Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2020, Vol. 53 ›› Issue (7): 1359-1367.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2020.07.006


Impacts of Decomposing Microorganism Inoculum on Straw Decomposition and Crop Yield in China: A Meta-Analysis

XinRun YANG,Bei XU,ZhiFeng HE,Jing WU,RuiHua ZHUANG,Chao MA,RuShan CHAI,Kianpoor Kalkhajeh Yusef,XinXin YE,Lin ZHU   

  1. School of Resources and Environment, Anhui Agricultural University/Anhui Province Key Laboratory of Farmland Ecological Conservation and Pollution Prevention, Hefei 230036
  • Received:2019-08-27 Accepted:2019-11-18 Online:2020-04-01 Published:2020-04-14

Abstract: 【Objective】 Whether the application of straw decomposing microorganism inoculum (SDMI) in cropland could significantly promote returning straw decomposition and their nutrients releasing, and thus improve crop yield is still on debate. Therefore, it is very necessary to meta-analysis the effects of the SDMI on returning straw decomposition and crop yield on a national scale, as well as explore the variation of the effect under different climates, straw characteristics and returning conditions providing guidance for SDMI application. 【Method】The meta-analysis was performed involving 63 comparisons of straw decomposition and 207 comparisons of crop yield from 89 studies during 2001 and 2009 to identify site-specific factors, including regional climates, returning conditions, straw types, initial returning carbon-to-nitrogen ratio (C/N), soil pH, and soil organic matter (SOM). 【Result】 The results showed that SDMI application could significantly increase the decomposition rate of returning straw, except the study was designed at temperate continental climate areas (range of effect size was from -0.010 to 0.716, the same in below), or initial returning C/N was no more than 15 (-0.302 to 0.568), or tested soil was neutral (95% CI of effect size was from -1.01 to 0.475). In addition, the strength of SDMI application could be varied significantly under different returning conditions, straw types, and SOM. Similar to straw decomposition, SDMI application also could significantly increase the crop yield, except the study designed at neutral soil (-0.284 to 0.751). Regional climates, straw types, initial returning C/N, soil pH rather than returning conditions and SOM would regulate the increase rate of crop yield. Moreover, the linear fitting indicated the positive correlation between the rate of straw decomposition and crop yield (R2= 0.307, P<0.0001). 【Conclusion】 This study revealed that SDMI application in Chinese farmland could significantly promote returning straw decomposition and crop yield increasing, especially in temperate monsoon climate area with dryland, maize straw returning, initial returning C/N≥30 and acidic or alkaline soil.

Key words: straw returning, straw decomposing agent, straw decomposition, crop yield, meta-analysis

Table 1

Database sample distribution"

气候类型<break/>Climate type还田环境<break/>Returning condition秸秆类型<break/>Straw type还田初始碳氮比<break/>Initial returning C/N土壤酸碱性<break/>Soil pH土壤有机质<break/>Soil OM (g·kg-1)
温带大陆气候NTC (14)水田Paddy field (215)玉米Maize (26)≤15 (66)≤6.5 (72)≤15 (30)
温带季风气候NTM (31)旱地<break/>Dry land (55)小麦Wheat (65)15-30 (70)6.5-7.5 (35)>15 (167)
亚热带季风气候STM (224)水稻Rice (155)>30 (25)>7.5 (32)

Fig. 1

Meta-analysis of the effect of application of decomposing agent on the decomposition of straw Dots with error bars denote the effect size and 95% CI, respectively. The 95% CI that do not overlap zero line means significant difference between treatment and control. If there is no overlap between the horizontal lines of 95% CI in a given group, it can be considered that there are statistical correlations with significant differences among the factors studied. Numbers are the pairs of comparisons. ● represents the impact of applying SDMI on straw decomposition compared with that of applying SDMI. NTC: Temperate continental climate; NTM: Temperate monsoon climate; STM: Subtropical monsoon climate. The same as below"

Fig. 2

Meta-analysis of the effect of application of decomposing agent on the crop yield"

Fig. 3

The relationship between straw decomposition and crop yield increase The transverse coordinate data of straw decay promotion rate is the decrease of final decomposition rate between treatment group and the control group, while the vertical coordinate data of crop yield increase is calculated according to the formula (treatment group yield-control group yield)/control group yield"

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