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Journal of Integrative Agriculture  2021, Vol. 20 Issue (6): 1636-1648    DOI: 10.1016/S2095-3119(20)63354-8
Special Issue: 农业生态环境-有机碳与农业废弃物还田合辑Agro-ecosystem & Environment—SOC
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Organic matter fractions within macroaggregates in response to long-term fertilization in calcareous soil after reclamation
CAO Han-bing1, 2, XIE Jun-yu1, 2, HONG Jie3, WANG Xiang4, HU Wei5, HONG Jian-ping1 
1 College of Resources and Environment, Shanxi Agricultural University, Taigu 030801, P.R.China
2 Shanxi Province Key Laboratory of Soil Environment and Nutrient Resources, Taiyuan 030031, P.R.China
3 College of Environment, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou 310014, P.R.China
4 College of Land Science and Technology, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100193, P.R.China
5 New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand
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本研究探讨了长期施用化肥以及有机肥下大团聚体对有机碳的固存机制。本研究共设置4个处理,分别是不施肥的对照(CK)、施化肥(NPK)、单施有机肥(M)和有机无机肥配施(MNPK)。土壤样品采自连续施肥11年后0-20 cm耕层原状土壤,采用物理分组方法将大团聚体筛分为4个组分:未受保护的粗颗粒有机质(cPOM)和细颗粒有机质(fPOM)、受物理保护的大团聚体中微团聚体内颗粒有机质(iPOM)以及受生物化学保护的矿质结合态有机质组分(MOM)。研究结果表明:与CK相比,长期施用NPK对土壤有机碳(SOC)、全氮(TN)含量以及大团聚体中各有机质组分的OC和TN储量均无显著影响。但是,配施有机肥后(MNPK)可显著提高SOC(45.7%)和TN含量(24.3%),而且还显著提高了cPOM、fPOM和iPOM组分中OC和TN储量,其中cPOM-C、fPOM-C和iPOM-C储量分别提高了292.2%、136.0%和124.0%,cPOM-N、fPOM-N和iPOM-N储量分别提高了607.1%、242.5%和127.6%,而对MOM-C和MOM-N储量均无显著影响。线性回归分析显示土壤有机碳含量与未受保护的组分中碳储量呈显著正相关,其中与cPOM-C储量关系密切,表明石灰性土壤上,有机碳固存首先累积在大团聚体中的cPOM-C组分中。可见,有机无机肥配施(MNPK)通过增加的cPOM-C和cPOM-N储量来提高SOC的储量和稳定性,意味着有机无机肥配施(MNPK)是农业可持续发展的有效措施。

Soil organic carbon (SOC) plays a key role in improving soil quality and optimizing crop yield.  Yet little is known about the fate of macroaggregates (>0.25 mm) under long-term fertilization and their relative importance in SOC sequestration in reclaimed calcareous soil.  Therefore, the effects of mineral fertilizers and organic manure on the mechanisms of organic carbon (OC) stabilization in macroaggregates were investigated in this study.  Four treatments were used: unfertilized control (CK), mineral fertilizer (NPK), compost chicken manure alone (M), and mineral fertilizers plus manure (MNPK).  Samples from the 0–20 cm layer of soil receiving 11-year-long fertilization were separated into four fractions based on the macroaggregates present (unprotected coarse and fine particulate organic matter, cPOM and fPOM; physically protected intra-microaggregate POM, iPOM; and biochemically protected mineral associated OM, MOM) by the physical fractionation method.  Compared with the control, the long-term application of NPK had little effect on SOC content, total nitrogen (TN) content, and OC and TN contents of macroaggregate fractions.  In contrast, incorporation of organic manure (MNPK) significantly increased SOC (45.7%) and TN (24.3%) contents.  Application of MNPK increased OC contents within macroaggregate-extracted fractions of cPOM (292.2%), fPOM (136.0%) and iPOM (124.0%), and TN contents within cPOM (607.1%), fPOM (242.5%) and iPOM (127.6%), but not the mineral associated organic carbon (MOM-C) and nitrogen (MOM-N) contents.  Unprotected C fractions were more strongly and positively correlated with SOC increase than protected C fractions, especially for cPOM-C, indicating that SOC sequestration mainly occurred via cPOM-C in the studied calcareous soil.  In conclusion, MNPK increased the quantity and stability of SOC by increasing the contents of cPOM-C and cPOM-N, suggesting that this management practice (MNPK) is an effective strategy to develop sustainable agriculture.
Keywords:  long-term fertilization        carbon sequestration        macroaggregate        physical fractionation        coarse particulate organic carbon        calcareous soil  
Received: 06 March 2020   Accepted:
Fund: This research was supported financially by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (41807102 and U1710255-3), the Shanxi Province Key Laboratory Open Fund of Soil Environment and Nutrient Resources, China (2019003), the Science and Technology Innovation Fund of Shanxi Agricultural University, China (2019004) and the Incentive Funding Research Project for Excellent Doctors Settle Down to Work in Shanxi Province, China (SXYBKY201805).
Corresponding Authors:  Correspondence HONG Jian-ping, Mobile: +86-13834834393, E-mail:   
About author:  CAO Han-bing, Mobile: +86-15801192561, E-mail:

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CAO Han-bing, XIE Jun-yu, HONG Jie, WANG Xiang, HU Wei, HONG Jian-ping. 2021. Organic matter fractions within macroaggregates in response to long-term fertilization in calcareous soil after reclamation. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 20(6): 1636-1648.

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