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Identification of Rboh Family and the Response to Hormone and Citrus Bacterial Canker in Citrus

QIN XiuJuan(),QI JingJing,DOU WanFu,CHEN ShanChun,HE YongRui(),LI Qiang()   

  1. Citrus Research Institute, Southwest University/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chongqing 400712
  • Received:2020-03-07 Accepted:2020-04-03 Online:2020-10-16 Published:2020-10-26
  • Contact: YongRui HE,Qiang LI;;


【Objective】Rboh is the main producer of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which is the key molecule involved in plant disease resistance signaling. To clarify the relationships between CsRboh family and citrus bacterial canker (CBC), the Rboh family of Citrus sinensis was identified and the bioinformatics characteristics as well as the expression patterns induced by biotic stress-related plant hormones and Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri (Xcc) were analyzed. It is also aimed to lay the foundation for further research of citrus Rboh genes in molecular breeding.【Method】Firstly, the RedOxiBase database and the citrus (sweet orange) CAP database were used to identify the citrus Rboh family sequences from the whole genome of C. sinensis. Then, series of bioinformatics tools were used to perform analysis of physical and chemical properties, phylogenetic relationships, chromosomal localizations, gene structures, protein functional domains, the conserved motifs and promoter elements systematically. Finally, qRT-PCR was used to analyze the expression patterns of CsRbohs induced by biotic stress-related plant hormones (salicylic acid, SA; jasmonic acid, JA; abscisic acid, ABA) and Xcc.【Result】A total of 7 members of the Rboh family in C. sinensis genome were identified (CsRboh01-CsRboh07). These genes encoded proteins contain 784-946 amino acid (AA) residues with isoelectric points (PI) ranging from 8.67 to 9.40. CsRbohs mainly distribute on the cell membrane system and cytoplasmic. The CsRbohs family can be divided into I to IV sub-groups based on the phylogenetic tree. These 7 genes are unevenly distributed on 5 sweet orange chromosomes. Each of the CsRbohs contains 4 typical functional domains, namely the respiratory burst NADPH oxidase domain (NADPH_Ox), the ferric reductase like transmembrane component (Ferric_reduct), the FAD binding domain (FAD_binding) and the ferric reductase NAD binding domain (NAD_binding). The promoter regions of CsRboh family genes contain different hormone response elements with different numbers and types. qRT-PCR showed that the expression of CsRboh gene family members in susceptible variety Wanjincheng and resistant variety Calamondin had some differences induced by different hormones and Xcc. According to the findings from phylogeny, homologous analysis and cis-acting elements analysis, CsRboh02, CsRboh04 and CsRboh06 had different expression patterns and levels induced by Xcc in resistant variety Calamondin and susceptible variety Wanjincheng.【Conclusion】CsRboh02, CsRboh04 and CsRboh06 may be closely related to the resistance and sensibility of citrus varieties, and they are three potential candidate genes for molecular breeding of resistance to canker disease, and the CsRboh family genes are preliminarily determined to play a key role in the process of citrus canker response.

Key words: citrus bacterial canker (CBC), Rboh family, Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri (Xcc), salicylic acid (SA), jasmonic acid (JA)

Table 1

Primers used for qRT-PCR in this study"

基因Gene 上游引物Forward primer 下游引物Reverse primer

Table 2

The information of CsRboh family"

Size (aa)
Molecular weight (Da)
Isoelectric point (PI)
Grand average of hydropathicity
Instability index
Subcellular localization
CsRboh01 Cs5g02940.1 946 106370.8 9.40 -0.247 87.68 50.16 细胞外膜Outer membrane
CsRboh02 Cs8g12000.1 912 103139.3 9.05 -0.299 83.84 42.57 细胞质Cytoplasmic
CsRboh03 Cs3g14240.1 889 101017.9 9.10 -0.265 85.43 40.96 细胞外膜Outer membrane
CsRboh04 Cs4g06920.1 875 99488.8 9.31 -0.252 82.61 48.38 细胞内膜Inner membrane
CsRboh05 Cs7g19320.1 811 91648.2 8.67 -0.269 86.94 40.91 细胞质Cytoplasmic
CsRboh06 Cs8g17640.1 844 96907.0 8.99 -0.173 84.69 40.42 细胞内膜Inner membrane
CsRboh07 Cs5g11890.1 784 89837.0 9.09 -0.015 89.06 44.93 细胞内膜Inner membrane

Table 3

The secondary structure of CsRbohs"

名称 Name α-螺旋 Alpha helix (%) β-转角 Beta turn (%) 不规则卷曲 Random coil (%) 伸展链 Extended strand (%)
CsRboh01 44.61 4.76 36.79 13.85
CsRboh02 43.75 5.26 34.87 16.12
CsRboh03 44.43 5.29 35.32 14.96
CsRboh04 41.83 4.57 38.29 15.31
CsRboh05 42.17 4.19 37.36 16.28
CsRboh06 43.60 5.21 36.85 14.34
CsRboh07 43.24 5.48 36.48 14.80

Fig. 1

The phylogenetic tree of Rboh family in several organisms"

Fig. 2

The chromosomal loci and gene structures of CsRbohs The chromosomal loci were visualized by Mapchart, gene structures were displayed by GSDS. The sizes of chromosomes and genes are on the scales. Black arrows represent the gene directions. The number above each chromosome represents the chromosome size"

Fig. 3

The functional domains of CsRbohs"

Fig. 4

Conserved protein motifs in CsRboh family"

Table 4

Putative cis-acting elements existed in the 2 kb upstream region of CsRbohs"

Csrboh01 3 1 7
Csrboh02 1 1 1
Csrboh03 2 - 5
Csrboh04 3 - 5
Csrboh05 - - 6

Fig. 5

The relative expression of CsRbohs induced by ABA Different lowercases on the bars indicate significant differences (P<0.05). The same as below"

Fig. 6

The relative expression of CsRbohs induced by JA"

Fig. 7

The relative expression of CsRbohs induced by SA"

Fig. 8

The relative expression of CsRbohs induced by Xcc infection"

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