Scientia Agricultura Sinica ›› 2024, Vol. 57 ›› Issue (5): 846-854.doi: 10.3864/j.issn.0578-1752.2024.05.002


Current Situation of Breeding and Popularization of Short-Growth- Period Winter Rapeseed Varieties for Rice-Rice-Rapeseed Mode

LI RongDe1(), HE Ping2(), LUO LiXia2, SHI MengYa1, HOU Qian1, MA ZhenGuo1, GUO RuiXing2, CHENG HongTao2()   

  1. 1 National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center, Beijing 100125
    2 Oil Crops Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences/Key Laboratory of Biology and Genetic Improvement of Oil Crops, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Wuhan 430062
  • Received:2023-07-24 Accepted:2023-10-22 Online:2024-03-01 Published:2024-03-06
  • Contact: CHENG HongTao


The self-sufficiency rate of edible vegetable oil is less than 31 percent in China, with a high degree of import dependence. Rapeseed is the only winter oilseed crop with a wide range of suitable planting region, and it is an important source of edible vegetable oil in China. Planting more rapeseed is an important measure to guarantee national edible oil supply security. Making full use of the winter fields in the southern double cropping rice area to promote “rice-rice-rapeseed” production is an important approach to expand the planting area of rapeseed. The area suitable for the “rice-rice-rapeseed” production mode is mainly distributed in the double cropping rice area of Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi and Hubei provinces in China, with a potential area of about 1.87 million hm2. According to the conditions of temperature and light resources, three suitable areas for the “rice-rice-rapeseed” production include the ample area, tightly balanced area and the constrained area. All the areas require early-maturing rapeseed varieties with a growth period of around 180 days, which are suitable for being sown in mid- to late October and harvested in mid- to late April. Among a total of 75 new rapeseed lines participated in the early-maturity group of the national rapeseed variety trials from 2013 to 2022, the average growth period ranged from 169.3 to 185.5 days, and the average yield was 1 635.90-2 228.55 kg·hm-2, with 22 varieties out yielded the check variety. There are 72 early-maturing winter oilseed rape varieties with a growth period less than 190 days were registered by the end of May 2023. These varieties are suitable to be used in the “rice-rice-rapeseed” mode, and most of them are hybrid varieties with low erucic acid and low glucosinolate quality. 11 varieties, Yangguang 131, Fengyou 730, Fengyou 320, Fengyou 847, Ganyouza 906, Shengguang 127, Xiangyou 420, Jingyou 69, Fengyou 112, Huayouza 652, Ganyouza 1009, are the most promoted and applied early-maturing winter rapeseed varieties in the “rice-rice-rapeseed” production area, with more than 135 hm2 each in 2022. The present varieties can basically meet the early-maturation demand in the ample area. In the tightly balanced and constraint areas, however, the growth period of these varieties is too long. To expand the production and efficiency of rapeseed industry, it is urgently needed to strengthen the policy and financial security in the future, carry out joint breeding projects for short-growth-period winter rapeseed varieties to further improve the yield in the ample area and shorten the growth period in the tightly balanced and constrained areas. Meanwhile, to strengthen the research and promotion of supporting cultivation technology for elite varieties, match well early rice, late rice, and rapeseed varieties are also good measures to support the expansion of rapeseed production in the “rice-rice-rapeseed” production area. In addition, improving agricultural socialized services, expanding agricultural insurance and increasing subsidies for rapeseed planting to ensure production benefit will enhance the farmers’ enthusiasm for the “rice-rice-rapeseed” production.

Key words: rice-rice-rapeseed mode, short-growth-period, winter rapeseed, breeding and popularization

Table 1

Varieties in the early maturation group of national rapeseed regional trials from 2013 to 2022"

No. of varieties for 1st year trial
No. of varieties for 2nd year trial
Growth period (d)
Yield (kg·hm-2)
Oil content (%)
2013-2014 11 1 177.3 1682.55 40.33
2014-2015 8 3 169.3 1914.75 41.56
2015-2016 6 4 182.6 1645.65 40.63
2016-2017 7 4 180.5 1635.90 43.21
2017-2018 8 2 181.7 2228.55 44.44
2018-2019 9 2 185.3 1785.90 41.67
2019-2020 6 4 181.7 1801.95 43.29
2020-2021 9 2 181.1 1945.05 44.36
2021-2022 11 0 183.7 2028.45 46.03

Table 2

The registered varieties of short-growth-period winter rapeseed"

Year of registration
Name of variety
2017 4 阳光131、中油杂24、景油190、青杂10号
Yangguang 131, Zhongyouza 24, Jingyou 190, Qingza 10
2018 20 圣光127、华油杂701、沣油320、沣油586、绵邦油3号、常油杂69、常油杂72号、利油杂6号、湘油420、秀油杂610、沣油847、星德油660、赣油杂1009、春喜888、春喜998、春喜1402、春喜1407、春喜1408、宝油早12、油研早18
Shengguang 127, Huayouza 701, Fengyou 320, Fengyou 586, Mianbangyou 3, Changyouza 69, Changyouza 72, Liyouza 6, Xiangyou 420, Xiuyouza 610, Fengyou 847, Xindeyou 660, Ganyouza 1009, Chunxi 888, Chunxi 998, Chunxi 1402, Chunxi 1407, Chunxi 1408, Baoyouzao 12, Youyanzao 18
2019 9 湘油1035、湘油708、高油酸1号、湘杂油991、湘杂油992、大地69、中油607、阳光58、中井油1号
Xiangyou 1035, Xiangyou 708, Gaoyousuan 1, Xiangzayou 991, Xiangzayou 992, Dadi 69, Zhongyou 607, Yangguang 58, Zhongjingyou 1
2020 17 华油杂652、金矮油2号、冠油杂702、大地95、川早油1号、川早油12、赣油杂906、赣油杂926、赣早油1号、保油杂2号、赣油105、赣油杂916、保油杂1号、沣油112、景油69、中油杂615、华油杂86
Huayouza 652, Jinaiyou 2, Guanyouza 702, Dadi 95, Chuanzaoyou 1, Chuanzaoyou 12, Ganyouza 906, Ganyouza 926, Ganzaoyou 1, Baoyouza 2, Ganyou 105, Ganyouza 916, Baoyouza 1, Fengyou 112, Jingyou 69, Zhongyouza 615, Huayouza 86
2021 4 利油杂168、阳光148、希望958、中油803
Liyouza 168, Yangguang 148, Xiwang 958, Zhongyou 803
2022 18 烁沣油2号、烁沣油13、烁沣油18、赣乡油998、赣丰油4号、玉油杂5号、玉油杂6号、粤油28、中油988、早杂6号、福地520、陕油168、中油杂972、中油832、丹油杂2号、丹油杂3号、丹油杂4号、华油杂994
Shuofengyou 2, Shuofengyou 13, Shuofengyou 18, Ganxiangyou 998, Ganfengyou 4, Yuyouza 5, Yuyouza 6, Yueyou 28, Zhongyou 988, Zaoza 6, Fudi 520, Shaanyou 168, Zhongyouza 972, Zhongyou 832, Danyouza 2, Danyouza 3, Danyouza 4, Huayouza 994
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