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Journal of Integrative Agriculture  2017, Vol. 16 Issue (11): 2470-2481    DOI: 10.1016/S2095-3119(17)61674-5
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Effects of paclobutrazol on biomass production in relation to resistance to lodging and pod shattering in Brassica napus L.
KUAI Jie, LI Xiao-yong, YANG Yang, ZHOU Guang-sheng
College of Plant Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan 430070, P.R.China
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Abstract     Paclobutrazol was sprayed at 0, 150, and 300 mg L−1 during the closed canopy stage and the early bud stage with two high-yielding cultivars of rapeseed, Yangguang 2009 and Fengyou 520.  The impact of paclobutrazol on the accumulation and distribution of biomass and its relationship with yield, resistance to lodging and pod shattering were determined.  All the treatments increased the resistance as well as yield.  The maximum yield was obtained when paclobutrazol was applied during the closed canopy stage at 150 mg L–1.  The plant’s resistance to both lodging and pod shattering was the maximum when paclobutrazol was applied during the early bud stage at 300 mg L–1.  Paclobutrazol also delayed senescence, with the higher concentration or later spraying leading to more obvious effects; improved the net assimilation rate before the early bud stage; and promoted the relative growth rate of the main growth organ at each stage of growth and maximized the rate and quantities of biomass accumulation.  However, at the higher concentration and later spraying, the increments were smaller.  The spraying also increased the rates of biomass allocation to roots, leaves, and pods, but the rate of allocation to stems decreased as the plants grew shorter.  The higher allocation to roots and the lower allocation to stems favoured resistance to both lodging and pod shattering whereas higher allocation to leaves and pods favoured yield.  The higher concentration or late spraying led to excessive biomass being allocated to roots, which decreased leaf biomass during the bud stage, leading to greater resistance but lower yields. 
Keywords:  rapeseed        paclobutrazol        biomass        yield        resistance to lodging and shattering  
Received: 08 November 2017   Accepted:

This research was funded by the National Key Technology Research and Development Program of China (2014BAD11B03), the earmarked fund for the China Agricultural Research System (CARS-13), and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities of China (2013PY001).

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KUAI Jie, LI Xiao-yong, YANG Yang, ZHOU Guang-sheng. 2017. Effects of paclobutrazol on biomass production in relation to resistance to lodging and pod shattering in Brassica napus L.. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 16(11): 2470-2481.

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