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Effects of Different Breaking Dormancy Ways on the Photosynthetic Characteristics and Activities of Protective Enzymes of ‘Misty’ Blueberry Leaves

WEI Xin, WEI Yong-xiang, GUO Dan, SUN Bin, WANG Xing-dong, LIU Cheng   

  1. Liaoning Institute of Pomology, Yingkou 115009, Liaoning
  • Received:2015-07-13 Online:2015-11-16 Published:2015-11-16

Abstract: 【Objective】As evergreen leaf and low chilling requirement of ‘Misty’ blueberry, the influence mechanism of photosynthetic characteristics, protective enzyme activities, phenophase and fruit quality of functional leaf under greenhouse conditions for different breaking dormancy ways were studied to provide the theoretical basis for earlier dormancy, earlier breaking dormancy and maturity in advance of blueberry in greenhouse.【Method】Using the 5-year-old ‘Misty’ blueberry as the material, 2 treatments and 1 control were set: the treatment 1 (dormancy in cold stores at Sep.22th, out-store at Oct.8th, 384 h for dormancy), the treatment 2 (dormancy in greenhouse at Nov.4th, warming at Nov.20th, 384 h for dormancy) and control (0 h for dormancy) were designed. The activities of CAT, POD, PPO, ASP, photosynthetic physiology, chlorophyll fluorescence parameters, soluble sugar, titratable acidity and Vc during the exhibition heading stage to the maturity of the fruit were determined, and the main phenophase was recorded;【Result】The Pn, Tr, Gs, ΦPSⅡ, Fv/Fm, qP, POD, PPO and ASP in leaves of the 2 treatments and 1 control exhibited a single peak changing trend, the Ci and NPQ showed a declining-rising trend, the CAT rose gradually, the peaks and valleys for treatment 2 were later than the other two treatments; March 20th, 2014, the last season’s functional leaves were substituted by the new leaves of treatment 1and 2 to maintain the normal metabolism, the photosynthetic capacity of non new leaves were weak, the growth of plants were inhibited; The maturity of blueberry can be brought forward during treatment 1, but the plant reached sprouting, blossoming and fruit ripening were longer than treatment 2, the date of leaf sprouting and stretching date of leaf were affected obviously. The phenophase of non-dormant fruits were longer than dormant fruits after warming. The differences were not significant except for Vc content and berry yield per plant between treatment 2 and treatment 1, and the economy characteristics of breaking dormant fruits were significantly higher than non-dormant fruits. 【Conclusion】The reason for the decline after warming of Pn in ‘Misty’ blueberry maybe lead by restricted of PSⅡ system and the decline of antioxidant enzymes in leaves. Which the fruit quality, the per fruit weight, the grain yield per plant was significantly lower than breaking dormant treatments in non-dormant treatment were because the difference in photosynthetic parameters, chlorophyll fluorescence parameters and activities of protective enzyme in blueberry. Treatment 2 can be used as a reference standard for conventional greenhouse cultivation of blueberry in Dalian.

Key words: blueberry, dormancy, photosynthetic characteristics, activities of protective enzyme

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