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Journal of Integrative Agriculture  2021, Vol. 20 Issue (11): 2995-3002    DOI: 10.1016/S2095-3119(20)63564-X
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Analysis of DNA methylation of CD79B in MDV-infected chicken spleen
WANG Lu-lu1, ZHAO Chun-fang1, LIU Chang-jun2, ZHANG Hao1, LIAN Ling1 
1 National Engineering Laboratory for Animal Breeding and MOA Key Laboratory of Animal Genetics and Breeding, College of Animal Science and Technology, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100193, P.R.China
2 Division of Avian Infectious Diseases, Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Harbin 150001, P.R.China
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鸡马立克氏病(Marek’s disease, MD)是由马立克氏病病毒(Marek’s disease virus, MDV)诱发的免疫抑制性疾病,该病曾为全球家禽产业带来巨大的经济损失,同时也为研究由致癌病毒引起的疾病提供了理想的医学模型。 CD79B作为B细胞抗原受体复合物相关蛋白β链前体,参与B细胞的激活、增殖、分化和下游信号的传递。为了评估CD79B基因在MD中的作用,我们以前期构建的MDV攻毒群体所得到的肿瘤化的脾脏组织(Tumor spleen,TS)和对照群体的正常脾脏组织(Normal spleen, NS)为实验材料,通过Q-PCR检测了CD79B基因的mRNA表达。设计了两个方案(#20和#27号)检测CD79B基因的甲基化水平,这两个方案分别涵盖了CD79B基因5’侧翼至内含子1和内含子2至内含子3的区域。为了确定CD79B基因的甲基化水平是否参与调控mRNA表达量,我们将mRNA表达量与甲基化水平进行相关分析。实验结果表明,两个方案中CpG位点的平均甲基化水平在TS组高于NS组(P<0.05), CD79B的mRNA表达水平在TS组低于NS组(P<0.01)。当比较每个CpG位点在两组中的差异发现,在两个方案的40个CpG位点中有6个在TS与NS之间具有显著的甲基化水平差异(P<0.05)。相关分析表明TS中#20的平均甲基化水平可以影响mRNA表达量(P<0.05),而其中具有显著差异甲基化的2个CpG位点的甲基化水平与mRNA的表达量不相关(P>0.05)。该结果表明,一个区域的平均甲基化水平(不是某个差异显著的CpG位点)与该基因的表达有关,提示该区域可能因整体甲基化水平的改变而影响到转录因子的结合进而影响基因表达。总的来说,我们发现MDV感染后CD79B基因表达的改变可能是由DNA甲基化水平改变所引起的。

Marek’s disease (MD), an immunosuppressive disease induced by Marek’s disease virus (MDV), provides an ideal model for studying diseases caused by a carcinogenic virus.  CD79B is a B-cell antigen receptor complex-associated protein β-chain precursor which is involved in the activation, proliferation, differentiation of B-cell and the transmission of downstream signals.  This study analyzed CD79B gene mRNA expression and methylation by two schemes #20 (5´ flanking to intron 1) and #27 (intron 2 to intron 3), between MDV-infected tumorous spleens (TS) and non-infected spleens (NS).  Results showed that average methylation levels of CpGs in #20 and #27 were higher in TS than in NS (P<0.05), while, CD79B mRNA expression was lower in TS than in NS (P<0.01).  Six of 40 CpG sites showed significantly (P<0.05) different methylation levels between TS and NS.  Correlation analysis showed that the average methylation level rather than a single site methylation level in #20 affected (P<0.05) mRNA expression.  Collectively, it was found that the change of CD79B gene expression after MDV infection might be partly explained by modification of DNA methylation. 
Keywords:  chicken        Marek’s disease        Marek’s disease virus        DNA methylation        gene expression  
Received: 27 May 2020   Accepted:
Fund: This work was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31301957, 31320103905), the Young Scientist Supporting Project, the project from Beijing Key Laboratory for Animal Genetic Improvement, the Program for Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team in University, China (IRT_15R62), and the China Agriculture Research Systems of MOF and MARA (CARS-40).
Corresponding Authors:  Correspondence LIAN Ling, Tel: +86-10-62731256 , E-mail:   
About author:  WANG Lu-lu, E-mail:;

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WANG Lu-lu, ZHAO Chun-fang, LIU Chang-jun, ZHANG Hao, LIAN Ling. 2021. Analysis of DNA methylation of CD79B in MDV-infected chicken spleen. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 20(11): 2995-3002.

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