41.70±9.55ab 19.15±5.30b 42.93±8.81a
13 E2持续总时长/记录总时间Total duration of E2/total record time (%) 11.59±2.65ab 5.32±1.47b 11.92±2.45a
14 E1+E2持续总时长Total duration of E (min) 100.03±13.87a 78.79±11.65a 104.92±11.91a
15 最长E2波时间Duration of the longest E2 (min) 15.50±4.16a 6.11±1.65b 15.54±3.33a
16 G波持续总时间Duration of G (min) 24.13±0.00a 24.52±20.08a 13.57±2.73b
17 出现G波的蚜虫百分比Percentage of aphids showing waveform G (%) 6.67b 20.00a 6.67b
18 C波持续总时长Total duration of C (min) 208.51±10.37a 213.59±11.85a 191.85±10.95a
19 C波持续总时长/记录总时间Total duration of C/total record time (%) 57.92±2.88a 59.33±3.29a 53.29±1.78a

Fig. 3

Mortality rate of nymph aphids on different tobacco hosts Data in the figure are mean±SE. Different lowercase letters on the bars indicate significant difference at 0.05 level (Bootstrap program)"

Table 3

Developmental duration and longevity of M. persicae feeding on different tobacco hosts (d)"

Host plant
1st instar
2nd instar
3rd instar
4th instar
Pre-adult period
Adult period
Adult longevity
Healthy tobacco
1.52±0.10b 1.61±0.11b 1.55±0.10b 2.16±0.14a 6.81±0.16b 15.66±1.52a 22.03±1.54a
CMV-infected tobacco
2.19±0.20a 2.80±0.21a 2.71±0.25a 2.00±0.22a 9.40±0.58a 11.47±1.68a 12.49±1.49b
CMVΔ2b-infected tobacco
1.67±0.12b 1.83±0.17b 1.45±0.13b 2.32±0.15a 7.32±0.24b 16.09±1.77a 20.26±1.94a

Table 4

Reproductive period and fecundity of M. persicae feeding on different host tobacco plants"

Host plant
Adult pre-reproductive period (d)
Total pre-reproductive period (d)
Reproductive days (d)
Fecundity (number of nymphs produced by one female aphid)
Healthy tobacco
0.88±0.16a 7.69±0.21b 10.66±1.19a 24.66±3.44a
CMV-infected tobacco
1.17±0.35a 10.33±0.88a 9.25±1.40a 12.13±2.93b
CMVΔ2b-infected tobacco
0.81±0.19a 8.00±0.32b 10.86±1.17a 19.32±2.86ab

Table 5

Population parameters of M. persicae feeding on different tobacco hosts"

Host plant
Intrinsic rate of increase (r, d-1)
Finite rate of increase (λ, d-1)
Net reproductive rate (R0, offspring)
Mean generation time (T, d)
Gross reproduction rate (GRR)
Healthy tobacco
0.25±0.01a 1.28±0.02a 23.91±3.39a 12.95±0.32a 34.73±2.95a
CMV-infected tobacco
0.11±0.02c 1.11±0.02c 5.20±1.58b 15.65±1.36a 27.78±7.18ab
CMVΔ2b-infected tobacco
0.20±0.01b 1.22±0.02b 15.74±2.69a 13.59±0.49a 27.43±2.24b
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