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Effects of Ozone Fumigation Combined with PE Packaging on Postharvest Storage Quality and Antioxidant Capacity of Flammulina velutipes

Ting WANG,Yu ZHANG,Hong LIU,TianTian HE,Yang BI,JianMin YUN()   

  1. College of Food Science and Engineering, Gansu Agricultural University, Lanzhou 730070
  • Received:2019-07-07 Accepted:2019-08-21 Online:2020-02-16 Published:2020-03-09
  • Contact: JianMin YUN


【Objective】In order to prolong the shelf life of Flammulina velutipes (F. velutipes), the effects of ozone fumigation combined with PE packaging on postharvest storage quality and antioxidant capacity of F. velutipes after harvest was studied.【Method】Using F. velutipes cultivated in factory as test material, the samples were fumigated with different ozone concentration and time at low temperature (8±1)℃ after pre-cooled 24 h at (4±1)℃, and the best ozone fumigation concentration and treatment time were screened by the sensory score and the indexes of browning index and weight loss rate. And then the storage experiment of F. velutipes was carried out at 4±1℃. To evaluate the fresh-keeping effect of ozone on F. velutipes, during the period, the main physiological quality indexes were determined every 3 d, including mushroom cap diameter, weight loss rate, malondialdehyde (MDA) content, relative conductivity, browning index, total bacteria count, respiratory intensity, active oxygen content ($O^{\bar{·}}_{2}$ and H2O2), catalase (CAT), and superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity.【Result】The results showed that the sensory score of F. velutipes treated with 2.711 mg?m -3 ozone fumigation for 15 minutes was significantly higher than that of the control group after 21 d storage at 4±1℃. The diameter of mushroom cap, weight loss rate, MDA content, relative conductivity, browning index and aerobic plate count of F. velutipes treated with ozone fumigation were significantly lower than those of the control group (P<0.05). Respiratory peak of F. velutipes treated with ozone fumigation was delayed and the accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) was significantly lower in the treatment group than in the control group (P<0.05), while the activities of CAT) and SOD remained at a higher level. During 21 days of storage, in the same day, the sensory quality of F. velutipes treated in the same period was better than that of the control group. Surface depression and yellowing degree of the treated group were slighter and the scores of the treated group were higher. On the 6th d, 12th d, 15th d, 18th d and 21th d, the sensory quality of the treated group was 3.8%, 4.3%, 3.7%, 3.6% and 4.7% higher than that of the control group, respectively. The rate of weightlessness was significantly different after 6 days, the treatment group was lower, and the peak of respiratory jump of fruiting bodies was delayed. The content of MDA increased slowly at the beginning of storage (1-6 d), then accumulated rapidly, and the change trend was consistent with the relative conductivity. The browning index and the aerobic plate count of F. velutipes showed an overall upward trend, and which of the treatment groups were significantly lower than the control. The content of reactive oxygen showed a continuous upward trend, and that of treatment was slower than that of control. The activity of SOD reached its maximum value at 9th d, CAT activity reached its maximum value at 12 d.【Conclusion】Ozone fumigation combined with PE packaging could significantly delay the quality deterioration of F. velutipes, enhance its antioxidant capacity and prolong its shelf life.

Key words: Flammulina velutipes, ozone, fumigation, preservation, antioxidant capacity

Table 1

Flammulina velutipes sensory evaluation standard"

Scoring criteria
Mushroom color (20)
Mushroom cap morphological (20)
Mushroom odor (20)
Wilting degree (20)
Overall acceptance (20)
20-16 洁白有光泽
White and shiny
Complete, no depression
Very strong uniquess fragrance of F. velutipes
No wilting
Very satisfied
16-12 轻微褐变较有光泽
Slight browning and lustrous
Complete, slightly depressed
淡淡的金针菇特有清香味Light unique fragrance of F. velutipes 轻微萎蔫
Slight wilting
12-8 明显褐变、无光泽
Obvious browning and tarnishing
Slightly intact, more depressions
没有金针菇特有清香味 No unique fragrance of
F. velutipes
General satisfaction
8-0 严重褐变、无光
Severe browning and tarnishing
Incomplete, severe depression
Severe wilting

Table 2

Effect of ozone fumigation on sensory score browning index and weightlessness of Flammulina velutipes under low temperature"

时间 Time (d)
0 3 6 9 12
感官评分Sensory evaluation CKPE 100.00±0.00a 95.80±0.80c 89.53±0.92ef 85.93±0.64bc 78.69±0.99de
1.35 mg∙m-³ 10 min 100.00±0.00a 95.54±0.47c 87.42±1.12g 81.26±0.78ef 79.34±0.79cd
1.35 mg∙m-³ 15 min 100.00±0.00a 97.76±1.14a 92.65±1.09bc 84.25±1.01cd 80.18±1.01bcd
1.35 mg∙m-³ 20 min 100.00±0.00a 97.37±0.88ab 92.66±1.07bc 84.34±1.39bc 79.15±0.99cde
2.71 mg∙m-³ 10 min 100.00±0.00a 96.58±0.53bc 87.36±0.70g 82.83±2.12de 78.34±0.63de
2.71 mg∙m-³ 15 min 100.00±0.00a 98.75±0.85a 95.64±0.74a 87.25±1.01a 82.31±1.37a
2.71 mg∙m-³ 20 min 100.00±0.00a 95.54±1.44c 90.69±1.14de 82.16±1.35ef 80.68±0.85abc
4.06 mg∙m-³ 10 min 100.00±0.00a 95.19±0.84c 89.25±0.81f 80.82±0.96f 77.75±1.00de
4.06 mg∙m-³ 15 min 100.00±0.00a 95.18±0.96ab 89.29±1.01b 80.83±0.98ab 77.74±1.12de
4.06 mg∙m-³ 20 min 100.00±0.00a 97.90±0.95ab 93.81±0.64cd 86.57±0.46f 81.18±1.63ab
CKPE 12.59±0.33a 18.73±0.16c 22.88±0.44d 28.38±0.27c 33.86±0.65d
1.35 mg∙m-³ 10 min 13.36±0.41ab 20.32±0.61d 23.44±0.50d 33.53±0.49e 31.54±0.53c
1.35 mg∙m-³ 15 min 13.63±0.40ab 14.92±0.41a 27.18±0.87f 25.06±0.51b 31.45±0.55c
1.35 mg∙m-³ 20 min 13.64±0.39ab 18.88±0.60c 23.00±0.05d 25.58±0.45b 28.19±0.82b
2.71 mg∙m-³ 10 min 13.35±0.57ab 17.72±0.35b 25.14±0.12e 29.18±1.17d 33.44±0.65d
2.71 mg∙m-³ 15 min 13.35±0.89ab 14.33±0.48a 15.67±0.58a 16.82±1.49a 19.91±1.11a
2.71 mg∙m-³ 20 min 13.55±0.74ab 20.22±0.86d 20.42±0.79b 25.99±0.50b 31.12±0.51c
4.06 mg∙m-³ 10 min 13.88±0.56a 17.66±0.49b 21.80±0.53c 35.95±0.21f 32.49±1.49cd
4.06 mg∙m-³ 15 min 13.24±0.25ab 14.68±0.34a 21.96±0.37c 25.98±0.15b 31.20±0.55c
4.06 mg∙m-³ 20 min 13.46±0.70ab 19.22±0.96c 23.83±0.32d 25.59±0.46b 28.23±0.54b
Weight loss rate (%)
CKPE 0.00±0.00a 1.67±0.09bcd 2.42±0.37e 2.84±0.33bc 3.42±0.28de
1.35 mg∙m-³ 10 min 0.00±0.00a 1.88±0.24e 2.01±0.33bcd 2.56±0.10b 5.84±0.21g
1.35 mg∙m-³ 15 min 0.00±0.00a 1.05±0.07a 1.80±0.09b 2.72±.17b 2.68±0.18b
1.35 mg∙m-³ 20 min 0.00±0.00a 1.78±0.05cde 2.16±0.07cde 3.10±0.07c 3.53±0.19e
2.71 mg∙m-³ 10 min 0.00±0.00a 1.61±0.08bc 1.92±0.12bcd 2.53±0.12b 3.15±0.09cd
2.71 mg∙m-³ 15 min 0.00±0.00a 1.07±0.05a 1.07±0.03a 2.03±0.09a 2.27±0.13a
2.71 mg∙m-³ 20 min 0.00±0.00a 1.75±0.06cde 2.23±0.05cde 3.85±0.38d 4.21±0.07f
4.06 mg∙m-³ 10 min 0.00±0.00a 1.50±0.09b 1.86±0.09bc 1.98±0.10a 2.78±0.18b
4.06 mg∙m-³ 15 min 0.00±0.00a 1.15±0.13a 2.16±0.07cde 2.80±0.28bc 3.16±0.28cd
4.06 mg∙m-³ 20 min 0.00±0.00a 1.82±0.06de 2.10±0.08bcde 2.47±0.05b 3.01±0.12bc

Fig. 1

Effects of ozone fumigation on quality of Flammulina velutipes"

Fig. 2

Effects of ozone fumigation on sensory score of Flammulina velutipes"

Fig. 3

Sensory effects of ozone fumigation on Flammulina velutipes cap"

Fig. 4

Effects of ozone fumigation on the diameter of Flammulina velutipes"

Fig. 5

Effects of ozone fumigation on water mobility (A) and respiratory intensity Q (B) of Flammulina velutipes"

Fig. 6

Effects of ozone fumigation on malondialdehyde (MDA) (A) and relative conductivity (B) of Flammulina velutipe"

Fig. 7

Effects of ozone fumigation on browning index of Flammulina velutipes"

Fig. 8

Effects of ozone fumigation on aerobic plate count of Flammulina velutipe"

Fig. 9

Effects of ozone fumigation on superoxide anion formation rate (A) and hydrogen peroxide content (B) of Flammulina velutipe"

Fig. 10

Effects of ozone fumigation on SOD activity (A) and CAT activity (B) of Flammulina velutipe"

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