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Effects of Heat Stress on Physiological Indexes and Ultrastructure of Grapevines

Min LIU1,2,Yulin FANG1,3   

  1. 1. College of Enology, Northwest A&F University, Yangling 712100, Shaanxi;
    2. College of Food Science and Engineering, Shanxi Agricultural University, Taigu 030801, Shanxi
    3. Shaanxi Engineering Research Center for Viti-Viniculture, Yangling 712100, Shaanxi
  • Received:2019-08-27 Accepted:2019-10-30 Online:2020-04-01 Published:2020-04-14

Abstract: 【Objective】 The objective of this research was to study the effects of heat stress on physiological indexes and ultrastructure of grapevines, and to explore the physiological response mechanism of grapevines to heat stress. 【Method】 One-year cutting seedlings of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Cabernet Sauvignon and Vitis davidii Foex. cv. Junzi 1were used as test materials, which were treated at 35℃, 40℃ and 45℃ for 48 h, with the plants at 25℃ as the control. Relative electrolyte leakage, relative water content, total chlorophyll content, antioxidant enzyme activity, malondialdehyde/super oxygen anion/hydrogen peroxide content, chlorophyll fluorescence and photosynthetic parameters of grape leaves were detected. By the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), stomatal morphology and chloroplast ultrastructure were observed. 【Result】 After heat treatment at 35℃ and 40℃, the plant morphology, relative electrolyte leakage, relative water content, total chlorophyll content and chlorophyll fluorescence of Cabernet Sauvignon and Junzi 1 showed no significant changes, but net photosynthetic rate (Pn), transpiration rate (Tr) and stomatal conductance (Gs) were significantly reduced. After heat treatment at 45℃, Cabernet Sauvignon and Junzi 1 appeared stress symptoms, with relative electrolyte leakage increasing, and relative water content, total chlorophyll content, Fv/Fm, ΦPSII, Pn, Tr and Gs decreasing. The change range of each parameter in Junzi 1 was greater than that in Cabernet Sauvignon. With the increase of temperature, malondialdehyde/superoxide anion/hydrogen peroxide content, SOD and POD activities in grape leaves increased continuously, while CAT activity was the highest under moderate heat stress. The increase of SOD and CAT activities in Cabernet Sauvignon leaves was greater than that in Junzi 1. By SEM, it was found that at room temperature, the stomatal density of Cabernet Sauvignon was higher than that of Junzi 1; after heat treatment, the stomatal opening of grape leaves decreased, but the stomatal size did not change significantly. By TEM, it was found that after heat treatment, the chloroplast became large and round; the chloroplast membrane disintegrated; many giant starch grains appeared; a large number of plastoglobules were observed in the chloroplast of Junzi 1. 【Conclusion】 In Cabernet Sauvignon, stomatal density was high, chloroplast structure was stable, and SOD and CAT activities highly increased after heat treatment, which were the important reasons for its high heat resistance.

Key words: Cabernet Sauvignon, Vitis davidii Foex. cv. Junzi 1, heat stress, photosynthesis, antioxidant enzyme, chloroplast

Fig. 1

Effects of heat treatment on grapevines morphology A: Cabernet Sauvignon; B: Junzi 1"

Fig. 2

Changes of grape leaves during heat treatment A: Cabernet Sauvignon; B: Junzi 1"

Fig. 3

Effects of heat treatment on relative electrolyte leakage, relative water content and total chlorophyll content of grape leaves Different small letters mean significant differences (P<0.05). The same as below"

Fig. 4

Effects of heat treatment on antioxidases activities and MDA content in grape leaves"

Fig. 5

$O_{2^{\frac{}{.}}}$ staining of leaves after heat treatments for 48 h"

Fig. 6

H2O2 staining of leaves after heat treatments for 48 h"

Fig. 7

Effects of heat treatment on chlorophyll fluorescence parameters of grapevines"

Fig. 8

Effects of heat treatment on photosynthetic parameters of grapevines"

Fig. 9

Effects of heat treatment at 45℃ on the stomatal morphology of grape leaves"

Table 1

Effects of heat treatment at 45℃ on the stomatal characteristics of grape leaves"

Time after treatment (h)
Degree of stomatal opening (μm)
Stomatal length (μm)
Stomatal width (μm)
Stomatal density (No./mm2)
Cabernet Sauvignon
0 3.44±0.97a 16.59±1.32a 7.23±1.46a 187.35±20.65a
24 2.11±0.78b 16.52±1.54a 6.33±1.03ab 177.60±17.31a
君子1号Junzi 1 0 1.97±0.54b 15.51±2.06ab 5.82±0.75ab 132.71±7.81b
24 1.22±0.77c 13.98±1.42b 5.48±1.10b 122.95±17.31b

Fig. 10

Effects of heat treatment at 45℃ on the chloroplast ultrastructure of grape leaves A: Cabernet Sauvignon; B: Junzi 1. Chl: Chloroplast; S: Starch grain; P: Plastoglobule"

Table 2

Effects of heat treatment at 45℃ on chloroplast and starch grain of grape leaves"

Time (h)
叶绿体Chloroplast 淀粉粒Starch grain
Length (μm)
Width (μm)
Length (μm)
Width (μm)
Cabernet Sauvignon
0 h 6.4±1.9a 5.83±0.63a 3.03±0.24b 0.6±0.5b 1.21±0.25b 0.68±0.14c
24 h 5.0±2.2a 5.42±0.98a 3.91±0.76a 1.1±0.8a 1.83±0.54a 1.06±0.21b
Junzi 1
0 h 6.3±1.4a 5.41±0.96a 2.46±0.37c 0.7±0.6b 0.87±0.09b 0.42±0.05d
24 h 5.7±0.8a 5.39±0.75a 4.32±0.48a 1.2±0.9a 2.13±0.62a 1.36±0.40a
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