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Journal of Integrative Agriculture  2022, Vol. 21 Issue (2): 422-433    DOI: 10.1016/S2095-3119(20)63593-6
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Response of carbohydrate metabolism-mediated sink strength to auxin in shoot tips of apple plants
SU Jing, CUI Wei-fang, ZHU Ling-cheng, LI Bai-yun, MA Feng-wang, LI Ming-jun
State Key Laboratory of Crop Stress Biology for Arid Areas/Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Apple/College of Horticulture, Northwest A&F University, Yangling 712100, P.R.China
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生长素(吲哚-3-乙酸,IAA)对调节植物碳水化合物水平和生长具有较大的影响,但是它调节植物体内糖分水平的机制却很少受到关注。本研究中,我们发现外源IAA主要通过调节MdSUSY1MdFRK2MdHxK1MdSDH2的转录水平进而改变茎尖中果糖(Fru)、葡萄糖(Glc)和蔗糖(Suc)浓度。此外,我们利用五年生的“Royal Gala”苹果树进一步验证这些基因在调控库强方面的主要作用。结果表明,MdSUSY1MdFRK2MdHxK1/3MdSDH2可能是库强调节的主要贡献基因。综上所述,这些结果为碳水化合物代谢机制的调控提供了新的视角,这将有助于调节库强和产量。

Abstract  Auxin (indole-3-acetic acid, IAA) has a considerable impact on the regulation of plant carbohydrate levels and growth, but the mechanism by which it regulates sugar levels in plants has received little attention.  In this study, we found that exogenous IAA altered fructose (Fru), glucose (Glc), and sucrose (Suc) concentrations in shoot tips mainly by regulating MdSUSY1, MdFRK2, MdHxK1 and MdSDH2 transcript levels.  Additionally, we used 5-year-old ‘Royal Gala’ apple trees to further verify that these genes play primary roles in regulating sink strength.  The results showed that MdSUSY1, MdFRK2, MdHxK1/3 and MdSDH2 might be major contributors to sink strength regulation.  Taken together, these results provide new insight into the regulation of the carbohydrate metabolism mechanism, which will be helpful for regulating sink strength and yield.
Keywords:  apple       exogenous IAA       carbohydrate metabolism       sink strength        shoot tips  
Received: 09 August 2020   Accepted: 01 December 2020
Fund: This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31672128) and the Chinese Universities Scientific Fund (2452020007).
About author:  SU Jing, E-mail:; Correspondence LI Ming-jun, Tel/Fax: +86-538-8246021, E-mail:

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SU Jing, CUI Wei-fang, ZHU Ling-cheng, LI Bai-yun, MA Feng-wang, LI Ming-jun. 2022. Response of carbohydrate metabolism-mediated sink strength to auxin in shoot tips of apple plants. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 21(2): 422-433.

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