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Identification of Antagonistic Bacterium Strain KRS022 and Its Inhibition Effect on Verticillium dahliae

LUO WanZhen1,2(), WANG Dan2,3(), QI HongYue2,4, WANG Tong2,4, LIU Zheng3,5, TIAN Li6, DAI XiaoFeng2,3, CHEN JinYin2,3(), MIJITI Maihemuti1,3,7()   

  1. 1College of Agronomy, Xinjiang Agricultural University/Key Laboratory of Prevention and Control of Invasive Alien Species in Agriculture & Forestry of the North-western Desert Oasis (Co-construction by Ministry and Province), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Urumqi 830052
    2State Key Laboratory for Biology of Plant Diseases and Insect Pests, Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing 100193
    3Western Agricultural Research Center, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Changji 831100, Xinjiang
    4College of Life Sciences and Technology, Mudanjiang Normal University, Mudanjiang 157012, Heilongjiang
    5Agricultural College of Shihezhi University, Shihezi 832000, Xinjiang
    6College of Life Science, Qufu Normal University, Qufu 273165, Shandong
    7Xinjiang Huier Agriculture Group Co., Ltd., Changji 831199, Xinjiang
  • Received:2022-10-02 Accepted:2022-11-16 Online:2023-02-16 Published:2023-02-24


【Objective】To clarify the taxonomic status of antagonistic bacterium KRS022 and its inhibitory effect on a variety of pathogenic fungi, and to focus on the control efficacy on Verticillium dahliae, and this study will provide important resources for the research and development of biocontrol preparations against V. dahliae. 【Method】The classification of KRS022 was determined by morphological, physiological and biochemical tests, and 16S rDNA-gyrB gene sequence tandem analysis. The inhibitory effects of KRS022 on various fungi were tested by confrontation and fumigation methods. The effect of KRS022 on the morphology of V. dahliae hyphae and conidia was determined by co-culture of cell-free supernatant and fumigation. The control efficacy of KRS022 on Verticillium wilt of cotton and tobacco was determined by pot experiment and biomass measurement. The RT-qPCR method was used to detect the expression levels of plant resistance-related genes. 【Result】The strain KRS022 was gram-negative bacterium, and it was identified as Pseudomonas alcaligenes. KRS022 has the characteristics of phosphorus and potassium solubilization, nitrogen fixation and siderophore production, and the function of protease, amylase and catalase activities. KRS022 belongs to aerobic alkali-producing bacterium, and 100 μg·mL-1 ampicillin can be used as the screening condition for natural resistance of this strain. KRS022 showed different degrees of antifungal activity against a variety of pathogenic fungi (such as Verticillium dahliae, Fusarium oxysporum, Fusarium graminearum, Magnaporthe oryzae, Botrytis cinerea, Colletotrichum gloeosprioides, Colletotrichum fructicola). The inhibitory rates of confrontation and fumigation against V. dahliae were 75.19% and 99.78%, respectively. The inhibition rates of PDA plates with fermentation liquid, spreading plates and fumigation against Vd991 were 96.21%, 99.72% and 99.44%, respectively. The co-culture of KRS022 cell-free supernatant with conidia of Vd991 completely inhibited spore germination. The hyphae of Vd991 were enlarged and thickened after fumigation treatment of KRS022. The results of pot experiment showed that KRS022 could significantly inhibit the occurrence of Verticillium wilt of cotton and tobacco. After treatment of KRS022 bacterial solution, the biomass of V. dahliae was significantly reduced. The biomass of V. dahliae in the control group (Vd991 alone) was 1.75 and 2.57 folds higher than that in the treatment group (KRS022+Vd991), respectively. Moreover, KRS022 could also promote plants growth, and the leaf dimension and single leaf area of the tobacco treated with KRS022 fermentation broth increased by 65.7% and 146.4%, respectively. At the same time, KRS022 could stimulate the plants resistance-related genes expression. Cotton treated with KRS022 fermentation broth, the salicylic acid (SA) pathway marker gene GhPR1, jasmonic acid (JA) pathway marker gene GhAOC4 and ethylene (ET) pathway marker gene GhEIN2 were significantly up-regulated, the up-regulation folds were 7.23, 1.69 and 15.05 that of water treatment, respectively. Cotton treated with KRS022 fermentation broth and inoculated with V. dahliae, the expression of GhAOC4 and GhEIN2 was significantly induced, and the up-regulation folds were 68.09 and 11.87 that of cotton plants inoculated with V. dahliae, respectively. The up-regulated expression folds of NbHSR203, NbHIN1, NbPR1, NbPR2, NbPR5, NbRbohA and NbRbohB after KRS022 cell-free supernatant injection were 1.98, 2.79, 2.52, 1.25, 1.70, 3.28 and 3.44 that of LB treatment, respectively. 【Conclusion】The antagonistic bacterium KRS022 was identified as P. alcaligenes. It has the characteristics of siderophore production, phosphorus and potassium solubilization, and nitrogen fixation, which suggested KRS022 may have the function of plant growth promotion. It can inhibit the conidia germination and hyphae growth of V. dahliae. In addition, KRS022 can protect plants from V. dahliae infection and trigger plant immunity response. Together, KRS022 is a potential biocontrol microbial resource with development prospect for the prevention and control of Verticillium wilt and other fungal diseases.

Key words: Pseudomonas alcaligenes, Verticillium wilt, Verticillium dahliae, biocontrol, plant immunity

Table 1

Specific primers for defense-related genes of cotton and tobacco"

基因Gene 正向引物 Forward primer (5′-3′) 反向引物 Reverse primer (5′-3′) 参考文献Reference

Fig. 1

Colony morphology and gram staining results"

Table 2

Physiological and biochemical characteristics of KRS022"

P. alcaligenes
P. alcaligenes
铁载体Siderophore + + 厌氧试验Anaerobic test - -
解磷Phosphorus solubilization + + 过氧化氢酶活性 Catalase activity + +
解钾Potassium solubilization + + 葡萄糖酵解试验 Glycolysis test - -
固氮Nitrogen-fixing + + 卡那霉素a Kanamycin - -
明胶水解Gelatin hydrolysis + + 氨苄青霉素a Ampicillin + +
蛋白酶活性Protease activity + + 头孢霉素a Cephalosporin - -
淀粉酶活性Amylase activity + + 氯霉素a Chloramphenicol - -
甲基红试验MR test - - 利福平a Rifampicin - -
柠檬酸盐利用Citrate utilization + + 血平板试验CAMP test + +
吲哚试验Indole test - -

Fig. 2

Phylogenetic tree analysis derived by neighbor joining method"

Fig. 3

The broad-spectrum inhibitory effect of KRS022 on pathogenic fungi growth determined by plate confrontation test"

Fig. 4

The broad-spectrum inhibitory effect of KRS022 volatile metabolites on pathogenic fungi growth"

Fig. 5

Effects of KRS022 on conidia germination and hyphae development of V. dahliae"

Fig. 6

The control efficacy of KRS022 on cotton and tobacco plants Verticillium wilt"

Fig. 7

Detection of relative biomass of V. dahliae in cotton and tobacco stem basal tissue"

Fig. 8

KRS022 induces the expression of defense-related genes"

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