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Effects of 1-MCP and Na2S2O5 Composite Preservative on Postharvest Physiology and Storage Quality of Red Globe Grapes

CHEN Hao,ZHANG RunGuang,FU LuYing,ZHANG YouLin()   

  1. College of Food Engineering and Nutritional Science, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an 710119
  • Received:2018-07-01 Accepted:2018-12-10 Online:2019-04-01 Published:2019-04-04
  • Contact: YouLin ZHANG


【Objective】 Red Globe grapes easily appears dehydration, threshing, decay and dry stem during storage. The objective of this study was to provide theoretical basis and technical parameters for prolonging the storage period of Red Globe grapes by studying the effects of 1-MCP and Na2S2O5 on the postharvest physiology and storage quality.【Method】 Shaanxi Heyang Red Globe grape was selected as the test material and sealed with 0.04 mm perforated polyethylene (PE) film bag. The Red Globe grapes were stored under the condition of low temperature (-1±0.5)℃and relative humidity of 90%-95%. The Red Globe grapes were treated with no preservative agent as the control. And then, fruit respiration intensity, weight loss rate, titratable acid content, fruit hardness, malondialdehyde content, soluble solid content, fruit cell membrane relative permeability, protopectin, soluble pectin, reducing sugar content, antioxidant enzyme activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD), polyphenol oxidase (PPO), polygalacturonase (PG), peroxidase (POD) and catalase (CAT) were used as measurement indexes to study the effects of respiratory types of Red Globe grapes and 1-MCP, Na2S2O5 and 1-MCP+Na2S2O5 three preservative treatments on the postharvest physiological and related physicochemical indexes of Red Globe grapes after harvest and during storage. Commercial fruit percentage were calculated during storage, including sensory characters such as color, aroma, taste and shape of Red Globe grapes, which were comprehensively evaluated when stored for 180 days.【Result】 The spike-stalk of Red Globe grapes was respiratory climacteric, and ear and fruit grain were non-respiratory climacteric type. Three kinds of preservatives had different effects on the quality of Red Globe grapes. 1-MCP and Na2S2O5 combined treatment could inhibit activities of PPO, POD, SOD and PG, enhance the activity of CAT, delay the increase of malondialdehyde, soluble pectin content, fruit cell membrane relative permeability and weight loss rate, slow down fruit hardness, protopectin and respiration intensity, prevent Red Globe grapes decay and deterioration effectively, and maintain the contents of soluble solid, titratable acid and reducing sugar. Sensory evaluation at 180 days after storage showed that the indexes under 1-MCP and Na2S2O5 combined treatment of Red Globe grapes were higher than that under other treatments, the commercial fruit rate under this treatment was 90.4%, and the sensory evaluation was 90.2 points.【Conclusion】 Postharvest Red Globe grapes were treated with 3 mg·kg -1 FW 1-MCP and 4 g·kg -1 FW Na2S2O5, which could slow down the change rate of fruit softening, protopectin and respiratory intensity, maintain high content of soluble solids, titratable acid and reducing sugar, and keep good quality of fruits.

Key words: Red Globe grapes, postharvest physiology, storage quality, 1-MCP, Na2S2O5

Table 1

Red Globe grapes sensory evaluation criteria"

Project (Weight)
评分标准联 Score standard
75—100 45—74 0—44
Taste (0.6)
The firmness of the pulps are suitable, harmonious sweetness and sourness, outstanding flavor
The pulps are soft, the taste is poor and the flavor is weak
Pulp metamorphic, unpleasing smell and bad flavor
Colour and luster (0.25)
The stems are green and fresh, the fruit pellets are red and bright, the pulps are green in white and the powder is full
The stems are lose the green and not fresh, the fruit pellets are dark red and luster dark, the pulps are yellow and the powder thin
The stems are brown, the fruit pellets are white and lose luster, the pulps are brownish and the powder is disappear
Shape (0.15)
The stems are full of moisture and no drop grain, no broken fruit, full and compact panicle and good appearance
The stems are dehydrated, the fruit pellets loss rate are less than 5%, the fruit grains are broken individually, the panicles are not compact, and the appearance is general
The stems are badly dehydrated, grain loss rate is more than 5%, fruit grain rupture is serious, panicles loose are not complete, appearance is very poor

Fig. 1

Changes of respiratory intensity in different parts of Red Globe grapes after harvest"

Fig. 2

Effect of different preservatives on respiration intensity of Red Globe grapes bunch Different lowercase letters indicate significant differences (P<0.05), different capital letters indicate extremely significant differences (P<0.01). The same as below"

Fig. 3

Effect of different preservatives on weightlessness rate of Red Globe grapes bunch"

Fig. 4

Effect of different preservatives on weightlessness rate of Red Globe spike-stalk"

Fig. 5

Effect of different preservatives on the firmness of Red Globe grapes grain"

Fig. 6

Effects of different preservatives on the pectin of Red Globe grapes grain"

Fig. 7

Effect of different preservatives on soluble pectin of Red Globe grapes grain"

Fig. 8

Effect of different preservatives on malondialdehyde of Red Globe grapes grain"

Fig. 9

Effects of different preservatives on cell membrane permeability of content in Red Globe grapes fruit grain"

Fig. 10

Effect of different preservatives on titratable acid content of Red Globe grapes grain"

Fig. 11

Effect of different preservatives on soluble solids content of Red Globe grapes grain"

Fig. 12

Effect of different preservatives on reducing sugar content of Red Globe grapes grain"

Fig. 13

Effect of different preservatives on SOD activity of Red Globe grapes grain"

Fig. 14

Effect of different preservatives on POD activity of Red Globe grapes grain"

Fig. 15

Effect of different preservatives on CAT activity of Red Globe grapes grain"

Fig. 16

Effect of different preservatives on PPO activity of Red Globe grapes grain"

Fig. 17

Effect of different preservatives on PG activity of Red Globe grapes grain"

Fig. 18

Effect of different preservatives on the good fruit rate of Red Globe grapes grain"

Table 2

Four treatments for Red Globe grapes storage 180 d sensory rating scale"

Serial number
Processing method
Taste (0.6)
Color and luster (0.25)
Shape (0.15)
Total score
1 1-MCP+Na2S2O5处理 1-MCP and Na2S2O5 processing 92 86 90 90.2
2 1-MCP处理 1-MCP processing 76 78 78 76.8
3 Na2S2O5处理 Na2S2O5 processing 82 70 86 79.6
4 对照组 Control 35 38 66 40.4

Fig. 19

Four kinds of Red Globe grapes for storage 180 d appearance"

Fig. 20

Changes of SO2 residue in Red Globe grapes during storage period by 1-MCP and Na2S2O5"

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